A Taste of Fire and Ice

By Lady Lestrange

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to the wonderful JK Rowlings. No infringement is meant or implied. Thanks JK.

SUMMARY: Ginny and Draco know that their parents will never understand their love. Their parents don't even live in the same world. Draco decides they need to live in each other's world. Thus, with a little help from Snape, Draco supposedly brews a potion that will give Lucius a little of Arthur's easy-going attitude. However, Draco decides to take matters a bit further and with the potion, Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy switch lives. Ala Freaky Friday or Wish Upon a Star, see how the two men deal with each others' lives and each others children, and –erm, their wives.

Chapter 2

At the sight of her father and Mr. Malfoy, Ginny Weasley decided she was not hungry for lunch. She stood and started toward the door, but Luna caught her hand as she passed the Ravenclaw table. "Should I warn Draco they are here?" she asked, but Ginny shook her head as she glanced across the Great Hall. Harry, Ron and Hermione had already waylaid him on his way into the Great Hall. Ginny hurried to his side. Lucius Malfoy's eyes followed her, and she wondered if that was really her father watching her, his eyes seemed so cold. She shivered thinking of how much Lucius Malfoy frightened her, and then she pulled herself together. After all, she wasn't a terrified first year any more, and if the man was going to be her father-in-law she had better get over her fear.

"Ginny," said Draco, catching her hand. "I think this means the potion worked."

She nodded.

"What potion?" asked Ron, frowning at Draco holding Ginny's hand. Although he had gotten over the "I'm going to beat that Slytherin git to a pulp" stage, Ron was certainly not happy about Ginny and Draco's relationship. However, his friends were slowly wearing him down. Although Harry and Hermione didn't like Draco much, they had ceased to continually remind Ginny of how Draco made their lives miserable for the first five years at Hogwarts.. Their overt complaints had mellowed to quiet tolerance and even occassional moments of acceptance. After all, Hermione had said, friends have to respect friends' decisions, even if they don't agree with them.

"So do you want us to bring you some food, then?" asked Hermione.

Ginny shook her head. 'We'll just get the house elves to give us something later. They love spoiling us—"

Hermione glowered at her. Ginny had forgotten about Hermione's feelings about house elves and S.P.E.W.

"Bye," said Ginny with a groan she pulled Draco out of the corridor, into a conveniently available empty classroom.

"I always forget about S,P,E,W,," said Ginny and Draco sniggered.

"Not something you will need to remember," he promised Ginny.

"Draco," said Ginny. "Tell me again why we made this potion?"

"So that your father and my father could experience how the 'other half' lives," said Draco, tucking a stray lock of red hair behind her ear. "and it looks like they are experiencing."

"It's not going to work," Ginny predicted. "Did you see them? They are at each other's throats, and it hasn't even been a whole day. If they find out we made the potion, they are going to kill us."

"Yes," Draco agreed blandly. "Considering my father's temper, that is a possibility."

"Draco!" snapped Ginny, smacking him on the arm.

"I was teasing," he said, "a light sparkling in his cool gray eyes. "He wouldn't kill me. I'm his only heir, you on the other hand—"

"Draco!" Ginny cried again, and he laughed. "This is exactly what we wanted to happen, Ginny. Relax." He turned her around and began to gently rub the tension from her neck. He let his lips trail down her neck. "Better?" he asked after a moment.

"Hmmm?" she purred, silently leaning her head back against his chest, but she sprang away from him, as the door creaked open.

"Ah, yes," said the Headmaster. "I thought I might find you here. Mr. Malfoy. Miss Weasley." His eyes were twinkling with mirth. "In spite of the opinion of some students, we do actually have classes in these classrooms."

"Yes, Headmaster," Ginny stuttered, blushing profusely. "We were just discussing—um—"

"Potions," Draco supplied coolly.

The Headmaster laughed quite unabashedly. "I see," he said. "Then you both realize that your fathers just paid me a visit. Personality Switch Potion is notoriously difficult to brew correctly," continued the Headmaster. "And when it is brewed correctly, it is a pale green in color, unlike Temporary Personality Altering potion which is midnight blue. Now, Professor Snape tells me he was quite sure that the potion you made was midnight blue, so how is it that your fathers are suffering not from a single hour of Temporary Personality Altering Potion, but from Personality Switch Potion which can only be countered by an antidote which takes a month to brew?"

