Title: A call for help

Disclaimer: Don't own the SeaQuest characters.


A boy lay on the side of the room, blood forming a pool beneath his small broken body.

There was an eerie silence that fell upon the few that witnessed the fight, they couldn't speak. Their bodies were numb, almost like they were in a dream. They just couldn't believe what just happened. All they could do was watch the boy fight for every breath.

They could see his blond hair was covered with dirt and mud, his blue eyes were filled with pain, his breathing was loud and wheezy.

Yet, they didn't help, they just stood and stared at the dying boy.

A teenager girl crawled to her fallen friend. Tears run down her face when she saw what shape he was in. She sat down, lifting his head in her lap. She moved a fallen strand of his blond hair from his face.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she cried.

She looked at the crowd with tear-filled eyes.

"Call for help!" She shouted.

The crowd seemed to snap out of their shock as they ran out the door, leaving the two teenagers alone in the dark damp room.

The teenager looked down at her friend again.

"Hold on Lucas, please just hold on," she begged.


What do you think? Sorry this story just popped into my head, so I thought I might just write it, and see if anyone would read it.