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Chapter Four

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A woman sat at a cafe, she wore a pale blue dress, which suited her blond hair. Her skin was fair, and she had a beautiful face, with sad blue eyes.

She looked at the laptop, which lay on the table; there were pictures on the screen. Pictures of her family, of her children.

She knew that the time was near, and that worried her. She just couldn't believe how quickly time had come and gone. Her eyes became watery as another picture came on the screen.

"How did I let things become to out of control? When did I sell my soul to the devil?" She asked herself.

She lowered her head in shame.

She heard a beeping noise come from her phone. She didn't open her eyes as her hand reached for the phone, which lay by the computer. With a swift action she answered it.

"It's time, Jane. The seaQuest knows, we need to sort this out!" the voice spoke.

"Alice I can't, they will know, and they won't forgive me!" Jane cried.

"Jane! Don't you dare put yourself before their lives. It's your fault, they must not pay for something they didn't do. Your already damaged the one, don't destroy the other," Alice snapped.

Jane bit her lip, knowing that Alice was right. She couldn't let them take the blame. The circle of violence had to end.

"I know," Jane said sadly.

"Tell the seaQuest, they will help them, please Jane. Time is running out, and I am not going to sort this matter out for you," Alice pleaded.

"But, I just don't want to lose everything. No one will ever trust me again," Jane said in defeat.

"Jane, I don't care what happens to you. You knew what the results would be. Now fix it. They are innocent. Don't let them pay for your mistakes!" Alice said angrily.


"No! Dam you Jane, dam you for everything that you have done to me, and to them. So help me if they are found dead..." Alice threatened.

"You don't understand, you don't know how it felt!" Jane yelled.

"Don't go and play victim now Jane. You had you chance. You choose to play that. Those children didn't. You hear me, they are innocent!" Alice said in a deadly tone.

With that Alice disconnected the call, leaving Jane with her head still lowered.

She knew what she had to do, even if it would cost her everything. She had to save her children, even if it meant giving up her life.

When she raised her head, there was something different. Her once tired, helpless eyes, were now shinning with determination.

For the first time in her life, Jane Wolenzcak, wasn't going to play victim. Today, she was going to be stronger. Today she was going to fight back.

o o o o o

Lucas didn't even have time to get his brain started when they heard voices coming from behind the door.

He felt Angela grab hold of his arm, as he felt her body stiffen against his as the voices became louder.

He unconsciously moved his body in front of hers, trying to protect her from the coming danger.

The door opened to reveal three men.

Two were your average goons- big bulky bodies, with a low IQ. They were both dressed in black, but they didn't scare Lucas much, it was the third guy, who scared him.

The third guy wore a dark, navy-blue suit, white shirt, with a grey tie. He had dark hair, with mean, heartless eyes, with an ugly scar across his left check.

The man gave Lucas a cold smile as he looked past him, and stared right at his sister.

"We meet again," he said coolly.

Lucas felt Angela shiver as the man spoke.

"nononononono," She started to mumble.

Lucas frowned, he had never meant the man, and he didn't know what was going on. All he knew was that he had to protect his sister, even if it was the last thing he did.

"What do you want?" Lucas asked.

"Revenge!" the man said with an evil grin.

Lucas didn't have time to react as the one bodyguard took out his gun and shot him.

Lucas felt the impact as his body flew backwards. The last thing he heard was his sister's scream, before darkness took him.

Angela watched in horror as Lucas fell to the ground.

"NO!" she screamed as she fell onto her knees next to him.

Tears ran down her face as she looked at the prone body in front of her.

"Nonononononono!" she cried over and over.

0 0 0 0

Nathan was furious. He had spent an hour trying to reach Lawrence, but it seemed as if the good Doctor had disappeared from the face of the earth.

"So help me when I get my hands on him!" Nathan cursed as he pictured his hands around Lawrence's neck.

Ford looked up to see that Nathan was once again pacing the floor. He knew Nathan was worried.

They all were.

He looked at Tim, who was calling everyone he could to try and find Lawrence.

Then at Ben and Miguel, who were talking to Darwin.

He let his eyes roam onto Katie who was sitting in her seat, trying to hack into Lucas's files. But he knew it was a waste of time. Katie was good, but Lucas was excellent.

He looked around to see Kirsten sitting in front of the one computer, trying to find out more information on Lucas's sister.

He still couldn't believe that Lucas had a sister, and that she was in the mental institute.

Kirsten was getting frustrated.

She had spent the last hour phoning everyone that owed her a favor to find out what was wrong with Angela, she even bribed people but no one would speak. She still didn't have anything.

She rested her head on her hands as her eyes became heavy.

She felt herself drifting off when she heard a loud beep.

She jerked awake as she looked back at the screen to see a message.

She wasted no time in opening the message. The message revealed over forty pages of medical history of one Angela Wolenzcak.

Her mouth dropped when she saw what she had. She felt like a kid in a candy store.

She looked over to Nathan who was pacing; she wanted to tell him straight away but thought against it. She knew that he would demand answers as soon as he found out. So she thought it best if she read it first.

