My new story is finally here. Well, not finally. I didn't make you wait long, did I? In Seasons, the part describing the landscape may be a little boring to you, but I'm trying to reflect on someone's character, so try to understand what I am showing. Words in are all describing the landscape, and I keep them away from any storyline. Just plain describing the beauty of various seasons. I'm starting with winter, and end at autumn.
This is basically a rather sweet story, cause I've had enough of angst stuff for a while. It's pretty fluffy, and Kurama may seem a bit out of character (or else they will never be sweet an fluffy). Tell me if you think so. This time, I'm writing from third person point of view.

Seasons Winter


The world looked as if it was filmed in black and white: the trees stood bare without its canopy; the land lay barren, its usual green cover replaced by white patches of snow. Buildings near and far seemed like gray matchboxes, the unique variation between each of them was shadowed by the white that rested on them.

No one attempted to light up his or her house, as it would be even more glaring to the eye than it already was. Some occasional rays from dimly lit light bulbs were marred, when the wind brought huge amounts of snow swirling around them. No creature was seen outside. The land was now dominated by the weather.

The snow represented a layer of stillness that tried to cover every inch of area it saw.

He opened the window and let the chilly winter air rush in at full force. He didn't mind the cold.

Every dead leaf on the sidewalk was either buried in snow or coated with frost, which gave an illusion that the leaves were more of a piece of art than some lifeless beings ready to rot. The winter is cold; the winter is beautiful. It masked the ugliness of the world under its frozen fa├žade, but most people felt that it was a disaster rather than bliss. They didn't understand.

He leaned out of the window, longing the wind to sweep his heart away, mixing it with the snowflakes, the icy currents, the whole winter even, and ultimately become one. Such was his wish.

If you stay quiet enough, and listen close enough, you would hear the song of the snow. Raindrops frozen in time, thus their mass lighter, gently hitting the surface of the wall and the windowpane. It was not loud and forceful like the rain. Just light taps, one overlapping another, never seeming to end. Such was the sound that created ripples in you.

The snow reminded him of someone. No, not remind. How can something remind you of a person, when that person never left your mind before? The snow just made the longings he usually suppressed hit him full force that day. The winter was too much like Hiei.

The winter had come.

Yes, the winter had come, Kurama thought, and maybe Hiei would too? No, that was very unlikely. But there was no harm in hoping, right? Nah, he had been hoping everyday since Hiei's last visit here, which was six months ago. Probably running errands for Mukuro. They must be on better terms now, since he gave her that gift . . . A twinge of jealousy ran through his heart. Not that it was some new feelings for him. He was too used to it to even stop it. There was no point, anyway. It would return in another ten seconds.

Although he was displeased with the purpose of Hiei's last visit, he still couldn't help but recall that scene. There wasn't much he could wish for from that ice demon.

"Hiei, how did you get hurt?" He asked as Hiei slipped in silently through his window with a huge gash across his stomach. He wasn't completely worried. He knew that a demon's self-healing ability is strong. The fact that he chose to come to him certainly made Kurama feel more comforting.

"If she had used this much power in the tournament, she could have won for sure."

"It's caused by Mukuro?" He felt his heart sank a little. Of course Mukuro. Who else could have done it? He knew the jealousy was coming back. "You had a lover's quarrel?" he remarked dryly.

"She tried to kill me!" Well, Kurama thought, that was certainly pleasant to know. "Kurama, I want to borrow something from you," Hiei continued, "a type of plant that can fuse itself with the person whom it recognizes as its master, thus ensuring him the ability to heal any wounds."

"I can prepare the plant for you right away, but what do you want it for?"

"Nothing." Did he expect me to believe that? I think not, Kurama mused to himself.

"Well, then I have to call Mukuro to report to her that her subordinate is running around with an extremely dangerous flower, and tell her to be on the look out for 'weird accidents' involving plants." He did his best to look serious, all the while staring back at Hiei as the death glare intensified. He had grown immune to it by now. Actually, to Kurama, it was quite amusing to see Hiei pissed off.

"Kurama, it does you no good if you know it," Hiei said finally, defeated.

"But it does me no harm if I know, right?" he stood up and went over to the closet and dug out a shirt, threw it to Hiei, and settled back again, meeting a renewed glare with his usual sweet smile.

"Now what is it this time?"

"You don't expect me to let you run around the city half-naked, do you?"

"You know I won't wear this," he said and tossed the shirt back to Kurama.

"Then you can either leave here with the flower and wearing the shirt, or leaving here with nothing at all." More furious glares, and after a while, they became a sign of frustration. An intriguing process for Kurama to watch. "Oh, and you haven't told me the reason you want the plant," he added just to spite Hiei more.

"Fine. Remind me next time to never ask you for a favour," he growled.

"You can't help it, and you own me a big one this time. Remind me to let you pay me back."

