Chapter Ten


If you really love me, won't you tell me?

If You Really Love Me, Stevie Wonder


Merlin, no, this could not be happening.

Not when they weren't even looking at each other!

Draco leaned resignedly against the trunk of the willow and groaned. Why could he not have realized this when they were still on 'great' terms? Life always had to be unfair, didn't it? The perfect time for him to realize that he was indeed in love with Hermione Granger was the time that they were no longer speaking with each other, when she was already in a relationship with an annoying Hufflepuff and when his girlfriend was sitting right beside him, about to break up with him and was completely set on bringing him and Hermione together.

'It could have been worse,' Stella grinned goodheartedly, snapping the locket back shut and returning it to him. 'I mean, imagine the difficulties you'd be facing if Hermione wasn't in love with you anymore – '

That made Draco sit upright and stare at his ex-girlfriend. 'What do you mean?'

Stella rolled her eyes and sighed impatiently. 'Honestly, boys really don't have any clue. For a smart Slytherin like you, you're awfully dense, you know.'

Draco chose to ignore her comment. 'What do you mean, 'if she wasn't in love with me anymore'?'

'Please, love, she's been in love with you for the longest time – I'm actually amazed she didn't crack when she forced herself not to act on it – and I'm certain she still is.' Stella gleefully smiled, obviously lost in the thoughts of her inner hopeless romantic. She shook out of her reverie seconds later, only to stare firmly at Draco. 'The only thing stopping her is the fact that we're an 'item' and of course that Benjamin boy who keeps clinging onto her like a lost little kid.'

Draco snorted. At least Stella had the sense to dislike the Hufflepuff like he did. 'So you've noticed his leechy attributes.'

'Yes, I think everyone's noticed.'

It was late afternoon and the sky was a deep crimson. The sun was setting in the distance behind some snow-capped mountains and a chilly breeze passed by the two of them. Stella shivered as she secured her cloak. Draco wrung his hands together, not knowing how to deal with their situation. He was quite thankful that Stella was such a nice girl – he only wished she could end up with someone like him – and that she herself was the one helping him fix the current problem. What he would do if she weren't the considerate and understanding girl that she was, he didn't know…

'So what do I do now?'

Stella stared at him, as if she expected him to know already. Draco couldn't feel ashamed, though; he really didn't know what to do. 'Come, now,' she exclaimed, 'Surely the cunning Slytherin's somewhere in that blonde head of yours! Honestly, it doesn't really matter what House a boy is, does it? All of you are thick when it comes to love –'

'Yes, yes, I get your point that our gender tends to be the most idiotic creatures when it comes to this foul emotion.' He cast her an annoyed look. 'So what do I do, Stella?'

'Tell her, of course!' She replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the whole world, throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation. 'What else is there to do but that?'

'What? I can't tell her flat out straight.' He said blankly. 'Wouldn't that be too straightforward?'

She thoughtfully played with the tip of her cloak. 'Well – yes, it would. But how else are you to deal with the situation?'

'I don't know!'

'Then there you have it,' Stella remarked smartly, standing up and brushing away any grass from her black cloak. 'That's the only way. You've got to tell her, Draco. How else is she to know what you feel? Besides, she deserves to know. It's either she loves you back or she doesn't.' She grinned and then said quickly said upon seeing the horrorstruck expression on his face, 'Of course, I can assure you one hundred percent that she does. It's only that foul Benjamin who's stopping her from running to you and the fact that to everyone else I'm still romantically linked to you.'

'So what do we do, officially break up?' Draco stared at the Ravenclaw flatly. It was strange that they were discussing what they were to do now, now that it was established that he indeed was already in love with someone else and that he was discussing this with his own girlfriend, of all people. But who could be better to talk to than the wonderfully intelligent Ravenclaw?

Stella rolled her eyes. 'Of course we do.' She kneeled right in front of him and put on a mockingly teary-eyed face. 'You're a great guy, Draco, but we're not meant to be! I really do hope you find someone who'll love you more than I did!' And to add effect, she burst into false tears and patted his hand. 'There are other fish in the sea much more suited than you, love, but it just so happens that I'm not the one for you! It's not about you; it's me!'