Both Draco and Ginny stood staring at the floor, unable or unwilling to answer. "It was a charm," said Draco at last, "a charm to change the color of the potion."

"Alas," mourned the Headmaster tucking his hands into his robe sleeves. "What shall I do about this, Mr. Malfoy?"

"Give me extra credit in charms?" asked Draco cheekily.

"Oh, I can't do that," said the Headmaster, eyes twinkling merrily. "You will have to speak with Professor Flitwick about extra credit."

Ginny snorted and looked away. "Headmaster," she asked at last. "Are our Fathers still here? And still arguing? Are they—furious?"

"Oh yes," said the Headmaster. "I told Professor Snape I would have you come to the dungeon," he said. "He wanted to start the antidote right away."

"Why?" sputtered Ginny.

"Why to continue this little fiasco you started, Miss Weasley. Don't you remember your parents' rules of conduct. Always finish what you start. I'm sure your father is expecting you." He winked at her and continued to grin.

"Did Professor Snape tell them it was us?" asked Draco, worriedly.

"I don't know," said the Headmaster thoughtfully. "Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Malfoy, I don't know everything that happens at Hogwarts Castle. Off to the dungeon with you," he coached.

Draco rolled his eyes, thinking of Lockhart and Crouch and Moody. "And here I thought you were the all knowing Headmaster. I never would have known," Draco said in all seriousness, and Ginny snorted again. "You know that's what I love about you," said Draco as he placed an arm around her waist. "You laugh at my jokes."

"Is that all?" Ginny whispered seductively.

"Now the other reason I came to see you," Dumbledore continued, "Is to tell you that I convinced your fathers that they should attempt to keep each other's affairs in order in the next month. There is no point in this little incident being painful for either of them. It could be a bit of a vacation for each of them, and I told them so. Also," he continued with a frown, "The fewer people who know about this the better, so they will be on their best behavior."

"My father doesn't have a best behavior," countered Draco, but Dumbledore just winked and said, "I'm sure he'll find one." With twinkling eyes, he closed the door softly behind himself.

After Dumbledore left, Draco buried his head in the base of Ginny's curls and said, "I can't believe that Snape ratted on us, not after I paid him off.

"You paid him off!" said Ginny incredulously as she pushed away from Draco's hug to glare at him.

"Of course. I'm a Malfoy, aren't I? It cost me 5 galleons, two filibuster fireworks, and a case of ton tongue taffies."

"Fireworks? Taffies?" said Ginny. "Why would he want those?"

"Well the taffies are to shut up the sixth period Hufflepuffs, but he didn't ask for the filibuster firework. I just removed it from Longbottom's cauldron day before yesterday after Nott lit it. It was just a sign of good faith."

"And the other firework?" asked Ginny.

"Oh that's the one I put in your brother's cauldron."

"Draco! I thought we agreed that we were more mature than to prank each other's houses." She shook her head.

"Oh, we are," agreed Draco. "But Snape doesn't know that."

"And I never thought that Snape would take bribes."

"Are you kidding?" asked Draco. "Do you know how pitiful teacher's salaries are? It's a wonder the man can afford to live, much less live as a Slytherin."

"Well, maybe he didn't rat on us," said Ginny. "We'll just have to wait and see." They paused because they were at the dungeon door. "You go in first," said Ginny.

"What! You're the brave Gryffindor," said Draco, "You go in first."

Ginny put her hands on her hips and in her most commanding Molly Weasley voice, said, "Draco, I am not going to argue about this—"

"Good," he agreed, bowing elegantly as he gestured her into the dungeon.

"We both know your father is more dangerous—" hissed Ginny.

Suddenly the door swung open and they both fell into the room in an inelegant heap of arms and legs at Snape's feet.

"Get off of my daughter, you Slytherin scum," growled the visage of Lucius Malfoy, as he jumped to his feet, and tripped over the hem of his robe. Nonetheless, he recovered his balance and had taken several steps forward and propped his wand beneath Draco's chin.

"Honestly, Draco you have been taught better," drawled the red haired man who was sprawled in one of Snape's high back chairs. Unfortunately, the casual nonchalance that Lucius' body could affect, simply didn't happen when Arthur Weasley attempted the same pose. He didn't look nonchalant. He looked exhausted. He slouched a little more and then said, "Suppose you tell me what reason you have to torture me, Draco?"

