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"Do you believe in Rock and Roll, and can music save your mortal soul?

And can you teach me how to dance,

Real slow?" ~ Madonna, American Pie ~


One Dance is All it Takes

Harry was glad to be spending the summer at the Dursley's.

He never thought he would say it, but it was true.

Hermione was in Bulgaria with Viktor Krum and Ron and the Weasleys were in Romania (due to a rather large bonus paycheque that Charlie had recently received).

Harry was left behind in Little Whining with the Dursleys, only in contact with one person from the Wizarding world - Dumbledore.

Arrangements had been made to put a fire in Harry's room at the Dursleys and have it put on the Floo Network so that Harry could a) keep in touch with the headmaster and b) travel to Diagon Alley.

That summer Harry had found new friends, he had found a new part of himself - he had found rock music.

The music was an escape for him. The muggle equivalent to how flying made him feel. And just as well really, seeing as there was very little chance of being able to go out for a fly this summer. He found he could lose himself in the beat and the lyrics. The lyrics - there were so many of them that could apply to him.

With nothing better to do, Harry had found himself Flooing to Diagon Alley each day, the Dursleys not even realising that he had left his room.

Not content with wandering Diagon Alley each day, he had found himself making his way into muggle London where he was inexplicably drawn into a large music store by the beat pumping from speakers at the door.

Equipped with muggle money, Harry had found himself returning home one day with a new stereo system, a Walkman and selection of cd's. Deciding that he liked the darker, heavier rock and alternative rock (with the added bonus that the Dursleys did not mainly due to the thumping beat pounding from the speakers, resounding off the walls and floors of their 'quaint little house') he had found himself returning to the store day after day, building up his collection of music.

That was when he had met Christian, Dominic, Ben, Laurence, Mya, Charleigh and Jenna.

He had been standing, looking through cd's by bands such as 'Him', 'Evanescence' and 'Linkin Park' when he had been approached by a group or rather intimidating looking teenagers.

They were dressed mainly in black with a few other dark colours thrown into the mix. Their shoes looked as if they could cause some serious damage, their hairstyles were... original, and they were all wearing dark make-up - even the males among them.

"Good band." A tall boy sporting a black hooded top said indicating to the cd Harry was holding. "Heard their stuff before?"

"A bit." Harry said noncommittally.

"You like?" The boy persisted.


"Cough up. I told you he was one of us." He had said, turning away from Harry and turning back to the group, taking a muggle ten-pound note from another boy.

"Bloody hell, not again. You have a sixth sense man!" The boy complained as he handed over the money.

"I'm Christian by the way, this idiot is Ben," he indicated to the boy he had taken the money from "and these are Dominic and Laurence." He indicated to each of the boys in turn. "The girls are Charleigh, Mya, and Jenna." He extended his hand to Harry.

"Harry." Harry replied, taking the hand offered to him.

"Don't look so confused, we're not going to murder you." Charleigh laughed at Harry's puzzled features.

"So, if you're one of us, how come you're not dressed like it."

"Sorry?" Harry looked even more confused now. "One of you?"

"Goths Harry. You gotta be one; I don't think Christian's been wrong yet."

Harry did not know what to say to this.

"Okay, put it this way, You like rock music?" Mya questioned him.


"You come here every day and look through the rock section, the same as us?" Laurence asked.

"I suppose."

"You like the way we're dressed?" Came Jenna's contribution. Harry thought about it and he did find their clothing strangely appealing so he nodded.

"Then you're one of us. Welcome to the group." Christian grinned. "But why are you dressed like that? Is it money?" He whispered the last question.

"No it's not that, I just never seen the point when I usually stay in all summer. My Aunt and Uncle are completely nuts and don't like me very much." He explained, looking down at his tattered, loose clothing.

"Not to sound like the kind of thug people judge us to be, you got any money on you?" Dominic asked.

"Yeah. Why?"

"We're taking you shopping."

They had definitely done that.

Harry had been knackered when he finally convinced them he should head back to his Aunt and Uncles.

Harry had arrived back at Privet Drive laden with bags of clothes from some distinctly scary shops and the muggles were not happy about it.