Draco chuckled and pulled her into his arms. Stella laughed, and returned his friendly affections. She would definitely miss the handsome scent of her boyfriend, that cool aftershave only he wore (possibly because his aftershave was expensive for other boys), his lovely blonde hair and his very intimate hugs. Ah well, she thought lightly, all good things must come to an end.

'Thanks,' he muttered softly as he planted a soft kiss on her forehead. 'I really do hope you find some better guy than me; don't get someone so clingy as the leech.'

Stella patted him on the back before she pulled away. 'Don't worry, love, I will,' she replied happily, 'And you – you'd better snag Hermione right away, alright?'

'I'll try.'

She stood up and cast him an expectant look. 'What have you got to lose when you tell her?' She winked, waved goodbye and ran back inside the castle, leaving Draco as he casually waved back from his willow tree.

'What have I got to lose?' he repeated, staring back into the gray waters of the lake. A tentacle of the Giant Squid emerged from the surface in an attempt to capture a bird which was dangerously hovering over the water. He frowned, watching as the little bird barely but luckily escaped the grasp of the Squid and flew away into the distance.


Hermione Granger – Draco Malfoy.

Her name looked beautiful entangled with his name. It flourished strikingly and wove through the letters of his name, and he could think nothing of it because it was perfect. They were made for each other.

Draco clasped the locket shut and sighed wearily. Merlin, how was he to go about it?

Hello, Hermione, may I have a word with you? Yes? Thank you then – you see, I've realized that I am hopelessly in love with you and I sincerely hope that you feel the same way for me.

He snorted. It sounded horribly laughable, even when the words rang in the confines of his head.

Could she possibly prefer flowers as a sign of his affections for her? But no, she hated flowers – or rather, he speculated that she did, recalling the abashed face she wore when Benjamin gave her a truckload of roses.

Would he just embrace her right away, letting everything he felt for her flow through that contact of intimacy? Blimey, she'd probably hex him right then and there.

His gaze averted subtly towards the Gryffindor Table, searching for a girl with beautifully messy curls. Sure enough, she was somewhere there, flanked by Weasley and Potter, looking positively… expressionless. That, however, did not stop the immediate rush of blood into his head and the sudden increasing beat of his heart in his chest. Bloody hell, Draco thought spitefully, One can never escape these things.

He now hated the fact that he was supposed to get used to the constant thumping of his poor heart whenever he saw her, his head suddenly feeling all light-headed and the room temperature rising up until it was sweltering hot, the way he would find himself staring at her during classes or meals, et cetera et cetera.

It was a fortunate thing that one was only allowed to fall in love once because all the things that came with it were absolutely maddening.

He watched as she suddenly cocked her head, laughing to what Potter said; her brown eyes particularly glimmered in joy and all the impassiveness that was once present in her previous expression was gone and now… she looked absolutely beautiful. Damn the world for making him only notice now; hadn't she appeared to be that lovely before? He had noted it, yes, but never really did he give it much of any importance. She was wonderful. She was amazing. But like Stella said, Merlin was he stupid.

He never really felt like this when he first laid his eyes on Stella. No… this was way more complicated. It was intense. Whatever he felt for Hermione was way deeper and way more genuine than any feelings he may have had for any other girl. This time, he fell harder.


Around the next few weeks, when it was clear that winter was bound to come earlier than expected and the air was evidently getting chillier as days passed, the juiciest gossip there was among the students was that Draco Malfoy and Stella Ferguson were officially an ex-couple. No one knew when it was declared exactly, or how it happened or why it occurred. All they knew was that… it did.

But Hermione refused to believe it. Draco would never allow it! He perfectly adored his Ravenclaw girlfriend, so how could he possibly just break up with her? Or let her break up with him?

Benjamin was absolutely spiffy when the rumors reached him. All he said was, 'Ha! See, no perfectly smart girl would be with that arrogant bloke too long. No one can stand him, see?'

Hermione merely rolled her eyes at his reaction. Draco was completely incapable of cutting the potential love of his life from his life. Of course, I was a possible candidate for that love-of-his-life position once, she mused. She peeked a glance of her boyfriend (she cringed when she used that term for someone she didn't really consider as one) and sighed.

