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Author Notes- I like to believe there is good in everyone. This is my attempt at showing some good in what seems like a truely bad person.

Thanks to Katarina for helping me work out how to phrase stuff.

The dagger was beautiful, with its bejewled handel and curved blade. The only problem with this beautiful dagger was it was covered to the hilt in blood. Albus Dumbledore didn't need anyone to tell him who that blood belonged to either. He glanced up at the blond man sitting across from him.

"You'd be a fool not to already know he is dead."

Dumbledore met his gaze with his own, there was a brief battle between them. "It will please you to know, he didn't beg for his life. Nor did he betray any secrets upon his death." Dumbledore stared down at the dagger before looking back up. "Fear not, he was dead, long before the dagger found its way into his flesh."

"He may have been a traitor to the cause," Lucius snarled, throwing a contempcious look at Dumbledore. "but he was ever loyal to you. Not spilling any secrets, your perfect little spy." Lucius stood, pacing angrily around the room.

"I was the one who looked out for him in school....not the teachers, not the others students, and certainly not you." Lucius spat viciously. "You nearly let him get killed, how could he pledge his alliance to you? How could he betray me? I looked out for him damnit, I was the one who cursed the other students when they wounded him. I was the one who made sure he was never alone! I was the one who made sure the Maurders could never get to close! I trusted him with my son, Merlin knows what he's been telling him!"

"Nothing Lucius." Dumbledore interrupted gently. "None of the students apart from a few know of what Serverus was doing."

"The precious Harry Potter, I'd imagine. The Weasley brats, and that...Mudblood." Dumbledore looked at him with an unreadable expression, but said nothing. "I couldn't kill him as the dark lord would have liked." Lucius snarled, this time disgusted with himself. "I was to slit him open, leave him a dying, bleeding mess of the floor. And I couldn't." He paused briefly by the pensive in Dumbledore's office.

" I couldn't leave him to die like that. I hate him....Merlin I hate him.....and I couldn't let him suffer."

"Because he was your friend." Dumbledore replied a soft distant voice.

"So I used the killing curse. He wasn't scared you know. He didn't die in fear, and he didn't die alone." He mumbled. "I was there till the end. Then I stabbed him as the dark lord asked. The knife slide through him like butter, it was disgusting." He rampaged around the room, cursing quietly and stopping every once in a while to peer at something. He finally turned to Dumbledore and looked him straight in the eye.

"You'll never get me into Azkaban you know." Dumbledore nodded slowly. "They will come for me. The war has arrived, and Seve- Snape, was the first to die. Many more will follow. Chose your spies wisely Dumbledore, but know, you are fighting a battle, you cannot win." With that, Lucius turned and strode from the room, leaving Dumbledore alone, with the beautiful, blood caked knife.