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Drawn Uncontrollably To You

Chapter 27

August 2014

Abby sat on the bench watching her family enjoy themselves they were all at the stall in the line waiting to buy ice creams. So much had happened in the last seven years, she would have been the last to imagine that here she would be with Carter and their three children. Three! At one point in her life she had thought it impossible to be a mother at all. She and Carter hadn't planned to have three or two even, they had been happy with one but due to the lack of thought of contraception one night when Michael was only a few months old, they had had another son Elliot one year and one week after him. It had been difficult worse than coping with twins in a way, but worth every minute.

Then three years ago she had found herself pregnant again, again unplanned but not unloved and Molly their daughter was now a little over two and spoilt rotten by everyone including her two big brothers, named after a patient Abby had once treated.

Abby sat there looking at Carter who was probably having as much fun, if not more than the kids. He loved it when they got to get away from everything and spend some time together she thought fondly with a smile on her face.

'What you thinking about?' Carter asked making her jump then adding 'Sorry'

'You, the kids' she replied

'We got these' Elliot said proudly to her 'Want some?' and he held his ice cream out to her and she took a small bit.

'You didn't buy me one then?' she asked looking up at Carter

'I thought you were on a diet' he replied 'Not that you need to be, but still'

'It's a bit unfair don't you think that you're all eating ice creams in front of me'

'I'm sure Molly won't eat all hers, you could finish that' he suggested

'You're too generous' she replied to him as he sat next to her.

'You could have found someplace in the shade' he said as the hot sun bore down on them all.

'They're all taken' she said looking round and he followed her gaze

'Oh yeah' he agreed 'So what's next?'

'You cleaning the kids up after they vomit'

'Ha ha'

'I'm not joking. After all that food you all consumed a sedate ride would be better'

'Oh Mom no' complained Michael wanting to go on one of the exciting rides again.

'We're supposed to be doing this as a family' Abby told him 'and either me or your Dad has to stay behind with Molly while you go on one of the faster rides'

'Not me though' said Elliot who although twelve months younger than his elder brother Michael was the same height. Most people mistook them for twins, for they were alike to look at too, except Elliot was dark like Abby and Michael slightly fairer like Carter.

Carter and Abby looked at each other remembering when they had last come here. Then it had just been the two of them and everything had been simple. No kids fighting over which ride to go on first, in fact no kids fighting at all, which had been great, in a way but they wouldn't be without them for the world. The rough with the smooth made them the close family that they had become.

'No you're Mom's right we have to go on something all together' Carter said to Michael as Abby fished around in the backpack for the wipes and cleaned the kids up.

'I know just the thing' said Abby with a smile.

Everyone just looked at her as she got up and took the empty stroller and started walking off.

'We better catch her up, we don't want Mom getting lost' said Michael seriously.

To which Carter grinned and took Molly's hand and replied 'Let's go then'

They arrived at the front of the ride and stood looking at it, Michael was not particularly impressed.

'I might have known you meant here' Carter said reaching Abby's side then to Michael he said 'If I have to go on this so do you, in fact I had to go on it last time I was here and it was just your Mom and me'

'You two went on it together?' Michael asked amused

'Uh huh' said Carter

'Molly'll like it' Michael finally decided 'We should do it'

He looked up at his Dad who was kissing his mother and not just a peck on the cheek like his friends parents did either. He looked at Elliot and the pair of them rolled their eyes to the sky and back to look at each other again. Not at all surprised by this act of affection between their parents.

'Where's Molly?' Elliot asked Michael suddenly realising he couldn't see her as their parents were otherwise occupied.

Michael looked frantically around before spotting her and replying 'It's okay she's gotten in the stroller'

And the brothers breathed a sign of relief.

'Dad, Mom, Dad are we going to stand in the line?' asked Michael eventually.

'Sure let's go' said Carter scooping Molly out of the stroller and joining the end of the line, before turning to Abby.

'It's been a long time but we've brought the kids back just like I suggested, nine or however many years ago it was' she said softly to him.

'Right here if my memory serves me correctly' he replied hugging her with his spare arm.

'Come on, the lines moving' said Elliot nudging them

'Okay, we're moving' Abby responded

It wasn't long before they got onto the boat and the tune of 'it's a small world' filled their senses. Carter looked at each of his family in turn before meeting Abby's gaze and returned the smile she gave to him. He sighed slightly and knew that he was where he wanted to be, with his family.

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