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Lily Evans and the Marauders

Year 6

Chapter 1 Just Lily

Lily Evans awoke with a start on a crisp June morning. She rolled out of bed, feeling for her alarm clock. She stood up, and yawned loudly. As she crossed to her closet, she glanced in the mirror. A fair girl of 11 with flaming red hair and emerald eyes gazed sleepily back at her.

Pulling a sweater on over her clothes, she marched down the steps, and entered the kitchen.

"Get the mail." Her sister, Petunia snapped. She was pouring orange juice into cups and placing them on the table.

"What's all this?" Lily asked, looking at the elaborate breakfast on the table.

"I'm trying to butter up mum and dad." Petunia snapped. "I have to get that designer bag for school. All the girls have them…"

"But holiday just started!" Lily laughed.

"Get the mail, freak!" Petunia shouted.

"Okay, okay. I'm going." Lily said grumpily, walking out into the hall. She bent down and picked up the assortment of letters strewn on the floor. "Bill… bill… Aunt Martha… what's this?" She muttered to herself.

In her hands was a yellowish envelope. It was addressed to "Lily Evans" in swoopy purple writing. On the back, there was an odd crest she had never seen before. There were four animals surrounding a magnificent H. Lily returned to the kitchen, turning the letter over in her hands.

"Morning, girls!" Lily's father, Mark, said. He strode proudly into the room with the newspaper under his arm.

"Hello, daddy!" Petunia squealed. "I made you and mother breakfast!"

"That's very sweet of you, dear. But I'm afraid we won't have time; we have to be in the office by 9:00." Her father replied.

"Hello!" Lily's mother, Mary, said as she bustled into the room with makeup in her arms.

Lily, however, was paying no attention to this business that was her every morning. She was still entranced by the letter from No-one. She was almost afraid to open it.

"LILY!" Petunia shouted. "Mum says I have to take you to Mrs. Kent's." Mrs. Kent was the insane lady down the street who usually watched over Lily while her parents were at work. They were both insurance salespeople, and were very busy. Petunia never had to watch Lily, probably because she was favored a little.

"I have a letter." Lily told her parents.

"So open it. Who cares? It's probably a mistake anyway. No one would want write to you." Petunia snapped. She always hated it when Lily got even the tiniest bit of attention.

"Go ahead. Open it. We have to get going." Her mother said. Lily did as she was told. But was shocked by what she saw.

"What does it say?" Petunia asked.

"I'm a witch." Lily said breathlessly.

"We knew that. What does it say?" Her sister replied rudely.

"It says I'm a witch." Lily said stubbornly. Her parents looked at her in shock. "It says I've been excepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." She added meekly.

"Excuse me, a what?"

"A witch. It says I'm a witch. Headmaster Dippet wants me to attend his witchcraft and wizardry school in the fall." Lily replied.

"Baby! I'm so proud of you!" Mary Evans shouted. She scooped Lily up into a huge hug.

"Hogwarts! Wow!" Mark replied. "Lily, this is amazing! Our little girl! A witch! A witch!" He boasted. And only Petunia didn't join in the happiness that followed.

Five years later, Lily walked down the same steps and into the same kitchen. She had now been attending Hogwarts School for five years and was going into her sixth.

"Morning, Petunia." Lily said as she sat down at the table to drink her juice.

"Hi." Petunia snapped. "Fix me these pancakes. I don't want to get the batter on my engagement ring." Petunia boasted. She had been engaged to her boyfriend, Vernon Dursley for a whole four days, ten hours, and about thirteen seconds. Petunia never let Lily forget this.

"And Vernon's coming over later… so this house had better be spotless, you slug scum." She replied.

"I won't be here, genius." Lily snapped. "I'm going over to Arabella Figg's house, remember?"

"Like I care." Petunia rolled her eyes. "I'm not driving you anywhere, so you're freakish witch friend can come pick you up."

"Whatever. She was going to anyway." Lily said, picking up the paper, and glancing through the articles.

Later that afternoon, Lily heard a loud, sharp honk coming from the driveway. She knew at once that it was her best friend Arabella. She grabbed her trunk of Howarts things and her pet cat, Adrienne.

"Belle!" Lily shouted when she saw her friend's face. Lily loved everything about Belle- from the thick, curly, black hair to the strong attitude.

"Hey Lil! I missed you!" Arabella replied, giving Lily a tight hug. "Here, let me help you." She said, grabbing Adrienne's cage and placing it in the trunk.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Figg." Lily said to Belle's father.

"It's nice to see you again Lily. Have a nice holiday?" Mr. Figg asked.

"Oh yes." Lily said politely. "How was France?" She asked Belle. "I'm so jelous!"

"It was great! I actually ate slugs! I'm not even joking! Dad ate them too. I saw the Eiffel Tower… and we went to tons of museums. And the concert! Wow! There was this one lady who could play the flute almost as well as you!" Bella gushed happily.

"It sounds amazing! I wish I could have gone with you!" Lily said.

"I brought you back some food…" Belle said, unzipping her bag and handing Lily some round, white cakes. "They're to die for. Flip-Flop-Frosties, they're called."

"Hmm. Sounds good." Lily said, placing in her bag for later.

"They're really good." Belle said. "All the rage in France."

