Disclaimer: I do not own Card Captors, but this story I did come up on my own.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoy this. The idea came to me long ago, but it took a while to start writing it.

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Prologue: Prelude to the Past

It had been dark. The moon's pale glow was the only light. The breeze rustled the leaves, the grass gently swayed, and the crickets sang their song of night. In the moon's pale glow, there stood a castle. Hiding behind the outer left wall was a man and in his arms he held a baby. A baby girl which in

the years to come would be an asset to life itself. He knew he could not keep her there much longer. For within the castle walls was an unknown man who was corrupting the royal family. He needed to free this baby of the dangers within the wall and that's why he had chosen to run.

He hurriedly ran across the grass, with the baby in his arms, sleeping soundlessly. She was too young to understand the dangers which were held within the castle walls. The man wished to have nothing more than safety for this young baby girl. He silently thanked the wizard for cloaking his presence from the unknown man. Without the wizards powers the man wouldn't have been able to leave the castle. He understood very well the consequences for his actions, but he had to leave and he was not going to leave the baby behind. He would hide until it was time for this baby girl to save the world and her people. Hiding seemed to be the only alternative for him. There was nothing better that he could do.

Slowly he made his way passed the sleeping guard at the gate. He opened it only slightly. Enough so he could get through it without disturbing the baby in his arms and when he reached the outside, a huge weight seemed to lift off his shoulders as he closed the gate behind him and continued on his way to freedom and safety. Now he was off toward one of the Four Corners. He would live under the royal family there with the girl until it was time. Time to bid farewell and luck to the baby girl.

The leaves whispered as he ran across an open field. The grass continued to sway in the breeze and the crickets sang their song. Owls hooted and a dog could be heard howling in the distance. The man ran toward the moon, which seemed so close to the earth. It's light filled him with security and peace. The baby stirred in his arms, slightly, but she smiled as if she felt it too, the moon's peace and security. It seemed to warm her and the man smiled down at her.

"Some day you'll save the world and it'll be your warmth that people will feel," he said. And with that he continued through the field and beyond.