"Father," said Draco with a formal bow to the red-haired man slumped in the chair. It seemed that there was no reason to try to continue the façade. Both of their parents knew what they had done. Draco knew from past experience that it was better to just face up and get it over with than to draw the punishment out to a little game of cat and mouse. The chase gave his father entirely too much pleasure. "Virginia Weasley and I love each other," said Draco. "We plan to be married, and we had hoped that—"

"That turning me into a ruddy pig would help your cause?" thundered Lucius Malfoy, dragging his chubby body into what would have been an imposing position if he had his own considerable height.

"My father is not a ruddy pig," protested Ginny as Malfoy, in her own father's body, yanked the unicorn wand from his pocket. A spell was on his lips when the thing turned into a rather slimy, smelly haddock. He flung it at his son, and whirled on Arthur Weasley who was giggling like a school boy while half heartedly holding his wand on Draco.

Ginny stood aghast. She had never seen Lucius Malfoy with a smile on his face, much less giggling. She exchanged amazed glances with Draco.

"Take off your cloak," Lucius snarled at Arthur.

"My cloak?" said Arthur, between giggles.

"Actually, my cloak," snapped Lucius. "I paid 102 galleons for the thing and I don't want it damaged when I tear you limb from limb."

"Now, just a minute," interrupted Ginny, taking a step forward in her father's defense. Now that she saw their parents' actions, it was impossible to mistake them for each other. Even though she was looking into her own father's brown eyes, they held the same cold glare that was Lucius Malfoy's and she hesitated just a moment before rushing onward with typical Gryffindor bravado. "My father didn't do anything to deserve that, Mr. Malfoy."

"Ginny!" said Arthur Weasley and Draco Malfoy in stereo as they both drew wands to protect her although neither used them since Lucius Malfoy was unarmed.

Reluctantly, Lucius seemed to reconsider his actions. An unarmed wizard faced with several wands trained on him did not bode well. He decided it was time to turn on the Malfoy charm.

"Severus," he said simply "There will be a hefty bonus if you can manage to speed up the brewing of that potion." He leaned forward nonchalantly and grasped the serpent head of his cane.

"I'm sorry—Lucius," said Snape with a frown, "Nothing can speed up the brewing." He turned busily to his cauldron and began adding ingredients.

"Alas," Dumbledore continued. "We shall have to make the best of it, gentlemen. Lemon drop?" He pulled a handful of the sweets from his robe pocket and offered them to the assembled wizards. "Oh, and Mr. Malfoy, you will have to refrain from using you cane," he said. "I'm sure you would rather keep the knowledge of this little incident from spreading through out the wizarding community."

After Albus Dumbledore had the wizards suitably pacified, he suggested that they go to their respective homes and try to fit in. "After all," he said. "It is only for a month."

"Very well," agreed Lucius Malfoy, "However, you will not be getting new brooms this year for the Quiddich team—"

"What!" said Draco.

"And furthermore, Draco, your cash flow is completely cut off for the remainder of this month."

"But—" began Draco, and then he smirked at the red-haired man addressing him. "You aren't my father."

"But I entirely agree with your father," said Arthur Weasley coldly, his voice sounding even colder coming from Lucius Malfoy's mouth.

"Dad!" Ginny complained, and then biting her lip, said, "Don't worry about it Draco. I certainly don't love you for your money.. It's still worth it." She stomped to the door as Dumbledore requested that Snape put a second cauldron on the fire.

"We shall see," said Lucius Malfoy ominously. "You will have to forbid Narcissa sending Draco owls with sweets and money," Lucius told Arthur. "You will need to give her some explanation—"

The smirk faded from Draco's face as Dumbledore ushered them into the corridor. "I believe you have classes to attend," he said as he closed the door behind them.

"I thought I would just tell Narcissa the truth," said Arthur. "I mean after all, she is your wife."

"Oh no," said Lucius, alarmed. "You mustn't tell her who you are!"

"But I'm sure she'll know I'm not you," said Arthur.

"No she won't," said Lucius. "But before you deal with Narcissa you have to chair the board meeting at Malfoy Unlimited, which—" Malfoy looked at his wrist and when he realized he didn't have his watch on, he clasped Arthur's wrist to look at the gold watch on his wrist. "Damn, it's started already. Just agree with Cain and try not to lose too much of my money."