So she turned back to the screen, and stared to read the small print in front of her.

o o o

Lucas woke to a splitting headache. His eyes fluttered open to see a white ceiling above him. He waited for his vision to clear before he even attempted to look around.

He lifted his head a tiny bit, to be attacked by a flash of pain what exploded in his head. He winced as it felt like his head was going to explode. His eyes snapped shut as a wave of pain went down his body.

His breathing became louder as he fought with the pain.

After what felt like hours, the pain finally became bearable. He opened his eyes again as his breathing became normal. He slowly moved his head to the side to see that he was in a different room.

The room was small, only a few meters wide. He knew that he was on a bed, because of the few springs, which had broken, and were starting to dig in his back.

He moved his head a bit more to see the end of the room.

The room didn't have any windows, making it dark and cold. There was a light bulb in the middle of the room, but it wasn't very bright, which made it hard to actually see what was in the room.

In the corner of his eye, he saw something move in the one corner of the room as he heard voices. He didn't move, to afraid to know what was there. He slowed his breathing, as he strained to hear to what was being spoken.

"Stupid girl, stupid useless girl!"

The words were spoken in a whisper, but Lucas could hear the anger in the tone.

"No, I'm not, I'm not...I'm sorry....I'm so sorry,"

Lucas's heart broke as he heard his sister's sobs as she kept on apologizing.

Lucas bit his lip, as he shut his eyes tightly, trying to contain the tears that were threatening to fall. He had never heard anything so sad in his life. The worse part about the whole thing was that, he couldn't do a thing to change it.

o o o o

Kirsten couldn't help but gasp as she read the first page.

Since the haul was in silence, everyone heard Kirsten's gasp. They all turned to see her holding her hand in front of her mouth, as she looked at them with shocked eyes.

"What? What is it?" Nathan asked.

"I just found out why Angela was in the mental institute," Kirsten said.

Everyone started at her with eager eyes, all wanting to know what was wrong.

"Well?" Nathan asked impatiently.

"She suffers from paranoid schizophrenia," Kristen said sadly.

No one moved.

Ben looked at the others, then back at Kirsten with a frown on his forehead.

"What does that mean?" Ben asked.

Kirsten turned to Ben as she turned into doctor mode.

"Paranoia, in psychology, is a state of mind characterized either by delusions of grandeur or by an unfounded belief ..."

She was interrupted when Ben held up his hand as he shock his head.

"Whoa! Can you say that in English please," Ben pleaded.

Kirsten smiled as she nodded.

"Sorry, it just means that people who suffer from paranoid schizophrenia have frequent auditory hallucinations that reinforce their delusions, they can also exhibit a great deal of anger and hatred. It is unknown what causes the escalation to paranoia from the natural "vigilance" with which most people regard their sometimes-hostile environment. Some theorists suggest, however, that paranoid individuals project onto others attributes that they dislike in themselves," Kirsten explained.

Ben knew he shouldn't have asked it to be changed into English, because no matter what, Kirsten would always end up speaking in doctor terms.

"So in other words, she sees stuff which is not there, and she is dangerous?" Ben asked

"Schizophrenia is a disorder, is a splitting of psychic functions. Ideas and feelings are isolated from one another; a patient may speak incoherently, for example, or express frightening or sad ideas in a happy manner, but yes. She could become dangerous," Kirsten explained.

Ben nodded.

"Got it, dangerous loon with Lucas," Ben said quietly.

Tim and Miguel couldn't help but laugh as they heard Ben's comment, which earned a glare from Katie and Kirsten.

Nathan just shook his head, but he didn't comment.

"Could she be a threat to Lucas?" Katie asked quietly.

Kirsten bit her lip, not knowing how she was going to respond. She looked at the worried faces, and knew she couldn't lie.


Everyone looked at her with shocked expressions. Kirsten took a deep breath as she began to explain.

"The symptoms of schizophrenia include delusions, hallucinations, thought disorders, loss of boundaries between self and none-self, blunted or inappropriate emotional expressions, socially inappropriate behaviour, loss of social interests. This disorder could make her believe that she is someone else, or being persecuted by people or has died, or that a machine controls her thoughts. This disorder may include rambling from one topic to another, or a literal loss of usage of words..."

Kirsten stopped when she saw the confusion in their eyes and the blank look in their faces. She silently wished she wasn't a doctor.

"In simple words, she might not know who she is, where she is, what is happening to her, she could believe Lucas is a threat to her," Kirsten stated as she signed.

Ben smiled.

"Why didn't you say that in the beginning?" Ben joked.

Kirsten just glared at Ben, who suddenly stopped smiling.

Nathan felt a headache coming. He felt as if his world was falling apart, piece-by-piece.

Now, not only was Lucas missing, but now he was missing with a person who could hurt him. Nathan knew that if Angela did attack Lucas, he would not fight back. Even if he was near death, Lucas would not hurt anyone he loved.

Nathan closed his eyes, and prayed that this nightmare would finally end.

o o o

End of chapter four

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