Last time we left Ella she was living happily ever after with her husband, Char, but exactly how long was happily ever after?



"Yes! Elizabeth!" Ella sighed expectedly "What is it?"

"Mother Leonardo stole my doll!" Elizabeth complained. Elizabeth was Ella's 10- year-old daughter; she was rather spoilt, as was Leonardo her twin brother. Elizabeth had brown curls, like Char (although hers were shoulder length) and green eyes like Ella, Leonardo had the same eye colour as his sister but his curly brown hair was very short; he looked just like a male version of Elizabeth.

"Leonardo please return Elizabeth's book." Ella said

"It's a doll" Leonardo replied quietly.

"I DON'T CARE" Ella yelled losing her patience

He returned his sister's toy quickly and they both stared in silence at their mother.

"Well, what are you looking at me for?" Ella asked angrily "Go to your bedrooms and for crying out loud please stay away from each other. I wish I had had as much freedom as you two do when I was your age." Then she suddenly realized what she had said.

"What do you mean, mother?" Elizabeth inquired

"Nothing Elizabeth, it was a figure of speech." Ella answered not looking Elizabeth in the eye

"Alright" Elizabeth said leaving the room, followed by her brother.

Ella took a deep breath, got up and closed the door of the room she was in. It was a very small room, there were three pieces of furniture there: an old rocking chair, a small table and a shelf with many books. There was also a rug there, the rug was old too, it had belonged to Ella's mother, a "fairy joke" Mandy, the cook, called it. Nevertheless, this small this room was Ella's favourite. It was nice and cozy.

With the exception of Char and Mandy nobody knew what Ella really did in this room, which was looking through her magic book that her fairy godmother had given to her when she was young. The pages were different when ever she looked through them.

Ella reached under the tablecloth of the table that was beside her and pulled out the book to see what was in it today. She didn't even have to flip the pages; on the very first page was the thing she was looking for. A note from Char who was currently in a meeting with some of the palace knights.

Dear Ella,

Are you looking through this book again? If you are I hope you can read this.

Ella could tell that he was writing this at this very moment because as she read there were more words being written.

This truly is a boring meeting! Sir Ruther will not shut up about how he recently slaughtered a dragon and saved a princess. Well, I didn't have to do that to win my princess (wink). All right I'll stop writing rubbish…wait…yes…. yes.. He's finished his story!!! We can all go! I just have to say some finishing words now so bye.

Ok I'll see you soon!

Love Char

Ella closed the book and put it back in it's hiding place, then got up, opened the door of the room and went outside.

"Ella!" came a voice and then somebody suddenly grabbed her by the shoulders, Ella rolled her eyes.

"Char! I was startled, you've only done this to me a dozen times…a day!" she remarked sarcastically

Char laughed and kissed her on the cheek.

"So what happened in the meeting, wait…umm…. Char, who's that?" Ella asked as she noticed a boy about 18 or so entering through the back door.

"Let me deal with it" Char whispered in her ear and walked away.

As he approached the boy the boy froze not believing the king himself was walking towards him.

"May I help you?" Char inquired politely

"Uh…no…sir…. I mean…your majesty…I'm just the gardener" The boy stuttered

"So why aren't you in the garden?" The king questioned

"I was just…. thirsty…so..."

"Oh…okay..." Char nodded, understanding the situation "Well, the kitchen is right over there, you may get a bottle for yourself and take some water out there. It is very hot, isn't it?"

"Yes…. I mean…. your majesty…" He bowed and walked toward the kitchen.

Ella snorted…for some reason whenever somebody treated Char in a strange way she found it funny. When they were newly weds Char and her would often go around for walks in the town and the locals when they saw them coming would drop things and bow or start stammering and Ella couldn't help laughing but now she could control herself enough to snort behind her hand.