"But about Narcissa," Arthur interrupted. "I don't want to lie to her."

Dumbledore moved over to Snape and peered into the cauldrons. One was already bubbling with the antidote and the other was making curious popping sounds.

"You stay on your end of the Manor and she'll stay on hers," snapped Lucius.

"Why?" asked Arthur.

"Because I said so," remarked Lucius sharply.

"So, you and your wife--" began Arthur, but his words ground to a halt when Lucius took a hasty step toward him. If Lucius had had a wand, Authur had no doubt he would have been a dead man.

In the silence the strange popping from the cauldron sounded loud as cannon fire. "Are you sure that potion is supposed to pop like that?" asked Lucius alarmed.

"Quite sure," said Dumbledore as he removed the lid from the cauldron and offered some popcorn to Snape, who sniffed and tasted a little puff of the treat as he waited for his other cauldron to be ready for the next ingredient.

Lucius wrinkled his nose and stalked towards the door.

"Well, that secrecy certainly won't work at the Burrow," said Arthur. "I mean Molly will know. I can't keep a secret like that from her. She probably already thinks that I'm acting rather peculiar."

Dumbledore had placed the warm cauldron on his lap and was eating popcorn by the handfuls. "It's really better with butter and salt," he confided to Severus, who immediately went to see if he had the required ingredients in his stores.

"She thinks nothing of the sort," said Lucius. "She seems to like playacting—"

Suddenly, Arthur Weasley's wand was under Lucius' nose. "If you sleep with my wife," he said in a cold hard voice, "I will see you in Azkaban."

"Don't worry," said Lucius. "You couldn't pay me to sleep with that—"

Crack! Suddenly Lucius Malfoy in Arthur Weasley's body was covered with boils.

"Honestly, Weasley," said Lucius in a bored tone. "Funiculus? What is that? A first level spell?"

"Just a reminder," said Arthur as Dumbledore removed the spell "Leave my wife alone and I'll leave yours alone."

"Ha!" Lucius said. "I don't have to worry. My wife isn't a slut."

Hastily, Dumbledore procured wards between the two of them.

"Off you go," said Dumbledore ushering Arthur Weasley out of the door. "Do try to take care of Lucius Malfoy's money," said Dumbledore worriedly, as he conjured a bag and dumped some of the popcorn into it. "Perhaps the popcorn will help to calm your nerves, Arthur. It's a muggle treat."

"Really?" said Arthur taking a bite of the popcorn. "Be careful," Dumbledore warned. "I think he's more concerned about his money, than his wife." A moment later, Dumbledore was back in his office addressing a pacing Lucius Malfoy.

"Those Weasley brats took my wand," said Lucius. "I can't even apparate back to that hovel they call home. It's a wonder I got here with that fake wand! Albus, I could have been splinched over half the country!"

"Oh, the Weasley twins are quite inventive," said Snape between bites of popcorn.. "But not malicious. The wands are made to work within certain safety precautions. They just need a little discipline."

"Well," said Dumbledore hesitantly, "I will Apparate you back to the Burrow, Lucius, and you can take it from there. Do try to go easy on the boys though. It's not their fault you are in this predicament, and you do have to remember that they thought they played the wand trick on their own father not on you."

"And I will treat them like my very own sons," said Lucius from between clenched teeth.

"Very good," said Dumbledore with a frown. He hoped that was a good thing.

"Oh, I'm so glad you are back early," exclaimed Molly shoving one of the squalling babies into Lucius' arms. The other she propped on her hip with a bottle within reach of his questing lips as she charmed a spoon to stir a sauce on the stove and pointed her wand at a knife which flew through the air directly over Lucius' head in route to the bread that needed cut. "Bill and Fleur and the kids are coming for dinner too, and Penelope won't be back for the twins until after five so I told her and Percy that they may as well stay to supper too. Don't just stand there," she said glancing at the crying baby in his arms. "Give him his bottle."

"Never mind," she said as with another quick wave of her wand she poured the milk, did a heating charm and plopped the nipple into the child's screaming mouth. It was blessedly silent. "There, everything is started for dinner. How was your day?" she asked over her shoulder.

"Disasterous," he answered looking down at the baby in his arms. The little fellow was not red-headed. His hair was a soft strawberry blonde, much darker than Draco's at this age, but Lucius could not help be reminded of the handful of times he had actually held Draco before sending him off to be fed and cared for by house elves. He had never witnessed that blissful face that babies have when drouzing with a tummy full of warm milk.

