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Catherine walks into Grissom's office, and sees something unusual. She tries her hardest, in vain, to stifle her laughter. Grissom has pierced his ear in an attempt to look cool. But not just any ear. He, probably oblivious to the inferences that would later be made, choose the wrong ear. His right ear.

"Oh my, Gil. I had no idea. This is so...brave of you."

"Really, you like it?" asks Grissom.

"Oh, yea. Good for you. I'm so proud of you. Good for you for coming out of the closet."

"What?" asks Grissom, getting increasingly nervous. "What do you mean, 'coming out of the closet?"

At that moment, Warrick and Nick walk into his office. They, too, fall into fits of laughter.

"Gris, man, I had no idea!"

"Yea, me too! I didn't know you were gay! How come you never told us?"

"Guys, I'm not gay," says Grissom, not knowing where they where getting this idea that he was gay.

"Whose gay?" asks Greg, entering the office. "Oh, boss, congrats on finally coming out of the closet. Could've stumped me," says Greg. "I had no idea he was gay, did you?" he asks the other three.

"Nope, not a clue."

"Hello! People! I'm NOT gay!" yells Grissom.

"Then why'd you pierce that ear?" asks Nick.

"Since when does a pierced ear make a guy gay?" asked a very confused Grissom.

"Since forever! Where have you been, I thought you knew everything?" Greg replies.

"Grissom, sweetie, wrong ear," Catherine whispers.

"What do you mean, wrong ear?"

"Dude, you pierced the wrong ear," explains Warrick.

"Yea," Nick says, coming to help. "Next time, just remember: left is right, right is wrong."

"Oh," says Grissom. "Well, I'm not gay, so you know."

"Uh-huh," reply the other four. At that moment, Sara walks in. She, too, is oblivious to the ear pierce rule.

"Hey, Grissom. Nice earring. Very sexy," she comments. The others laugh.

"Hey, Sara. This hurts. I didn't know you were into gay guys, or I would've changed my sexual orientation a long time ago," says Greg. Everyone but Sara falls to the floor, shaking with uncontrollable giggles.

"I'm not," she says, very confused, and walks away.