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A Love for a Day

By Timberwolf220


Well, what do you think?

CS: ¬¬* You didn't say anything.

Me: I was miming.

CS: You know, you have to say it.

Me: …

CS: And no more miming.

Me: …Fine. I don't Beyblade. I said it. Happy?

CS: …

Me: And you better not start miming either!!!

CS: ^^* But it's so much fun!!

WARNINGS: Slight (and I mean slight!!) Lime and major fluff.

Part Two

The door clicked quietly behind them. They were at Kai's apartment. The silence was engulfing, falling into every space between them. Tyson shuffled and he felt Kai's wine-colored eyes on him. It made uncomfortable.

"So…" Tyson trailed off.  Kai looked at him and went into a room.

"H-Hey!!" Tyson protested, "I'm your slave! What do you…"

Kai came back with a broom.

"…me to do." he finished lamely.

Kai smirked and handed him the broom, "Start sweeping."


He had been waiting for an opportunity like this.

And Lady Luck decides to hand it to him on a silver platter.

He sat down on the armchair as he watched Tyson busy himself over sweeping the floor.

He grinned to himself.

He was so incredibly lucky. He had front view of Tyson's rear end and other… assets.

(Me: ¬_¬* Hentai. Kai: ^^* Well, he does have a nice ass)

Tyson looked up and saw Kai's eyes bearing down on him. It made him feel nervous, not the kind of nervousness Tala gave him, but the kind that raised giddiness inside of you.

Tyson shook his head. This was Kai!! The guy invented the word 'Hn'!!!

But why was Kai staring at him?

"Something wrong Kai?"

Kai looked directly in the eye and pointed to the floor.

"You missed a spot."


Tyson wiped his forehead. He had been sweeping the floor non-stop and personally, he was ready to fall down and collapse.

"Done? Good," Kai smirked at him. Tyson glared at him.

Evil, Evil Captain.

"Now do you want me to do?" Tyson gritted out.

Kai cocked an eyebrow at him and smiled, "First thing. You have to call me Master."

Tyson gasped in outrage, "No way am I going to call you Master Hiwatari!"

Kai looked at him and grabbed his arm, pulling Tyson towards him. They were only a few centimeters apart. Tyson's breathing hitched.

"You will do it," Kai stated coldly, "Because I said so. Got that?"

The flash of rebellion died in Tyson's eyes, "Crystal." He mumbled.

Kai nodded and let go of Tyson. They both started missing the closeness.

Kai cleared his throat. There was a distinct glint in his eye.

"First, let's get some lunch okay?"

Tyson's s head shot up and he nodded eagerly.

Ah, poor innocent Ty-chan. He has no idea of the horrors the author has planned for him.

(Tyson: o0 What horrors? Me: Read on and see!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)


They went to a little café by the beach. Kai didn't like going to the city to eat. It was too noisy.

And too nosy.

No, possessive Kai wants Ty-chan all for himself. (A/N: My reviewers should know this. I gave them Possessive Kai plushies. It gave them hell)

Tyson waited for the food to come and he wasn't disappointed. The food looked great! He was about to start, when Kai pulled him, whispering in his ear, "Restrain yourself Slave," A smile danced on his lips.

Tyson pouted, but held himself in check. Kai looked around and grabbed a bunch of grapes.

Tyson's eyes grew wide.

Kai's smirk grew more and more pronounced.

"Now feed me."

Tyson glared at him, "I would have never pegged you to have a sick sense of humour Hiwatari."

"Yeah well, there's a lot you don't know about me," Kai said, "Now feed me."

Tyson gaped as Kai laid his head on Tyson's lap. Tyson went beet-red and plucked the grapes out and plopped them in Kai's open mouth.

Every time his fingers came close, Kai would nip at Tyson's fingers, causing the said boy to turn red. Then he would huff at Kai and try to make sure his fingers were a safe distance from Kai's mouth.

Inwardly, he was confused. He always thought Kai didn't like him. Now he's acting almost…pleasant with him. It didn't make any sense.

…What also didn't make sense was why he didn't feel bothered by it.

Kai got up and licked his lips appreciatively, "Nice…"

Tyson blushed to the tips of his ears, "Thanks, I guess…?"

Kai didn't say anything and called the waiter to him and whispered something in his ear. The waiter nodded and went.

Tyson stared at him, "…Is there something I should know about…?" He asked, a little perturbed.

Kai waved off his protest, "Don't worry. Just enjoy yourself."

Tyson was still put-off, but didn't say anything.

The waiter returned with strawberries and a bowl of whipped cream.

Ugh! Get your mind out of the gutter! Ecchi audience!!!

Tyson's eyes grew into dinner plates.

"Tyson, lay your head on my lap."

Tyson's eyes snapped to Kai, "You've got to be kidding me!"

Kai shook his head, his claret eyes glinting.

Tyson sighed. The things he does for school.

