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%%%% Tea's POV %%%%%%

C'mon, you know what to do, I told myself, getting up out of my bed, where I'd been moping away half the day away. Usually, I set out my clothes the night before, but I had been so busy moping . . . . and now I was disorganized.

It seemed my body was reluctant to move to the closet, but I forced myself to. If you don't do this, Tea, I told myself, you'll be up at night, wondering, what if?

I shuddered at the thought of that. I, like most people, like to get a good night's rest. I slipped on some beige pantyhose, hopping around on one foot.

I hope Kaiba's not in a bad mood today . . . .

I mean: worse than usual. That's what I mean. Or else there'd be a screaming match. I was determined to avoid that at all costs. He and I had voracious tempers, each, and I hoped he wouldn't provoke me too much into not saying what I had to say to him.

My mouth felt parched dry and I went to brush my teeth, with one hand, and combed my spider-silk straight hair with the other. It was a comical sight to watch in the mirror; I was glad no one was home to sneak up on me from behind. Rinsing, I washed my face, and made a face at myself before I dried, to calm my jarring nerves.

I hurried out the door, wiping my shaking, wet hands on my jacket, glad it was dark-colored so the wet spots wouldn't show. I had dressed pretty formally, in attire just suited for a graduation. I was chewing on my lip so hard as I pulled away, that I tasted blood on the inside of my cheek, wincing.

Great. I'll probably have to go to the hospital for a transfusion. . . .

As I drove, I wondered if maybe I needed a brain transfusion--! Just . . . do it, I coached myself mentally as I parked at the DHS's lot for visitors. Besides. . . .if he disagrees or whatever, I don't have to worry about a thing, because he'll be leaving, anyway, to wherever he's going after graduating . . . .

I stopped briefly. I hadn't thought of that. But . . . .oh well, it was too late to change my mind. I was determined.


I turned at the sound of a high pitched voice. Mokuba Kaiba was waving to me from the bleachers, uncertainly. I smiled back, then walked over to an empty space he gestured.

"Seeing big brother's graduation, too?" he said excitedly, practically bouncing up and down. Below, I could see Mr. Moto, by his friend, Arthur Hawkins, presumably here for Yami.

"Yeah," I smiled, as the processions started. A moving centipede of seniors wearing the school colors, green and blue, began walking to take their seats in the center of the football field. Their shoes and sneakers squished on the wet, dewy grass, as the crowd roared, stamping their feet. Over the hubbub, I could barely see, standing at the edge of my seat, Yami, flanked by two other popular seniors, deep in conversation. But I couldn't find Kaiba.

The principal, an elderly woman with thick glasses, held up hands for quiet, and they sat down. A flash of white blond hair caught my eye, and I saw Marik, the school bad boy, fiddling with something in his hands. Hmm, I didn't know he was a senior, I thought. I hope he didn't bring a bomb! There might be another explosion later.

"Welcome students. And welcome, the Class of 2004!" The crowd roared again, making such a big noise, I thought I was going to stumble right down the stairs. Sheesh.

As it died down, I started thinking of how to speak to him. Kaiba would, probably, right afterwards go to his limo, or maybe he had a jet plane waiting for him to take him to Maui. I had a feeling he would like to take a vacation.

". . . and the human race," the principal finished her awe, inspiring speech; half the class looked fast asleep. "And now for your valedictorian, Class, Mr. Seto Kaiba with 4.99999 grade point average!"

Even though it shouldn't have come as a surprise that he was the valedictorian, it was a shock to see him get up and calmly make his way to the podium without hesistation. Maybe it was because of my nerves, I guessed.

At least he must be a little happy about that, I thought. He beat Yami for post as valedictorian. Those two were always competing about everything. Boys. I shook my head, then fixed my attention back at him. He was dressed in the green cap and gown, gold valedictorian threads running down the sides of his broad shoulders, mouth moving as he gave his speech tonelessly. Maybe it was because I felt like I got him there, since we worked so hard on that home economics project on countless hours, but I could see him as if he were just two feet away.

And he was wearing…..glasses. {a/n: tee hee!]

I sweatdropped and elbowed a cheering Mokuba. "He wears…..glasses . . . ?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, to read. He's reading his speech," said the little boy with his wide grin, craning his head back. "See?"