"Mukuro's father used to abuse her since the day she was born, and she still can't get over that emotional barrier now, but somehow she can't bear to have revenge."

"So you are going to use the that to capture that man and give it to Mukuro? A surprise gift, huh? How nice of you," he gave another sugary smile, which he himself was even disgusted with, but it irritated Hiei more, so it was worth it. Too bad the demon wanted to give Mukuro a present. Kurama knew he was pushing Hiei towards the limit, and he was getting more jealous and bitter by the second, but who cares? The most he could get was a katana wound.

"Now can you give me the plant?"

"Sure!" He jumped up and dumped the shirt over Hiei's head, then fumbled through his collection of seeds until he found what he wanted. "Do you want me to make the flowers into a bouquet? That would please a woman more," he suggested as he grew the plant. He though of overgrowing the plant and make it swallow Hiei up, but gave up the idea. First, he would just end up with some burnt ashes. Second, it was Mukuro who deserved this.

"Hn. I don't care. As long as it works."

"But if you present it properly, she will be more pleased and maybe even give you a vacation. Believe me, you really need to loosen up." He handed him the flowers after he had done decorating them.

Grabbing the plant, Hiei muttered, "I don't need a vacation," and hopped onto the windowsill.

"Don't forget to visit me when you get your holidays!" Kurama shouted as a black shadow merged into the night.

That memory did not make Kurama feel any better, or ease any of his longings towards Hiei. If left him feeling extremely embarrassed. Looking back, he realized how childish and whiny (even though he hated to admit it) he had been. All the miracles of jealousy.

"Oh, if I keep on like this, I'm going to go crazy," he said to himself as he leaned his throbbing head against the cool windowpane. Winter was good. At least it provided him with a handy ice bag.

"You going crazy? That is hardly a nice thing to see," a deep voice came from the back of his room. Spinning around so fast that it almost made him dizzy, he watched as a familiar figure emerge from the darkness.

"Hiei, when did you get here?" He managed to stabilize his voice, but was still fighting to keep a blush from his face. It was not good to let Hiei catch him like that. Definitely not good. How he wished he were outside, buried in the snow right now. At least he would be too cold to blush, and that would explain the shaking.

"When you were trying to count how many snowflakes there are in the sky, Kruama. Honestly, your alertness is dropping way too much. You could have been killed easily if you were in Makai," he said and smirked.

"Umm . . .So, why are you here?" he tried changing the topic and not make himself look more foolish.

"To do as you told me to. Mukuro forced me to take a leave, so I'm here." Somehow he had a rather smug expression on his face. "Why did you want me to visit you?"

"For no reason! Isn't it normal to visit a friend?" He replied meekly. Truth was, he didn't even know why he said that. Perhaps wanting to grab that chance to annoy Hiei more; perhaps a subconscious feeling made him say that, since he wanted to see Hiei again. Both weren't a very good answer to give. By saying that, it would just be like writing, "I like you" all over your face, and as distraught as Kurama was, he still had some self- control.

"Don't lie. People like you won't say something without a purpose," Hiei replied coldly.

Now what? Think, Kurama, think, he yelled to himself. "Umm . . . I want you to do me a favour in return of that plant." Ok, now he just had to think of something for Hiei to do. Simple, right?

"Name it." He stared right into Kurama's eyes, daring him. Now Kurama knew what it must feel like to be a trapped animal. But then, maybe if he could still come up with an appropriate excuse, he would turn the tables.

"My mother, stepfather and stepbrother are going on a hiking tip next month, and I really don't want to go. So I'll use you as an excuse, and say that I already have plans. Of course, you have to go with me to somewhere," he said with a sly glint in his eyes.

"You can come on December 24th, first ting in the morning," Kurama added, and small pieces of what he should do was quickly putting themselves together, coming up with a rather reasonable plan . . .

"Fine." And with that, Hiei brushed past him and leaped out of the window, disturbing the current of the wind, and brought a few snowflakes swirling onto Kurama's face.

The snow was slowly ebbing away.

He let out a breath that he didn't even know he was holding, and his heart almost jumped out of him. It was scary, but beneath the nervous impulse, he found that he was somewhat delighted. Hiei still remembered what he told him; Hiei still remembered him. Looks like he was not in that desperate stare he though he was in.

The snow finally gave up, know that it could not cover up everything. Some of the last snowflakes waltzed down. At least it would take some time to melt the thick layer on the ground.

Kurama didn't know what to think. Could this be called a date? Maybe, maybe not. He didn't know.

The cold wind kept blowing, trying some desperate efforts to keep people inside, preserving what the snow had built up. But before long, people would still come out and destroy the beauty of the stillness. They didn't understand. After a while, children rushed out, building snowmen or snow fighting. They stepped on the snow, and soon, it became muddy, and people would sweep it way like dirt. They didn't know what the snow was trying to hide.

He did know that he would be looking forward to that day, when Hiei would come again.

The snow was gone, but would come again.