Summary: Popular, poised Tea always has despised antisocial seto kaiba. Until he saves her life . . .then she starts getting clumsy whenever he's around....…

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*~*~*~*~*italics=thoughts; quotes= words *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"Ohhhh…..too much grease…….." My father rubbed his chest, got up "Excuse me, will you sweetheart?"

"Sure, Dad." I watched him weave his way to the men's bathroom, still clutching his chest. The pasta must've given him heartburn….. Then the restaurant's doors flashed, as they did when opened, and I saw a young couple come in. The broccoli and greens from my salad lurched in my stomach when I recognized the man. Ugh . .!.

"Hi, Tea!" I heard the voices that chirped my name; they were girls from my dance class as well as on the cheerleading squad from high school. Out of the corner of an eye, I saw them settle around the table. "Whatchu looking at?"

"Ohhh, Seto Kaiba." One sighed. "Dreamilicious!"

"Hunk!" they all giggled. I looked at them, so not laughing.

"You have got to be kidding." I set my diet coke down with a thunk. But they weren't listening.

"Who do you think that is with him?" one said in a hushed voice. She was talking about the very beautiful, dark haired exotic looking woman next to him. Their eyes darted back and forth from guy to girl speculatively and giggling.

I changed the subject abruptly, saying. "Guys, y'all can't stay long. I'm having right now dinner with my father," even as my eyes stayed on him. Probably sensing being stared at, he looked up with a glare. I made an ugly sneer at him, added an insulting gesture. The girls gasped delightedly in shock, marveling at my nerve, as he returned the favor, then turned back.

I won't lie when I say that Kaiba is the most hated man in out high school. Just hearing his name made me break out in hives. Point taken? My eyes strayed to the girl next to him. Probably as snobby as he was. It made me angry when people scuttled from him like cockroaches......

"You're so baaaaad, Tea!" one girl giggled between her fingers. The other continued stealing glances. "I can't believe you just flipped him off!"

"I did not. Besides," I threw down the rest of my coke down my stomach. "He's so darn arrogant," I complained loudly. "I despise who think they rule the world, and everyone ought to grovel at their feet!" they gave me identical wide eyed stares, gaping. Glancing at him, I pursed my lips in a glare and lowered my eyebrows in an imitation of him:

"He-lo. I. Am. Seto. Kaiba. I. Am. programmed. To. Ter. Min. Nate. All. Fun."
I made a few robotic sounds as the girls burst out into shrieks of laughter. I laughed as loud as I could, too, so he could hear. I hoped it would embarrass him in front of his girlfriend, too. His head turned towards us and so did the girl's. As well as other customers, but I didn't really concern myself with what they thought.

Maybe it was reckless, but I am that way. I continued in the same robotic voice, rattling the ice left in my coke cup, "Darn, I shouldn't. Of. Tested. The Temperature Of The Hot Water For. My. Coffee," still imitating his deep monotone voice. I tipped the contents back in a swig, while the others wiped tears to keep their mascaras from running.

"Oh, my god, Tea . . .you sound just like him . .. . " they said in breathless gasps, holding their uniformed sides. "you are the best . . . ."

I didn't hear any more because at that moment, a huge chunk of ice slid down halfway my throat. I gasped sharply, coke and melting water trickling down the back of my throat. It only went deeper, and stuck firmly. My eyes began to sting, as the other girls started clapping me on the back, still chuckling softly.

"Omigod… she choking…..? Help, she's choking!" The face of my father, probably returned, swam before my vision, which was being tinged with blue. Then grey-black. Everything swam, and my life began flashing before my eyes as I started panicking. My god, I can't die! The dance auditions are finally being held here in Japan, I waited so long…..all my dreams….and my hopes… my sister's wedding this weekend…..I'll never see….my family again… lungs…..they're exploding……I felt my own arms flailed about helplessly….someone help me.....please!

Then the sensation of being picked up high, so high, my feet dangled in mid-air. By now, white fuzziness blinding my sight, like puffy clouds on a clear day….

"Breathe…..c'mon breathe!"

I heard hocking gasps coming from my abdomen, which felt like it was being battered up badly. Why is someone punching me in the stomach? It hurts….! Can't breathe…..Finally, with what felt like an icy cold finger went up my throat, and a fist size chunk of ice flew across the room. Immediately my sight cleared; I closed my eyes to regain my bearings as I was released and fell hard on the floor.

The first thing I saw was everybody staring anxiously at me. I was such in a daze, I wondered why were they staring at me? Dizziness took over me, and a chair was hastily thrown underneath me as I slumped down.

"Oh, Tea .. . ." my dad's voice said tearfully. "You nearly died!" he hugged me hard, rocking me soothingly. "I was so afraid for you, baby…."