"Y-yeah." I wondered why this came like such a shock. I guessed I pictured him as a flawless, inert, man-made object. I couldn't imagine him having any flaws.

Anyway, by the time he finished, he was using the most technical terms I've ever heard, by the way, describing love, peace, inspiration and courage like a scientific analysis--but I heard every word-- most of the class was jeering softly. A few claps rose, and people were having conversations.

How rude, I thought. I saw him give them death glares over his, uh, er, spectacles, but did nothing else.

"Thank you." The principal look half-asleep herself. "Now we will begin commencement. Stand up, Class of 2004, and receive your diplomas!"

The class lined up, and the principal, dressed in her robes, gave them each a roll and shook their hand with the other, while a photographer snapped their photo to buy later. I doubted, though, that Kaiba would want to remember this 'special moment'; he looked like he just wanted to get out of there.

But, as the announcer called his name and he stepped forward, I felt tears start at the backs of my eyelids, and must've looked upset because Mokuba kept poking me and saying, "Wuz wrong, Tea?" I shook my head and said something about tears of happiness, which wasn't a total lie; after all, I had helped him get up there to receive his high school diploma. "I'm just proud of him," I said.

Mokuba gave me a look as if to say, Then what the heck are your crying for? but he just nodded and turned back. "Whoo! GO, big bro!" he whooped suddenly, causing a few heads to turn.

I saw Mr. Hawkins's granddaughter, Rebecca turn, too, and glare at him with a roll of her eyes, squeezing her teddy tighter. I stifled a grin and watched as Kaiba made his way down the aisle to sit, wondering what was going through his head right now.

Probably, something like, "When IS this gonna be over?"

The principal said something like, "And I pronounce you graduates of Domino High!" he threw off his cap and the rest followed suit, the caps darkened the sky like little greenish birds that didn't know how to fly, since they came down with a plop amongst the cheering and hugging.

Now the friends and family could make their way to congratulate their fellow graduates, and I felt a little guilty for not asking Yami about what he was going to do after graduation. I had been so preoccupied, but it was no excuse. I saw him giving his grandfather a hug, surrounded by family, smiling, so I presumed they wanted a little alone time. I turned to the left, and saw Kaiba picking up his jacket from a suited bodyguard, Mokuba jumping and dancing around his feet.

"Whatcha gonna do, big bro? Whatcha gonna do?"

I gulped, thinking I maybe I ought to wait till he was alone, then approach him. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Marik, with Bakura, Ryou's older brother, plotting together, probably some dangerous trick or stunt. Most of the faculty was happy to see them go; they were infamous.

I saw Kaiba look up at me, and caught my eye. He whispered something to Mokuba, who stopped long enough to hear it, before starting dancing around again, pulling an unwilling bodyguard by the jacket away.

I willed my feet to move, wishing the ground wasn't so unsteady grass; my legs felt like water. Still, I had to do it, I kept telling myself. He has to know how you feel---!

Even it sounded shaky.

He nodded at me, looking very scholarly in his cap and gown. I noticed with silent amusement that he was even wearing his gown 'trenchcoat style'; half buttoned so the lower part flew out in the back, with a suit and tie underneath. "Gardener." He took off his cap and folded it neatly.

"Why. . . . didn't you throw that?" I said, not meeting his eyes and pointing at it.

He raised an eyebrow. "Is that what's called, 'small talk' ? "

"No . . . " I lifted my chin up, wishing I was taller than my average five feet six. "I really want to . . .uh, know."

There was a pause, and even I could hear how false my words sounded to my own ears. All around us, people were watching discreetly, practically falling over to listen. I saw him glance around, then jerk his chin towards the goal post. We walked a few feet over, away from prying ears, but the whole audience just shuffled closer, carrying on conversations. I saw him pocket away his glass, and hid a smile behind a hand. I saw Mai telling the audience, "all right, move along," and shot her a grateful look.

"I . . . should . . . .thank you," he said finally.

I was more taken aback by that, than if he'd said, Wanna go to Maui with me? Kaiba. . . . apologize to me? Oh yeah, he said he wanted to thank me for something not apologize . . . darn. "For what?"