He laid his head on Kai's lap.

"Good slave," Kai murmured appreciatively, running his hands through Tyson's hair. Then he took a strawberry, dipped in into cream and fed it to Tyson. Tyson, unwillingly ate it.

Kai's eyes shone with happiness and Tyson wondered.

Are these things Tyson is doing for Kai really making him happy?

He knew for a fact Kai doesn't socialize or smile. But here he was, spending time with Tyson and smiling at him. Tyson had waited for this for so long…

But now, he's not sure if it is a dream or not.

They finished the strawberries in record time (much to both Kai's and Tyson's disappointment), but Kai straightened up and he was Kai again.

Tyson missed the Kai who was other than the cold captain.

"Now what?" Tyson asked.

Kai rubbed his chin, "How 'bout we go down to the sea and relax?" He suggested.

Tyson's eyes light up, "You mean it?!"

Kai laughed at his expression. "Yes, I mean it. Now go get dressed."

Tyson let out a whoop for joy and raced down to the changing booths (remember, they are already at the beach) and slammed the door. Kai just cocked an eyebrow and choose a booth for himself.


Kai was already out and was impatiently waiting for Tyson to show up.

Seriously, how long does he take to change?

Kai was also a little impatient to see Tyson in his…swim wear.

(Me: ¬_¬* Well, aren't you horny? Kai: ^___^)

"I'm done!!!" said a cheerful voice called out.

"About ti—," Kai was cut short when he saw Tyson.


 It is amazing what spandex does to the human body…

Tyson was wearing a blue and black body-suit, the kind that surfers wear and it had a rather intriguing cut. It left his right shoulder bare, as well as most of his left thigh, and left very little to the imagination… several whistles and cat-calls came from the direction of the restaurant and Kai…

Well Kai's brain was functioning barely enough for conscious thought… let alone shooing away obnoxious bystanders.

Tyson tilted his head cutely, making Kai drool, "Something wrong?"
Kai shook his head, Uh…I'm fine."

Tyson's brow was creased in confusion, but he then took a gook look at Kai.

After about two nanoseconds, Tyson's brain realized something very important. 'Kai is fucking hot in swimming trunks!!!'

It was entirely true. Kai was wearing a pair of black swimming trunks with a fiery red border. They hung pretty darned low on his waist but were secured (much to Tyson's dismay) with a red cord so they couldn't be simply tugged off.

Tyson snapped his eyes away from studying Kai's shorts, just to make sure he didn't get a nosebleed.

Now it was Kai who was staring curiously at Tyson, "Ty? Is something wrong?"

Tyson's brain decided to kick in.

He blinked, "You called me Ty."

Kai paled. Oh no…

"Slip of the tongue," Kai said gruffly.

Tyson's bangs slipped to cover his eyes, "Right."

Kai smirked, "Now…last one to the waves has to do extra training!" With that parting remark, he raced towards the sea.

Tyson blinked, a slow smile forming on his face. Then he raced along with Kai.


"No!!! Kai put me down!!" Tyson squealed.

Kai smirked and dropped him promptly into the water. Tyson spluttered and glared at Kai.

Kai crossed his arms, "Serves you right for putting sand in my hair."

Tyson pouted and Kai sighed. He gave Tyson his hand and helped him up.

Tyson smiled at him and glanced at the horizon. Then his eyes darkened.

"The Sun is setting…"

Kai glanced at the Sun and saw the waves of saffron and crimson paint the sky, "Yeah…"

Tyson shuffled his feet, "Um…Kai?"




"For…buying me at the auction," Tyson wrinkled his nose in disgust, "I doubt Tala would have planned a day like today."

"You're welcome…"

They stared at the Sun. Inwardly, they were cursing it for setting so early.



Kai smirked and kissed him. Tyson moaned slightly as he parted his mouth for him. Kai sank into every crevasse of Tyson's mouth, exploring his taste.

Strangely of strawberries and cream. ^__^

They broke apart.


"Hai?" Tyson said dreamily.

"You know that…" Kai fumbled with the words.

Tyson smiled and kissed him again, "Shut up and kiss me."

Needless to say, they were there for a very, very long time. ^____^


Me: ;___; It's over…

CS: Aaaahhhh….*melts into a puddle* Fluff…

Me: o0; I'm not cleaning that up…

Tala: I wanted to have Ty-koi as my slave* grins lecherously* All the things we could have done…

Tyson: O__O; Eep?

Kai: ¬¬** DIE TALA!!!!!!!!!*pulls out a broom and starts whacking Tala with it*

Tala: __ That happens to hurt!!

Kai: MY TY-KOI!!!!!!!

Tyson: *sighs* At least I know I'm loved.

Me: Reviewers receive—

CS: Bishounen Kai and Tyson plushies!!

Me: Specially for Little Leila and asa-chan!!!

CS: But we had extras so everyone gets one!! *makes her bishies dance* Review!