When their car finally reached The Leaky Cauldron in London, Lily and Belle were very stiff. They hopped out of the car, and stretched.

"Well, girls, let's go." Mr. Figg said, leading the way inside the crowded pub. They walked through a door, and Mr. Figg waved at the innkeeper, Tom. Mr. Figg led them into a small, dead-end alleyway, then brandished his wand and tapped the brick three up from the trash can. Suddenly, the wall in front of them deteriorated as Lily had seen it do many times. Standing before them was an archway leading to a long, wide, alley. Diagon Alley. This was the place all witches and wizards did their school shopping. Lily pulled her school list out of her pocket, and she followed Belle into the hurrying crowd.

"I need more parchment… and school books." Belle replied looking over her list. "Dad? Why don't we meet up with you later in the ice cream shop?"

"Sure thing. See you girls later." Mr. Figg said. Walking off towards the Quidditch shop.

Quidditch was the only wizard sport- and in Lily's opinion, the only sport worth watching. It was played high in the sky on broomsticks. There were seven players to a team and four balls. The three Chasers and the one Keeper played with a soccer ball sized ball called the Quaffle. The Keeper tried to keep the other team from scoring the Quaffle through his three hoops. The Chasers tried to get the Quaffle through the other team's hoops. Each goal was worth 10 points. The two Beaters played with two balls called the Bludgers. Bludgers had a mind of their own and tried to hit any player they could. The Beaters had to make sure they didn't hurt their players. The Seeker was the most important position of all. They played with the Golden Snitch. The Snitch was small and fast and impossible to catch. But if it was impossible, that couldn't stop the Seekers- it was their job to catch the Snitch and end the game, and give their team an extra 150 points for doing so.

At Hogwarts, there was a House Quidditch Championship. There were four Houses at Hogwarts to play against: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

"Let's get our books." Belle suggested. Lily nodded and followed her into Flourish and Blotts. Inside were many rows of books on anything and everything. Lily pushed her hair out of her face as she walked down the aisles trying to find Standard Book of Spells: Grade 6.

When she and Belle had found all their books, they purchased them and headed to the robe shop; both the girls needed new Hogwarts uniforms.

"'Ello, dears. And how can I 'elp you?" A plump Scottish woman asked.

"We need to be fitted for new robes, please." Lily said.

"Certainly! I've got another lad being fitted right now. Come on back…" She said, leading the girls to small platforms.

There, being measured was none other than James Potter. He was in the Gryffindor house, and in his sixth year, just like Arabella and Lily. James had deep blue eyes and jet-black hair that stuck up in odd places. He wore glasses, and was the star Seeker on the Gryffindor House Quidditch team.

As usual, James wasn't far from his three best friends. Sirius Black was sitting in a large chair. Sirius was something of a ladies-man at school. He had short black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

Reamus Lupin was sitting next to him in another squashy armchair. Reamus had sandy blonde hair, and gray eyes. But his eyes were nothing like Arabella's gray eyes, these were coal grey- deep and mysterious. Although he was rather shy, he was always polite and quite a gentleman.

Lily had no real idea why Peter Petigrew was allowed to hang out with these popular boys, but he did. Peter was short, and pudgy- not at all muscular like James and Sirius. He had mouse-brown hair that was folded delicately over his head.

Belle giggled silently as she spotted the boys. She leaned over and placed her bags down.

"They're so cute!" She whispered to Lily. She snorted.

"Please! They have serious ego problems." Lily laughed quietly.

"Why hello, ladies!" Sirius Black replied.

"Leave us alone, please." Lily said in a final sort of tone. She did not especially want to associate with these boys. Everyone at Hogwarts knew they were troublemakers and pranksters.

"Hmm… trying to resist the Black Magic, I see…" He joked, causing the three boys to laugh.

"And everyone knows just how difficult that is, Si!" James shouted sarcastically back.

"Yeah, whatever, James. You know you want a piece of this!" Sirius said happily. Then he turned back to Remus. "So anyway, like I was saying, Remus…"

"All righ', dears." The shopkeeper said, directing them onto a platform. "I'll just get your measurements…" She pointed her wand at a tape measure that leaped into action, measuring every place necessary.

"And, Mr. Potter, your robes." She said, handing James his new uniform. "Have a good term dear." Sirius whispered something to James that caused him to break out laughing.

When Lily and Belle were finished, they headed to the ice cream shop to meet Mr. Figg. He was there waiting, licking cheerfully on an ice cream cone.

"Ah! There you girls are!" He said when he saw them. "All finished? Fantastic." He led them out of the store, and through the busy market.

As they walked towards the archway, Lily saw James, Remus, Sirius, and Peter again. Remus watched them pass, and then turned back to their conversation.

"Oh my God, Lil!" Belle giggled. "He was so checking us out!"

"No way… he probably saw his reflection in a window or something." Lily said, laughing. "You know him… star Quidditch player and it goes right to his head."

"Two of them play Quidditch. Not just James." Belle corrected. "Sirius too."

"Oh, right." Lily said. "He plays… Keeper?"

"No, Beater, Lily! Beater!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." Lily laughed. "You sure do know a lot about him… are you sure you don't fancy him?"

"Sirius? No way!" Belle replied. But Lily just laughed. She always felt complete when she was with Belle, she was her other half. She was the half with the good parents, good life, and no siblings.