It had been weeks since her last encounter with Draco. Of course, the memory of it was permanently seared into her brain… the way he stood there, looking surprised to see her; how his gray eyes softened when he realized who he bumped into; how gently, almost lovingly, grazed his finger on her cheek and let it linger there for a second or two; how he instinctively tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear; and how he stood so close to her and almost… almost… did something both of them knew was wrong… until Benjamin thankfully came and brought them back to reality.

In that one encounter, something had definitely changed between them.

But did it happen at that one moment only?

Hermione found herself playing one or two more memories in her mind that she shared with the Slytherin. The first was the time she watched him flying in the Quidditch field that one night when she secretly claimed to have fallen in love with him twice in a matter of hours. She remembered how immaculate he looked bathed in the milky moonlight that evening. She reminisced the way his gaze pierced through her when she tended to the bruise on his face, and how, for a moment, time seemed to sit still for the two of them. And then he brought her with him on his broomstick and flew off into the night as she screamed and clung to him for dear life… he urged her to open her eyes to witness whatever beauty he brought her to…

'Do you trust me? I promise you won't fall.'

And he had placed his hand on hers, assuring her that he'd keep his promise. She had opened her eyes and found him smiling at her.

Then of course, there was that after-hours incident, when they had been caught by none other than Benjamin. Draco had entwined his fingers with hers that night, telling her how much he had missed her… how Benjamin had been selfishly keeping her for himself, not giving him, Harry and Ron enough time to spend with her. And then later on he wrapped an arm over her shoulder and even managed to do so in the presence of her Hufflepuff beau, proud and delighted that she was with him and not with Benjamin.

Her cheeks reddened and the same old butterflies in her stomach returned, fluttering wildly within her. Lost and confused as she was, Hermione was at least certain about one thing: she could never love Benjamin the way she loved Draco.


It was on the last Hogsmeade weekend before Christmas that she did it.

After spending the earlier portion of the day finishing her shopping, Benjamin came along and asked Hermione to come along with him to Madam Puddifoot's for a light snack – or rather, as Hermione suspected, a light snog. When they reached the entrance of the 'humble' café, the Head Girl cringed once she took in the sight of the frilly curtains and the abominable pinkness of every piece of furniture inside. Immediately, she knew that she was taking the Three Broomsticks' dingy albeit cozy ambiance for granted; nevertheless, with a gentle shove from Benjamin, she smiled forcefully and stepped inside the small building, holding hands with him.

Once they were properly seated, Hermione shuddered at the sight that she beheld. It was her very first time to set foot in Madam Puddifoot's, thus explaining why she was appalled and speechless to find all inhabitants of other tables either snogging, holding hands intimately and practically touching each other rather… passionately. No one was actually eating in this little café! She sharply looked at Benjamin. Was this what he was expecting to do with her here? Apparently, no one in the room knew that there was such a thing as too much public display of affection.

Benjamin, however, was too busy looking over at the frilly menu to notice her glaring. 'Two cups of warm pumpkin tea, please,' he said and the little cherub who was quietly hovering over their round little table nodded courteously and flew back inside the kitchen.

'Do tell, Benjamin, but what are we – er – going to do in here?' Hermione asked, warily glancing about the room of kissing couples. 'We could have settled for the Three Broomsticks, couldn't we?'

Benjamin chuckled oddly. 'Then we wouldn't have had privacy to ourselves, now would we, Sugar Quill?' he replied, his cerulean eyes gleaming mischievously. He took off his Hufflepuff scarf and hung it carelessly behind his seat.

'Privacy?' Hermione snorted. We wouldn't have the least amount of that here.

'I've noticed that we've never really… kissed lips to lips in our relationship, love. And besides, I need some warming up.' Suddenly, he grabbed her hands and held it tightly in his, thus pulling Hermione closer to him from across the table. Hermione's eyes widened in surprise, and there was a lurch in her stomach – not because of the nice little butterflies, but because suddenly she thought she was about to be sick. Oh my, she shrieked silently, he's going to try and… and kiss me!