"Where did you get all that stuff boy?" Vernon demanded when Harry had returned to find him in his room. At first it had been funny to see the look of horror and surprise on his face when Harry had tumbled out of the fireplace but Harry knew better than to laugh.

"Shops." Harry said, setting the bags aside.

"How did you afford that? You've been stealing haven't you?! That's how you got that monstrosity isn't it?!" He indicated to Harry's sound system.

"No! My friends bought them for me." Harry lied, not wanting to let slip that he was actually loaded.

"Liar. You haven't got any friends."

"Wrong again."

Vernon was positively on the verge of exploding by this point. "Just get your filthy self downstairs for dinner."

"No thanks I've had dinner already." Harry said, his expression as cold as ice.

Vernon's eyes bulged as he left the room, slamming the door.

Harry smiled to himself. He could be in peace now and go through all the things he had bought.

Clothes, make-up, shoes and hair gel.

The next time he had met up with them, he had looked a part of the group and he felt extremely comfortable with them, talking about music, clothes and sharing a bit about each others pasts. Harry had told them minimal information - that his parents had died, that he lived with his Aunt and Uncle who hated him, and that he went to boarding school.

"Where are we going?" He had asked as they strode purposefully along the streets of London.

"You'll see." Had been the reply.

They had come to a stop outside an optician.

Mya had then removed his glasses and taken him inside.

"Dad!" She called into the back of the store.

"What is it? I'm not giving you any more money."

"Typical cynicism! Harry here needs contact lenses and a new pair of glasses." She informed him. "Fashionable ones." She added as an after thought.

"Can he pay?" Mya's father looked sceptical.

"Course he can. Can't you Harry?"

Harry nodded, smiling at Mya's relationship with her father.

The look on his Uncles face when he had gone down for dinner the next night without glasses had been priceless.

Two weeks passed and as the days, spent with his new friends, passed Harry found himself increasingly happy. Along with feelings of happiness and contentment to be himself around his friends, Harry found some other emotions stirring in him.

He had been growing closer to a certain member of the group and he knew he was getting a bit too close for normality.

Things came to a head when he went to his first party with them two weeks into the summer.

Harry had been looking good, if he did say so himself. He suited being gothic. He suited dark clothes and a trench coat. He suited eyeliner, framing his now lively and sparkling emerald eyes minus his usual glasses.

And boy could he dance.

On the dance floor (or rather somebody's living room floor cleared of furniture), Harry had a magnetism. He couldn't not be sexy and he had been more than a little surprised when a slightly nervous (and tipsy) Laurence had joined him.

Following Harry's moves, Laurence almost melted when Harry smiled at him and pulled his hands onto his hips, swaying then both to the beat of the music.

Charleigh and Christian had found them some time later, making out on the stairs.

"About time." Charleigh had laughed. Harry had pulled away only long enough to grin mischievously before reattaching himself to a similarly grinning Laurence.

That night was one of the best of his life and not even a conflict with his uncle when he returned to the Dursley's could have spoiled it. Somehow he had managed to make it back to Diagon Alley and Floo back to his room safely, only to trip over some clothes he had left lying on the floor in his drunken state and fall over with a loud crash.

"Shit." He had laughed drunkenly and within seconds, Vernon was looming in his doorway wearing his pyjamas.

Alcohol having taken over his brain, Harry laughed hysterically and tried to stand up.

"What do you think you are doing?"

"I am going to bed. What are you doing?"

"What... don't... don't you be insolent boy!" Vernon flustered as Harry stood up. He had never really realised the boy was so tall, but then again his shoes were... lethal.

Harry just laughed. "Crashing in at three o'clock in the morning, waking us all up. Inconsiderate little brat. And you've been drinking!"

"Aw. I didn't know you cared." Harry's pupils were dilated and he looked distinctly threatening. "What are you going to do about it anyway? Give me a slap on the back of my hand and say 'naughty Harry' and make me promise not to do it again? Don't make me laugh!"

Vernon was turning his usual colour of purple, he looked completely affronted at being spoken to like this. Harry stepped forward and Vernon stepped back. Harry did this until Vernon was on the other side of the doorway.

"Goodnight Uncle." Harry slammed the door closed and collapsed on the bed falling asleep fully clothed, drunk, contented and happy.