"I came close….." Not minding my dad was bawling his head off in an embarrassing way. My lungs and diaphragm were burning from trying to hack the ice up. "I never knew ice could be so dangerous," I said in a croak, trying to lighten the mood. "But dad, did you have to pick up me up so high? You got it out, but you almost broke my leg in the process when I fell!"

My dad released me and stood abruptly, the zipper on his jacket, scratching my cheek and forehead. "I didn't! Where are you….?" He called over his shoulder, while one of the girls asked if I felt okay now. "Yeah….my chest hurts like anything, though," I groaned, rubbing the painful spot where it ice had be lodged, my hands quivering. It was the first time I'd nearly died……I stared absorbedly at the spot on the carpet, numb.

"Kaiba……he saved your life," I heard one saying under her breath. My body felt suddenly as cold as the ice which had nearly killed me now across the room somewhere. "He's a hero!" I heard lots of clapping.

"W-w-w-w-hat?" I whispered, practically mouthing the words. "My dad did! He did the Heimlich maneuver on……" I trailed off weakly, as they shook their heads in unison. "……me……?"

"Oh thank you so much for saving my daughter's life! We are indebted to you, aren't we Tea?" my dad said, bowing over and over. God, I hoped his wasn't going to kneel! "……Tea?"

I stood, reluctantly. "……Yes." I bit out through my teeth, staring at his shoes rather than his face. I didn't have to look up to know their was a smirk on his face. But I did it, anyway. He was glaring down at me reproachfully, like he couldn't believe someone would be so stupid to choke on a piece of ice. I lifted my chin wanting to look proud, even with my sweaty bangs plastered to my skin. You and me both…….so dumb!

Why did he? My jaw sagged in myconfusion. …….Why did he save me?!?!?!

"Just name it, Mr. Kaiba, anything we can do?" My dad was carrying on. "Let us repay you by letting my daughter work for free!"

"Dad!" I hissed, outraged. "We're…..not that grateful! He probably…….beats his workers!"

"Tea." my father said sternly, turning to me ominously, his face crinkling with anger. "Don't you have any shame? Bite your tongue, young lady! This man saved your LIFE!"

I know, dad……I KNOW……I bemoaned in my head, shooting daggers at him with angry, bloodshot eyes. I wanted to shout, He probably thought this up from the start just to humiliate me! but I bit my tongue for once and lowered my eyes, doing my best to look grateful.

"Please….Mr.Kaiba……I will work for you for free!" my dad was saying earnestly. Since his eyes were away from me, I put a bored expression on. God, dad…..Just turn around and leave, Kaiba! I hoped.

He'd been silent, but now I saw a malicious gleam in those icy eyes. A smile bloomed on his face, not a friendly one, rather one a tiger gives to an unaware deer. "Well………" he paused. "I do…..need someone to muck out my stalls at my ranch in Hokkiado…….." his voice was silkily soft, misleadingly tender.

My temper spiked up. I forgot my word to bite my tongue and my mouth dropped. "Whaaat?" I hissed, holding on clenched fist in front of me. "Yeah right, you really did it out of the goodness of your heart!" I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes..

"Tea!" my father said in shocked fury. Shooting me a look, he reached out and shook the monster's hand. "Done!"

"Dad!" I tried to yell, but my voice was so hoarse, it came out a pathetic rasp. "I rather had died!"

Kaiba turned abruptly, before I'd had finished my last statement. "Forget it. Whatever." Then he was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief loudly.

My father was not pleased. He grounded me for speaking so disrespectfully. I could still hear his bellows, even from my room upstairs when we got home. Sheesh……it wasn't like he gave his life for mine! Probably did it to impress his stupid girlfriend! It was all the more the reason to hate him….

And I hate my dad, too! I buried my face in my pillow, remembering our fight.

"Tea, I raised you better than that! How could you have disappoint me so much? No more going out with your friends for a week!"

"But, DAD!" I could barely contemplate the horror. No friends for one week?!

"A MONTH! You want to add some more?!"

I rolled over on my side. Unfair! Here I had nearly died, and he punishes me for it! Bleah to all men. Swiping the sides of my sticky, tear- dried face angrily, I pull up my comforter and slept.

+*+*+*+*+*+* next morning *+*+*+*+*+*+*

I woke after a night of fitful nightmares. My head felt as heavy and dense as an anvil and my arms felt like they were glued to my sides. I was depressed. What am I going to do with no friends? For a month?

It would serve them right if I died; then he'd be sorry. I showered, then blow dried my long chestnut locks, studying my reflectionin my vanity mirror. My eyes are my best feature, large, round, and a clear shade of a sea blue. It gave me a warm look. No friends……impossible for someone like me! only someone with no friends wouldn't care less…..hey, like Kaiba! I dressed in my tasteless schoolgirl's uniform, which had colors that didn't match: green skirt and pink jacket. I had mine tailored to the knee, since the boys like to run down the hallways, flipping girls' skirts up as they ran. Pigs.