She found Benjamin's face inching closer and closer to hers…

He was slowly closing his eyes…

Her heart was pounding in her chest…

She was sure that her eyes were bulging with panic…

And the next thing she knew was that she was standing up, her chest heaving rapidly, and Benjamin's hand was soothing his cheek as he stared wide-eyed and angry at her – for she had slapped him away rather harshly and everyone knew that Hermione Granger's slaps were far too painful.

Everyone who inhabited Madam Puddifoot's had stopped snogging and turned their attentions towards the couple.

'What the – what the bloody hell did you do, Hermione?' was Benjamin's angry cry. His blue eyes, so normally full of too much 'love' for her were blazing with confusion and irritation. 'Why'd you slap me?'

Her cheeks reddened in fury. 'You were trying to kiss me!'

'Of course I was! What did you think I was going to bloody do, attack you?'

Hermione shook in anger. 'You know fully well that I would never EVER want to kiss you, Benjamin!' she yelled. 'For Merlin's sake, would you PLEASE try and understand that we were never OFFICIALLY a couple?'

The Hufflepuff scoffed indignantly. 'Of course we are! We declared it!'


'When you chose me over that blonde prick, of course!' He crossed his arms smugly. For a moment he forgot about his swollen cheek. 'With such an action, you imply that you love me more.'

Hermione gaped at him. He was impossible. He was ridiculous. He was… moronic. Now she knew that it was completely wrong of her to have known him in the first place, no matter how gorgeous he looked.

'I'm sorry, Benjamin,' she muttered, gathering her things, 'but I never really loved you in the first place. So if you consider us a couple, I'm sorry to disappoint you, because I'm breaking up with you.'

Benjamin gave out an indignant gasp. 'What? You can't break up with me! I refuse to allow you to break up with me!'

'You refuse to let me do tons of other things, Benjamin!' Hermione scowled. 'You're selfish, clingy, overly excessive in displaying your adoration, you're annoying and – and I'm sorry, Benjamin, but I just don't think it'll work!'

'I knew it!' Benjamin narrowed his eyes. 'You still fancy the git, don't you!'

Hermione smiled grimly. 'Yes. Yes, I do.'

'Well, I forbid you to go see him! You're mine, Hermione, you're mine – you're never going to be anyone else's – not Weasley's, Potter's and definitely not –'

But before he could finish his sentence, the cherub arrived with their order and Hermione, looking absolutely annoyed and gleeful at the same time, picked up the two cups of warm pumpkin tea and dumped it on the head of Benjamin. He yelled and immediately glared at her, too shocked and angry to say anything.

Hermione merely smiled back, adjusted her scarf and said, 'There you have it, Benjamin. You're feeling warm now, aren't you? Happy Christmas.'

And with that, she picked up her bags and left Madam Puddifoot's, glad that she was finally free from the hands of the clingy leech known as Benjamin and all too happy that she was finally out of that dratted café.


Draco Malfoy walked the streets of Hogsmeade all alone that day. He insisted to be by himself, for he hoped to find Hermione and tell her of his… feelings, for it was awful to keep them locked up in him and as far as he knew, the only way he could finally have any peace of mind was to tell her right then and there and hope for the best.

But to his dismay, not once did he spy either of Benjamin or Hermione that day. Potter and Weasley had decided to go off together without Hermione, so that meant that she was with the stupid Hufflepuff, and he did not like the thought one bit.

It was nearly dusk when he grudgingly prepared to go back to the castle. It was too bad, too, because he had even had the thoughtfulness to buy a single red rose – he didn't want a bouquet because for one thing, Hermione wasn't really fond of flowers and for another, there was also the danger of being turned down. And God forbid, Draco hoped the latter wouldn't ever occur.

He was coming from the Shrieking Shack. No one was there every time he was here, and that was why he spent most of his Hogsmeade visits near the abandoned house; it was, as he liked it, secluded, quiet and very much far away from the ruckus of the village. He had come here later than usual because earlier that day he was in search for his brown-haired Gryffindor.

Of course, he was in no such luck of finding her.

Probably snogging with that prat, he thought jealously, refusing to picture it in his mind.