"So why was your day disasterous?" asked Molly leaning close to him. "He could smell the scent of just baked bread on her skin along with some cinnamon like spice as she nuzzled his neck. A moment later, she had moved away, climbing the stairs. She was still carrying the baby. He followed her, whining slightly about the twins' fake wands.

"Well, if you didn't encourage them, Arthur, they wouldn't think they could get away with that sort of thing," said Molly with a sniff. "By the way, your real wand is on the nightstand. You notice they don't pull that sort of garbage with me. You've always been too soft on them."

"Perhaps you're right," said Lucius, with a smile, trying to imitate Arthur's easy going attitude. "So you wouldn't be upset if I played a little trick back on them?" he said, thinking he wanted to curse their sorry souls six ways to hell and back.

"I would be over-joyed," said Molly. "I've told you that before, but it shouldn't really be a trick. You are an adult, you know. You are their father, not their best mate. Sometimes you need to take a hard stand, or they will just run all over you." She started to take the second twin from his arms, but the baby had latched onto his index finger with a death grip and was reluctant to let go.

"It's OK," said Lucius surprising himself. "I'll hold him for another minute."

Molly scoffed. "You're going to start spoiling these twins too, I see."

"I'm not," said Lucius, immediately pulling his finger from the child's grasp and lying him in the crib. The baby scrunched up his face unhappily and then relaxed as Molly tucked the blanket around his small frame. Lucius couldn't help but wonder aloud about the blonde hair.

"Well all of Penelope's family is blonde. Of course, so is Fleur," said Molly, running her hand up and down his back.

Lucius' head was spinning. It was obvious that he should know who these women were, but he didn't. Penelope was obviously married to one of the Weasley's and the mother of the twins. Fleur was married to another. He didn't know which one.

"You had to think it would lighten up the Weasley red," Molly continued, "Are you disappointed that the Weasley red isn't entirely dominant?"

"No," Lucius said. "Of course not." Lucius stared down at the sleeping children thinking that Draco and Ginny's children would probably have the same strawberry blonde hair, and then he slapped the unwelcome thought away. No heir of his would have Weasley blood. He turned abruptly to leave and turned right into Molly Weasley's arms. "Now where were we this morning?" she asked in a sultry voice. Her rather ample bosum was pressed firmly against him as she raised her lips to his. He kissed her quickly, but she was not deterred. "The kids are asleep, and you have no where to go," she said as she backed him into their bedroom. His thoughts were firmly on the fact that Arthur Weasley would not forgive his sleeping with Molly. Although he wasn't afraid of Arthur, he knew that he had a whole month to spend with Molly and he didn't want to press his luck.

"But—It's the middle of the day," he sputtered.

She laughed at him as she pulled off his robe. "You are getting old, Arthur," she said.

"You can't do this," he admonished her sternly. "I'm not your husband. I'm Lucius Malfoy."

She sighed. "Well, I don't want to be Narcissa," she said as she shoved him back on the bed and straddled him. "How about if I'm one of your whores instead," she said.

Lucius Malfoy choked as Molly Weasley began licking and biting his neck and loosening his tie. "What do you want, Mr. Malfoy?" she cooed as she pulled the tie tight. Within moments her expert ministrations had him panting, This would never do, thought Lucius as he wrapped his arms around her and rolled her beneath him being careful this time to note where the edge of the bed was, but it was so small, they almost went off the edge anyway. He grasped her roughly and pulled her to himself to keep her on the bed.

She squealed. "Don't hurt me."

Lucius froze. "I don't hurt my women," he said icily.

"You have before, Mr. Malfoy—not that I'm complaining, mind you," she said warming to her role. "You pay well enough—"

Lucius was suddenly livid. All of his ardor quenched in her words. "I don't hurt my women," he said from beneath clenched teeth. "I don't hurt my wife, or my whores." His pride couldn't stand the thought that Molly thought he had to pay for women. He had of course done so when it was convenient, but he knew full well that he could have most any woman begging for his attentions with or without his money. Suddenly he didn't care that Arthur had promised to see him in Azkaban if he slept with his wife. He needed to prove to Molly Weasley that he was not some sort of monster that habitually hurt women. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said, kissing her softly as a butterfly wing.