The relationship with Laurence had lasted for a week. One fun and happy week before they split on good terms. They had mutually agreed that although fun, the relationship was going nowhere.

More parties followed in the few weeks after the first one, as did a plenty of casual snogs for Harry with boys he met at them.


Now, Harry stood in front of his mirror and admired his outfit for the party that night. It was already five weeks into the summer and tonight, he had been promised, would be The party of the summer. Harry was meeting the gang at the train station where they would travel to the other side of London where some guy was throwing a party in his mansion while his parents were away for the weekend. Word had gotten out and now, goths from all over London would be travelling to join the fun.

Harry decided to take the muggle bus to the train station, showing off how good he looked. He was wearing a blood red shirt which clung to his form, showing each and every ripple of his toned chest, under his long black trench coat, with a pair of tight leather trousers which flared slightly over his platform boots complete with steel toecaps. He was wearing his lenses so he didn't have to cloud his eyes with glasses, he had framed his emerald eyes with a thin line of black liner and he had gelled his hair to be messy as usual but with purpose.

"Where are you going?!" The yell was directed at him as he opened the front door.

"Out." He replied as he slammed the door behind him and smiling as curtains of nosy neighbours twitched watching their 'weird' neighbour leave and stalk purposefully down the street.

"So who's the rich kid having this party?" Harry asked as they hung around the train station waiting for the right train.

"Some kid we met a couple of summers back, he emails us sometimes. Haven't seen him since. Calls himself Buzz. Goes to boarding school too."


"Yeah, something to do with is initials, wouldn't tell us his real name. Strange kid that one."

As they waited, they were joined by another group of kids heading to the same destination. In the end, around twenty of them got on the train and Harry laughed with the rest when the ticket conductor skipped their carriage, looking pale and frightened.

The group followed Christian's directions, which he had been given through email, and about fifteen minutes after leaving the train, they found themselves outside the gates of a spectacular mansion. It was modern looking and large enough to comfortably house at least ten families. Christian hit the buzzer and the gates opened.

They ascended the sweeping driveway leading up to the front doors of the house and when someone let them in they found that they were by no means the first ones there (being the fashionable hour late as usual). There were already hoards of people milling around and the music was blaring.

"Let the games begin!" Dominic whooped as they dispersed among the dancing and grinding bodies. Harry, smiled checking out the talent among the energetic bodies throwing themselves about.

"Sorry!" A guy shouted over the music, grinning at Harry as he 'accidentally' bumped into him.

"Don't sweat it." Harry shouted back, flashing him a butter-wouldn't-melt smile.


"Sure." Harry replied and they made their way into what Harry presumed was the kitchen although it was big enough to be a house in its own right.

"I'm Harry by the way." Harry smiled as they helped themselves to drinks.

"Leo." He smiled back.

"Dance?" Harry asked downing his drink and leading a willing Leo into the midst of the largest group of dancing bodies in the biggest living room Harry had ever seen.

As usual plenty of alcohol, dancing and snogging ensued as the night progressed. As time went on, Harry began to feel as if he was being watched. He was used to being checked out constantly at parties but this was different. He could feel eyes following his every move. He shrugged them off though and continued snogging the life out of any guy who was willing and dancing with any one who approached him on the dance floor.

Every so often he would come across one of the gang as he was mingling and they exchanged reports, or dance partners.

It had become ritual to ask Harry how many people he had snogged so far, or if he thought he had broken the record for turning-guys-gay-with-just-one-smile yet.

Harry was glad he had met them this summer, he couldn't imagine life had he not met them. They had made it so much easier for him to accept his sexuality. They were so accepting and didn't judge him (seeing as most of them were bisexual anyway). He had tried a thing with Jenna but that had lasted all of a day before Harry decided that females definitely did nothing for him.

After yet another drink, Harry made his way back to the midst of jumping bodies. The house was, by now, packed with a few hundred people, or at least the downstairs was.

Upstairs was sealed off at the top step, by magic, Harry noted with relish.

He could still feel the pair of eyes watching him as he swung his hips to the music.

He didn't even turn around when he felt a pair of strong, masculine arms wrap around his waist and a body pull close to his. He just carried on dancing, grinding into the body behind him as one of his favourite songs played.