Cursing my luck, I drove towards school. He always gets on my nerves…..why did HE have to save MY life? His girlfriend must really …..mean a lot…..for him to do something, like that, I mean. I signaled and made a right into the parking lot. Plus…..well, he must've heard me making fun of him…….so why? That's it. I set the parking brake with a thunk of finality. I'm going to Ask him why! Otherwise, I'll go crazy trying to figure it out…..! I'll make him tell me….

I twisted the rear view mirror down to see my image. My mother didn't allow me to wear any makeup, so I had to do it in the parking lot before school. Penciling my brows, I remembered when I was picked up…..Was that him….? Or did my father try to save me first? Rummaging a bit, I found a tube of fuchsia lipstick that I had bought on a dare and never used. Impulsively, I dabbed it on. Oops, too much…I haven't worn lipstick in so long I forgot how to use it! I stuck my tongue out at my reflection.

I kept it on anyway. Finishing, I put everything away, stepped out of my car and locked it. I made my way towards homeroom, waving and exchanging good mornings to nearly everyone who passed. "Hello, hello……good morning…." By the time I got to class, my throat was sore.

Or maybe it was still sore from choking last night. I laid my schoolbag down with a thunk. It was pretty early, the school teacher hadn't been in here. I left my bag to save my chair and went to my locker to get a coke from my stash. I'll find Kaiba when he's alone……. don't want anybody to know about this! I'll be Teased for days. Everyone knows how much I dislike him…….I took a plastic yellow straw and stuck it my drink. Usually caffeine is bad for me, but after very little sleep last night…..

It wasn't hard to find him alone. He was sitting by his usual corner, in the library, typing attentively. I strolled slowly up, thinking of the right words and forbidding myself to let him make me lose my temper. I decided to start off with an apology. Dad's making me…….

Taking a look around, I said, "Um…..hi, yeah. I wanted to say… apologize for the way…..I acted last night. I.. was a pretty ungrateful……"

He didn't look up while answering. "….brat?" Tik, tik, tik.

I took a deep breath. "…..yeah, you could say that." I took a sip, casually controlling my nerves. "And….." I went on, "I was wonderin'…….why you did…"

He closed his computer and stood to his full height. I found a crick on my neck from looking up like that. "I accept your apology. Go away, now. I'm busy."

Stunned, I said, stuttering, "B-but why? Why did you do it? Answer me………I mean, I know you heard---me---"

"Your imitation? Found it amusing," he said without the slightest hint of amusement. He shifted his briefcase from one hand to another. "The whole restaurant was entertained, I'm sure." he said, tipping his head slightly to one side, brown hair shifting to the right slightly.

I looked down at my coke in sheer embarrassment, noticing a ring of fuschia around the straw. Hastily, I rubbed it off and swiped at the corners of my mouth. My fingertips were covered with bright pink. Oh Great, I probably smeared it across my face……. "Anyway," I said for distraction, rubbing my wrist on my cheek now, "I really am in debt… you……" I said without thinking. But it was too late to take it back. "Anything you need……just tell me…." I muttered to the tiles.

There was silence. "I'll keep it in mind." Shocked, I looked up at him again. It had been to perfect chance to humiliate me, and he hadn't…..taken it? "But I made fun of you" I blurted. "And the next thing, you save my life.............Why......?"

"Chalk it up for being your lucky day. Your so-called pals would've let you choke to death, I'll bet." He held a knuckle up.

"They wouldn't of!" I defended them hotly, then halted when he swiped across my jaw. "Tell me the truth……I don't believe you!" I demanded, hoping he'll interpret my face flaming as fury. "Like I care whether you believe me or not, Gardener." He turned away and added behind him with a smirk, "Clown face!"

'Clown face !?!?!' I watched him stroll away, then opened my compact. "Oh no…" I moaned, touching my face where'd he touched me. The whole lower half was a shiny pink. Snapping it closed, I grabbed some napkins and wiped my face clean, cursing him. I bet he just smeared it when he touched me. How dare he touch me! I fumed. Other guys have lost their arms for that! Arrogant....... oaf…... I left in a huff, stalking down back to my homeroom, before sulking at my desk. Thanks to him, I was grounded…….thanks to him, my father yelled at me…….and thanks to him, I've just let him get on my nerves…..again!

Though, on the other hand…..he couldn't have smeared it that worse just by swiping at me…….and why had my face turned as bright as my stupid lipstick?! Dear god, I thought, looking around crazily from item to item in the class, as though trying desperately to escape, was I getting a …….


On him.........?!

My coke dropped with a thunk, spilling the contents all over. So did my head when I buried it in my arms. God help me….please. Not now…!

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