The Riderless Horse

Arod ran fast throughout the night, he knew that he had to get help, and get it fast. He ran fast in the direction, which he and his master had been headed. Arod hoped that he would reach help in time to save his master and best friend. He knew that wherever he was headed he was less than a half a day or nights travel from it. For his master had told him so, and that had been several miles back. After running for hours and having covered a great distance Arod had finally reached his destination in the estimated time. The destination had been Rivendell.

After the War of the Ring, Lord Elrond was supposed to have gone into the west. However, he hadn't been able to bring himself to leave and instead remained in Rivendell along with a small colony of elves. Even a few humans lived in Rivendell. Eladdan and Elrohir had also stayed, refusing to leave without their father.

Elrond was in his study discussing with his sons the proper way of behaving in the library. The twins had managed to knock down every bookcase in the entire library. "Well what do you two have to say for yourselves?" asked Elrond seriously. When a knock came from the door. "Come in" called Elrond. "Talk about saved by the bell" muttered Eladdan to Elrohir. Elrohir replied by releasing a breath he'd been holding. The messenger scrambled inside the office and said, "Sire a white horse approaches Rivendell. It appears to be from Rohan but it has no rider." Elrond thought for a moment and then dismissed the messenger. Elrond remained at his desk deep in thought. Eladdan and Elrohir looked at each other and discussed the news with each other for a moment. Suddenly Elrohir glanced up, "well, we know only one person who would journey here on a white horse seemingly from Rohan."

Elrond glanced up quickly; it had finally dawned on him. *By the Valar! That's Legolas's horse *. Elrond leapt from his desk and darted from the room closely followed by Eladdan and Elrohir. The twins began murmuring to each other, " I wonder what has befallen our dear friend this time" said Eladdan jokingly. Elrohir glanced back, "If Arod is coming here rider less then whatever it is cannot be good." Eladdan nodded in agreement and the trio sped toward Arod. Not knowing what lay in store for them.