"How can you see into my eyes like open doors?

Leading you down into my core,

where I've become so numb without a soul,

my spirit sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home.

Wake me up inside, Wake me up inside.

Call my name and save me from the dark.

Bid my blood to run before I come undone,

Save me from the nothing I've become."

A soft, smooth voice whispered along with the words of the song, mouth close to his ear. Harry swayed, slowly and seductively grinding against a body which he could feel through his shirt (having thrown off his trench coat earlier) was quite muscled.

When the song finished and another began to play, the mystery man made to move away, hoping not to reveal his identity. Harry however was too quick for him and grasped his wrist, turning around to face him.

"Malfoy?" Harry's eyes widened upon recognising the face of his blonde Slytherin archenemy. Gorgeous, blonde, Slytherin archenemy his mind corrected as he gave Draco the once over, noticing the nice body under the tight green shirt and his curvy figure under tight black trousers. "What in the name of Lucifer are you doing here?"

"Ask me no questions and I shall tell you no lies." He answered cryptically, having to shout above the music. "Nice make-up." He commented sarcastically.

"Pull the other one Malfoy. You were all over me a minute ago." Harry never would have believed it had he not witnessed it first-hand, but Draco blushed, his silky platinum hair framing his flawless pink features. "Is this your party?"

"Hell no. You think Malfoy Manor is as small as this? You think Father would let me have a party like this? Think before you talk Potter, you'll do far better. Our host happens to be over there, attached to the face of one of the guys you came with." Draco pointed to the corner of the room where Blaise Zabini had Laurence pinned - albeit pleasurably - against the wall. Harry looked over and smiled. When he looked back a second later, Draco was gone.

Feeling a strange urge to find Draco again and wondering how he had not noticed him before, Harry weaved through the crowds, making his way to the kitchen where he found Draco drinking vodka from the bottle.

Harry took the chance while Draco had his head tilted back to creep up silently behind him.

"Don't you share Malfoy?" Having the desired effect, Draco jumped and scowled as he grudgingly passed Harry the bottle. Harry smiled mischievously as he raised the bottle to his lips and drained what was left.

"You're a dark horse Potter, you turn up to a thumping party with a group of renowned goths, dressed to kill and snog the life out of any semi-curious guy you come across. Far from the Gryffindor golden boy everyone makes you out to be."

"You know so very little of it, Draco." Harry let the name just roll off his tongue. Draco looked nervous. Of all things he looked nervous. Harry laughed as Draco pulled another bottle towards him and opened it. Harry pulled the bottle away from him and grasped his wrist again. "Get any more drunk and you'll be no use to me." He winked and pulled Draco back out of the kitchen.

They re-entered party central moments later, passing Blaise and Laurence on the way.

"Having fun Lor?" Harry called as he passed, winking at Laurence when he looked up.

"Blaise." Draco acknowledged, ignoring the smirk his friend gave him.

Harry danced his way to the other side of the room, letting go of Draco's wrist, knowing that he would follow.

"Don't you want to dance?" Draco looked confused as Harry came to a halt.

"No, one dance is all it takes." Harry breathed, pulling Draco into a heated kiss, pushing him against the wall and ravishing his mouth. Draco didn't complain.

"Nicest one yet Harry!" Came an amused voice a Jenna passed by, slapping his ass as she did so.

Harry grinned. "Don't get jealous babe! We tried it, it didn't work remember."

"Don't flatter yourself you little hussy!" She yelled back good-naturedly.

"She's right you know. You are a slut." Draco commented breathlessly, still feeling slightly dizzy due to the fact that he was suddenly snogging his enemy of the past five years.

"Oh I'm so offended." Harry rolled his eyes. "Snogging is far more fun than watching someone's every move all night." He said pointedly and Draco blushed again. Harry laughed and claimed Draco's lips as his own once again.

Draco now took his turn and led Harry back to the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of vodka and led him upstairs letting them through the barrier with a muttered password.

"Don't worry, Blaise won't mind." He assured Harry, leading him into a dark bedroom and sitting on the bed. Together, the polished off the vodka, snogged until they could snog no more and fell asleep in a drunken heap on the bed.

"Potter get up, you're lying on my arm." Draco complained, his free hand on his thumping forehead.