He kicked the gravel beneath his shoes and cursed silently. This was definitely not his day. He was lonely, he was confused, he was angry, he was all alone, he was practically loveless at the moment and he was getting cold. The sun was almost down and the air was getting much, much chillier.

'In one of our mood swings, eh, Malfoy?'

Draco looked up and was stunned to see the one girl he was looking for standing a few feet away from him. Hermione Granger, flesh and bone, looking absolutely lovely with her scarlet jumper, a plaid brown skirt and the old Gryffindor scarf. Her cheeks were flushed, probably because of the cold wind, and her hair was sticking out in all places; nevertheless, there went the usual course of things: the familiar butterflies, the sweltering heat, the reddening face, the loss for air, et cetera et cetera. He was sure that he was frozen for a few minutes because Hermione tilted her head to the right and looked at him worriedly.

'Granger,' he managed to sputter out, regaining his senses and his ability to speak. Merlin, when was it this hard to breathe?

'Malfoy,' she retorted, smiling slightly and walking nearer towards him.

Well, here went nothing. He wasn't at all going to question why she wasn't accompanied with Benjamin, because that would most probably only cause him any mental block on the things he was about to say to her.

'Could I - could I speak to you for a while?' Why was he so nervous? Malfoys were never nervous; they were calm and collected in all situations except matters of life and death. Then again, he reasoned, this was a matter of life and death. For him, at the least.

Hermione blushed and nodded. She walked over to a log by the trees and sat down, laying her shopping beside her. Expectedly, Draco sat down beside her. She primly kept both her hands on her lap, clamped together rather tightly.

So what was he to do now? Now that she was finally present in his midst, Draco found himself unable to say anything he was practicing to tell her earlier. So what he did instead compensated for his inability to speak – he wordlessly thrust the rose before her, staring determinedly in the distance where the Shrieking Shack was, his cheeks burning a light pink.

'What's this?' Hermione took the rose gently with her hands and fingered it gently.

Draco glanced at her from the corner of his eye and snorted. 'A Mandrake.' He replied sarcastically. 'What, Granger, did that sissy affect your intelligence?'

Hermione glared at him cutely.

Okay, so it wasn't the proper approach he was planning. She was probably getting annoyed.

And Hermione was annoyed. It was positively unexpected that Draco Malfoy gave her a rose, and for a moment there she was rather speechless and touched, but all that had to dissipate when he just had to free his usually sharp tongue.

'Spit it out, Malfoy,' she snapped, 'I haven't got all day. I should be going back to the castle before evening.'

She angrily huffed and glowered into the distance. Silence hung in the air and neither spoke for a moment.

Later on, when Hermione was positive that she was just about to waste her time, Draco turned to her and scowled. He was feeling rather downcast, for things were not going the way he pictured them in his mind. In his head, he had already proclaimed his love for her; in it, she had smiled gleefully, wrapped her arms around him, reciprocated his affection and had even kissed him passionately. In reality, however, Hermione was instead feeling frustrated and was itching to go back to the warmth and safety of the castle.

'It's only one rose,' he muttered, moodily shifting his legs in different positions, 'Compared to what that Benjamin gave you, it's nothing.'

Just one bloody rose, a pathetic excuse for a lovely bouquet of flowers, undoubtedly worthless compared to the truckload of roses Benjamin had proudly showered over her in the Great Hall. Draco would have been able to afford so much more, but he wasn't much of a buyer of flowers and candy for girls. And besides, this was Hermione, who would have preferred to have been showered with books.

Hermione, meanwhile, flushed. Blame Malfoy's sarcasm for making her forget that somehow, this little meeting of theirs was important and making her feel annoyed. 'No, it's lovely,' she replied, flashing him a shy but grateful smile.

Silence rang once again in the air, and still Draco refused to look her straight in the eye.

Suddenly a thought occurred to her. 'Why are you alone? Where's Stella?'

He glanced at her, slightly surprised. 'I suppose you don't believe the rumors then?' he replied. 'For once, they're true. We broke up.'

'Why?' He adored his ex-girlfriend so much, so why in the world did they break up?

In reply, he scowled and turned towards Hermione. 'Apparently, I'm in love with someone else.'