"Yes, Mr. Malfoy," she said, still steeped in the play.

"And I'm not going to pay you," he said breathing, and biting and sucking on her ear.

"But—" she began trying to wriggle out from under him, He noticed that her red hair had highlights that looked golden in the sun which was streaming through the window. It was without a doubt her best feature.

"Call me Lucius," he purred, running his fingers over the stiff cotton dress that covered her breasts., deciding that he would show Molly Weasley how the real Lucius Malfoy played this game, and Arthur Weasley be damned.

Her fingers went to the buttons that kept the collar of his shirt tightly against his neck, but Lucius laid a hand on hers. "Not yet," he whispered, pulling her arms around his waist and putting his hot lips against her cotton bodice. He looked into her brown eyes, dark with passion and promised himself that before he was done with her, the thrifty Molly Weasley would be so consumed by lust that she would be ripping the clothes from his body, unmindful of the cost. A tiny part of himself wished that it could be Narcissa instead of Molly.

There was a sharp crack of someone Apparating downstairs and then a murmur of voices. Lucius was instantly on his feet, grasping the Unicorn wand from the nightstand. Where the hell were the wards in this house? Someone could just Apparate in just like that! Was Arthur out of his mind? How could those babies be safe?

"Arthur," said Molly, with a sigh. "It's just the twins. They wanted to come over to play with the babies, although I do wish they had come over a little later." She sat on the bed, grinning foolishly at him. "Gosh, you are jumpy today. You must have had a rough day."

"Mum!" called one of the boys from downstairs, and both of the babies started to cry.

Molly sighed heavily. "Be right down," Molly called, running a hand through her hair and then pointing her wand at the bed. "Accio," she said, catching the clips that had fallen out of her hair . As she started to rearrange her hair, Lucius now noted the numerous streaks of gray that he hadn't seen before. Looking at Molly's tired, disheveled appearance he wondered what on earth consumed him a moment ago. He shuddered with the thought. The woman was fat, ugly and worse, a Weasley.

"I want to talk to the twins alone," said Lucius Malfoy in a voice that Arthur Weasley had never used.

"Yes, dear," said Molly, with a puzzled look. "I'll be busy with the babies for a few minutes anyway."

Lucius nodded once and Apparated from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Fred and George about jumped to the ceiling when their Dad Apparated between them.

"Bloody hell, Dad, you scared me," said Fred.

"Since when do you Apparate in the house?" said George annoyed

"Since now," said Lucius Malfoy coldly. "Which reminds me, from now on you will Apparate outside and use the front door to enter. I'm putting up Apparation wards later this afternoon."

"Why?" asked George.

"Because it's unsafe. Your mother is often here alone with the babies and I—" Lucius faltered, unsure exactly why he was doing this. Well, it was unsafe, he thought. Hell, Death Eaters could Apparate right into the kitchen and snatch one of those children from under Molly's nose. Not that he cared…He could do the deed himself.. "Because I said so," Lucius concluded sharply to cover his confusion. "and speaking of unsafe, those fake wands of yours need another charm on them to alert family members that they are fake."

"But why?" whined George. "They are so much fun."

"This is why," said Lucius, "Expellaramus!" George's wand flew to Lucius hand and Lucius tossed him one of the fake ones.

"Dad!" complained George.

In the next moment, Lucius turned George into a pigeon that fluttered towards the second floor, seeking escape, the fake wand, useless on the floor. Lucius watched the bird for a moment and then nonchalantly turned it back into George, who came crashing to the ground in a heap.

"Ow—I think I broke something," said George.

"Wrist," assessed Lucius, setting it, and as Molly rushed into the kitchen with a twin on each hip, he looked at her. "Do we have any ske-gro?" he asked calmly.

"You never were very good at medical charms, Arthur," said Molly amazed. "And if he needs ske-gro it is most certainly beyond you."

Lucius scowled at her. "The trapezium was crushed by his fall. I just removed the fragments."

"What fall?" snapped Molly. "What were you doing?"

"Flying," answered George, unwilling to get his father into trouble with his mother even though he was acting mighty strange today.

"Flying!" shouted Molly. "George Weasley!"

"It feels OK, Mum," said George, flexing his wrist, and staring at his dad. "Just like when Madam Pomfrey set it after I fell off of my broom last year, except I can't move my little finger"

"Well, you should know," said Molly with a frown as she handed the twins, one to Fred and one to Lucius and went to find the ske-gro.