"Good morning to you too." Harry said sitting up, glad to see he was still fully clothed. He frowned, trying to remember more about the previous night.

Draco stood slowly, but not quite slowly enough and he had to rush to the adjoining bathroom where he threw up the watery contents of his stomach.

Nine o'clock. Harry noted, looking at his watch. He had been out for over fourteen hours. He smiled wondering if the Dursleys had noticed he had not come home yet, but then decided that he didn't really care. He stood up and brushed at the wrinkles in his clothes to little effect. His eyes were killing him as he had forgotten to take his lenses out the night before and there was eyeliner smudged down on of his cheeks. He went into the bathroom where Draco was cleaning himself up.

"Can't hold your drink?"

"Haven't you even got a headache?"

"Nope." Harry grinned, shaking his head as if offering proof. "But I need to find my coat, I feel like I have sandpaper in my eyes." He looked into the mirror and inspected his severely bloodshot eyes. "You coming downstairs?" He questioned, after splashing his face with cold water and patting it dry, while Draco gargled mouthwash.

"Sure." He answered, spitting out the minty green liquid.

They carefully picked their way among the numerous bodies sprawled across the floor and Harry eventually found his jacket. He pulled a glasses case from the pocket of it and Draco cringed as he put a finger to his eye, carefully removing a contact lens and placing it in it's container, followed by a second one. He then put on his new glasses.

"Nice." Draco commented, recalling the old monstrosities he used to wear.

"Thanks," Harry grinned. "Not so bad yourself."

"Not what I meant and you know it, you perverted git."

"You know you like it." Harry murmured, turning around and pulling Draco to him, kissing him thoroughly.

"Don't you ever stop?" Came a voice from behind Harry. He turned to see Jenna and Mya grinning at him.

"Where did you disappear off to?"

"Upstairs." Harry wiggled his eyebrows.

"Oh no you don't! Don't you go suggesting anything! I'm not having people think I'm as much of a slut as you!" Draco protested.

"Feisty isn't he? Jenna mentioned he was gorge but mmm." Mya commented.

"And he's mine!" Harry pointed out.

"You mean a relationship that lasts more than the length of one song?" Jenna said in mock horror.

"Is it possible?" Mya put a hand out to feel Harry's forehead.

"I hope so. As you so kindly pointed out, he is gorge." Harry grinned.

"Are you even going to bother introducing us or are you just going to continue talking about me as if I wasn't here?" Draco butted in.

"Draco, this is Jenna and Mya. Jenna, Mya, this is Draco. He goes to my school"

"That could be handy." Came a new voice as Christian and Charleigh, joined them, stepping over comatose bodies.

"I'm Christian and this is Charleigh, we're the only ones Harry hasn't had his way with." Christian said by way of introducing them and he extended his hand to Draco. Draco took it. He looked at Harry's group of friends in amazement, his head was swimming and yet none of them seemed to have been affected in the slightest by the vast quantity of alcohol consumed the previous night and were cheery as could be.

"Suffering?" Charleigh asked, noting Draco's look of pain.

"He's a lightweight." Harry laughed.

"I am not!" Draco said a little to loudly, and wincing as his head protested. "And anyway, I don't understand how, you're not." He looked pointedly at Harry.

"There are plenty of thing s you don't understand, But here's something I don't understand, how is it that daddy lets you out so late?"

"Oh he doesn't. I'll pay hell for this but it was worth it." He said, promptly pulling Harry to him for a snog.

"Where's Dominic and Ben?" Harry asked when they parted.

"Disappeared with some guy in a Merc." Jenna informed him.

"Doesn't surprise me." Harry laughed.

A couple of hours later, Harry and Draco stood in Diagon Alley, looking distinctly dishevelled.

"Well... Bye." Draco said as they stood by the fireplace outside Gringotts.

"Bye." Harry replied and with a look around, he pulled Draco into a long kiss.

"You better hope no one we know saw that." Draco grinned.

"Do you really care?"

"No, I don't suppose I do."

"Good." Harry kissed him again. "See you again soon?"

"Very soon." Draco agreed, throwing some Floo powder into the fire. "Thanks for the dance Potter." He said and disappeared into the flames.