Now it was his turn to look surprised at my genuine surprise. "For . . . the help on the class, of course." Then his face relaxed into its usual expressionless countenance. "You were thinking of something else?"

I flushed. "No."

"You . . . want me to apologize," he accused. I shook my head, studying down at my hands as if I just realized they were there. "Well. Maybe I should."

"What?" I was surprised again. "Ohh . . . but you're not going to."

He grinned. "You getting it, Gardner."

"Oh." I sighed a sigh of disappointment, studying my fingernails now. "Well . . . . then I will." There was total silence, and I dropped my voice lower, so the 'prying ears' wouldn't catch anything. Since I still had another year left in high school. "I . . . apologize . . . . " my voice dropped to a mumble, "for . . . ." I tried to think of a reason, because, see, this was just a demonstration to get him to. "uh . . . .for not . . . .getting here on time."

I expected he would give a bark of laughter, and he looked like he was going to. But he said nothing, and I stood uneasy, thinking of what to do next. Should I make a run for it? I tried to make up with him already, it wasn't working. I was ready to give up.

I took a slight step back, when he said, "I accept your apology, Gardener."

Then he brushed past me, as if saying that he wanted to be the one to leave me, and I stared at his retreating back, chewing my lower lip, wishing he would turn around and not be such a COWARD.

He paused as if he'd heard me. I saw his shoulders jerk slightly. Turn around, turn around, I was thinking, wishing it with all my might. That psychic connection we seemed to have must've kicked in, because he did, but didn't look at me.

We were at stalemate. Two players playing for checkmate.

Great. I was starting to use cheesy chess terms now!

I mourned over my newly acquired vocabulary and didn't notice his approach until he was quite close. "Something I forgot," he said, then bent down and softly kissed my cheek. I was stunned still. "As payback," he murmured, holding my shoulders, then kissing the tip of my nose and then chin. By this time, I understood and turned so red he laughed to see it.

Then I saw over his shoulder. I paled slightly. Yami was staring at us more hatefully than I'd ever seen. He was saying something, but I was wondering, was this why?

When I froze in his arms, he glanced over and dropped me. "So. It's that again, is it?" he said angrily, eyes narrowing as he stepped away.

I didn't insult his intelligence by saying I didn't know what he meant. "Kaiba . . . I still have feelings for you. And I wanted to be together, you and me, I mean." I was speaking rapidly by now. "And . . . you got to tell me if you want the same thing, because, since you're gone from the school... "

I was speaking in a pathetic whisper by now. I looked at him miserably, hoping and thinking he would understand. You could hear a pin drop in the stadium, even though it was grassy. Even Mai had stopped shooing them away. Please don't go, please don't go . . ..

I want to be with you.

I swallowed back a knot of emotion in my throat, feeling like I might cry. And he would just let me, just turn around in leave me standing there . . . . the thought hurt so badly, he was so stubborn . . . . I felt pathetic.

If he goes, back to bed for me. I'm never leaving it again.

When I looked up, he was still there, staring with what I took to be a stern expression. His mouth was in a perfectly straight line, and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. All I could think was of my state of miserable-ness . . . -ness.

Was that a word? Well at least you got your old vocabulary back . . . .

My inner ramblings to myself helped form a mental shield of protection against any blow he might deal. But then he bent down and whispered huskily in my ear, while taking my hands, "All right, Gardener . . . though I don't think you should go back to your bed . . . " He my hands up behind his neck, and we hugged tightly for a moment. I let the lingering, spicy scent of his aftershave and the heat tingling in my cheeks induce me into nearly a state of drowsiness, closing my eyes against his shoulder. Then I opened them and saw Marik and Bakura laughing at us, holding what looked like a firecracker, pointed straight for us!

Calmly, I turned to him and rose slightly, but then I got an idea. "Now it's time for my 'payback' . . . for saving my life," I whispered softly, with a mischievous smile. Drawing my face away a bit so his eyes fell right on me, looking down in intrigue. Then, I jerked him down by the neck with my hands, just as there was a distinct whistling sound in the air, missing by inches.

The firecracker missed, I mean. It exploded behind us, as we . . . .kissed. Sparks flew . . . .


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