"With the Dark Lord rising," Lucius told the twins, "I think it should be obvious that you need your wand with you at all times—your real wand." Lucius shuddered to think what would have happened if he had been called to the Master and only had a haddock for a wand.

"The Dark Lord?" muttered George frowning.

"Sure, Dad," said Fred with a puzzled look.

"Yes, Father or Yes, Sir," corrected Lucius Malfoy and the twins stared at each other before answering. "Yes, Father."

Fred cleared his throat and grinned, trying to get back to the fun-loving father he was used to pranking. "I'm glad Mum isn't here," he said. "I wanted to tell you we had the best prank today. George was fooling around with the swamp and made it extend out the door and onto the sidewalk. Everyone was gathered around the front of the store staring at it. It made quite a hit.

"Outside," said Lucius confused. "Why ever would you put the swamp outside of the door?"

"Well, it was sort of an advertisement," said George. "Lots of people came to look."

"Did anyone buy anything?" asked Lucius.

"Well, no. Not more than usual," said Fred.

"Then your little experiment was a failure," snapped Lucius. "Who would want to walk over a swamp to get into the store? You're idiots."

"But—" began George.

"You should put something flashy and exciting outside and put the swamp inside to keep the customers from escaping," said Lucius with a sad shake of his head. "Idiots."

"Escaping?" said Fred. "From what?"

"From this," said Lucius, transfiguring the floor beneath Fred's feet into quicksand. Within a moment he was knee deep in the slime, and the baby he was holding started to cry. "Dad!" Fred shrieked, as he continued to sink.

"You do have a wand, don't you?" drawled Lucius, "Or are you only carrying around a slimy haddock like I was this afternoon?"

Fred fumbled the twin to his other hip and dug for his wand, as the quick sand creeped up to his torso. Once he had the wand in his hand, he hesitated. "What spell?" he asked his Dad.

"Oh any number of things would work," said Lucius in a lazy voice as he settled himself and the other twin on a kitchen chair in front of the fire. "You'll think of something." Actually, he was sure his own son would think of something to stop the sinking into the quicksand, but he wasn't that sure of the Weasley's. -Oh well, the world could do with two less Weasley's anyway, Lucius thought.

"Dad!" Fred hoisted the twin he was holding onto his shoulder, and pronounced, "Aridus!"

The quicksand around his feet dried up and Fred clumsily climbed out of the dusty hole in the middle of the kitchen.

"You cannot leave this mess in the middle of your mother's floor." said Lucius coldly.

"I didn't put it there," snapped Fred.

Lucius didn't even blink. "Accio," he said, Snatching the twin from Fred's hands, and catching him under his arm like a quaffle. "Syrtis " and Fred was once again in the quicksand, but this time he was neck deep and sinking.

"Aaaakk!" Fred squalked. "Dad!"

The floo burned brightly and Fleur and Bill stepped through holding their two toddlers and calling hello to everyone. The noise level was deafening, and suddenly Lucius couldn't handle it any more. What was he doing here? He needed some quiet time to sort out his thoughts.

"Tell your mother I've forgotten something at work," said Lucius as he handed the two now crying babies to George who apparently had inherited his mother's knack for holding a baby on each hip even though a bone was missing from his wrist. He was jostling the second twin frightfully trying to get his weight balanced, but Lucius didn't care.

He couldn't wait to get away from the annoying family atmosphere. Unfortunately, Fleur had put her toddler down on the kitchen floor and the child immediately flung himself at Lucius Malfoy.

"Pap Pap. Broom!" he exclaimed, blue eyes bright with excitement, and his red hair bouncing as he jumped up and down.

"He's been so excited since you told him you would take him for a ride, Dad," explained Bill. "It's all he can talk about—"

Bill broke off as his eyes settled on Fred who had tilted his head back so that only his face was exposed to the air, the rest of him was completely immersed in something-- "Fred, what have you done?" called Bill alarmed.

"Broom! Broom! Broom!" the toddler insisted, pulling on Lucius' robe. "Broom now!" He stomped his little foot petulantly.

"Don't you teach your little imps any manners," snarled Lucius Malfoy as he shoved the toddler away from him.

"Dad?" said Bill, confused, but Lucius Malfoy had already Disapparated leaving the noise and chaos of the Weasley clan behind.