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Legolas's body was laying half in, half out of the water and he was saturated with blood, so much of it in fact that his hair had taken on a sickening pinkish orange color. The twins picked their way down the embankment toward their friend with as much haste as they dared. Elladan gently pulled Legolas out of the frigid water and immediately checked for life. To their surprise Legolas lived despite the numerous brutal injuries that he suffered. From what little was visible to them at a glance Legolas had endured multiple stab wounds and deep cut across his throat.

The twins hurriedly carried Legolas up to their father, who saw the erratic rising and falling of Legolas's chest and gasped, "Alive!" Elrohir nodded gravely, "Aye…for now at least." Elrond had a camp set up as well as a healing tent. The warriors began to frantically set up the healing tent eager to have Legolas treated as soon as possible. While the golden haired Prince was not deeply known by many of the warriors he had gained a place in their hearts at a very young age and it was as if their own brother or son were dying in Legolas's place.

Once the healing tent was up, Elrond rushed Legolas inside and immediately set to work. The quicker he did this the better chance Legolas had of surviving. Elrond and the twins set to removing Legolas's clothes and nothing could have prepared them for the sheer horror of his injuries. What the twins had been able to see at a glance was nothing compared to what had been hidden from view. The stab wounds were many and deep and several of them had obviously been twisted. Two of the deepest were to Legolas's two thighs which had been the injuries that had been the cause of Legolas's collapse. Then there was a long slash that ran the length of Legolas's hip to his upper chest, it was so deep in one place that the white of two of Legolas's ribs was just barely, visible.

The wounds were tediously washed and rewashed, so intent were the elves on removing any trace of infection from them. After the repetitive washing of Legolas's injuries, they were stitched and bandaged. The Peredhil family silently washed Legolas's body of the filth that had accumulated there during the battle and they also washed Legolas's shiny golden hair that only seemed to fall dull and lifelessly after being washed. Legolas was wrapped in three warm blankets and left to rest.

"Ada? Will he be alright?" Elrohir asked fearfully after a time. Elrond said nothing at first; he only watched Legolas sleep for a moment and then replied, "I do not know."