That indeed caused her poor heart to race like it did the first time she realized that she was in love with him. She cast a wide-eyed, wary look, her mouth agape in surprise. What in the world was Draco Malfoy getting at?

His next motion answered her question; so suddenly, he whipped around to face her, took her hands into his and for the first time that day, gazed at her directly with his gray eyes, looking remorseful yet passionate. 'It took me this long to realize that – that – you know – Granger –' he muttered rather too quickly that he was no longer making too much sense, 'I – well, I – I think I'm in love with you. I'm worth so much more than that Hufflepuff you're dating – I really do love you, Granger, but if you want to be with that other guy, then so be it –'

She was silent as he continued to rant on about how he loved her, how he wanted to be with her, how he wished she'd choose him over Benjamin – and suddenly she giggled, taking Draco off-guard at such an unusual and rather mean reaction to his declaration of love. He actually looked pained, thinking that he was already rejected.

As soon as her laughter subsided, she straightened up soberly and glanced at him. 'Just so you know, I broke up with Benjamin.'

This seemed to brighten his day. Seconds later, he looked deflated and embarrassed, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink and him wrenching his hands away from her. He scowled. 'I seem to have made a complete fool of myself just then.' He shifted his feet. 'I think I rather looked desperate.'

But to Hermione, she found it at all so adorable. Draco Malfoy wanted her. He loved her. He loved her! With open arms she welcomed the fluttering butterflies in her stomach, smiling gleefully and dreamily. 'Did you really mean that?'


'That you… love me?'

He looked at her indignantly. 'Of course I did.' He scoffed. 'What do you think I do, say 'I love you' to every other person who comes my way? I'm not some society-loving philanthropist.'

Hermione smirked. No matter how serious and sentimental the moment was, Draco would always be Draco. She loved that about him.

Draco warily cast an expectant look at her. Once again he looked anxious, nervous of what was to happen now. 'You have to say something, Hermione.'

She bit her lip, looked down at the rose she was twirling in her hand and smiled. 'What would you want me to say?'

He paused uncertainly, the pinkish tinge still there in his cheeks, a slight breeze ruffling his golden hair. With a deep, encouraging breath, he looked away from the Shrieking Shack and turned towards her.

And he told her.

He told her that he wanted her to tell him that she loved him back, because that indeed would make him the happiest person on the planet; he wanted her to tell him that she'd allow him to kiss her, embrace her, tell her all sorts of stuff and do all those things he had long desired to do with her.

And Hermione, with a fleeting smile, looked at him, caressed his cheek so gently with the back of her hand and told him what exactly he wanted to hear. Her heart was beating so quickly, but she didn't care, and she watched as his expression first looked genuinely taken aback, and then softened into a gentle, loving smile – it was the smile she longed to see in his face when he'd look at her, but one that she, in the past, only saw from afar as he showed it to other girls. Now, though, it was for her and she could not be any happier. He loved her!

At that moment, gradually, slowly, snow began to descend from the darkening sky, and Hermione looked up, smiling contentedly. She looked over to the boy who sat beside her, and smiled. He wore an unreadable look, his eyes a bit wide and vague. She pointed up with her gloved finger and grinned. 'Look, Draco, it's…'

But she could not finish telling him that snow was coming down for the first time, because he had leaned in and kissed her, his arms encircling her waist and pulling her closer; Hermione closed her eyes and welcomed his lips, caught unaware that she had longed for this to happen for so long. She fastened her arms around her neck, and kissed him even more, not daring to open her eyes only to find out that this was all in her imagination, that Draco Malfoy was not kissing her right now and wasn't even with her...

Only then when he pulled away, looked at her with those soft gray eyes, and whispered an 'I love you' did Hermione smile back, kiss him once again and believe that this was all true, and the boy she was in love with actually loved her back.


If one looked at the bedside table of one Hermione Granger, one will see four sets of picture frames: the first would be a picture of her family, she being flanked by her two loving parents beaming proudly and happily with their only daughter; the second would be of her and her two best friends Harry and Ron, she, once again being in the middle of the two boys as they kept an arm each around their most treasured female friend; the third would be of her and her secret under their favorite willow tree, a handsome blonde boy tickling her endlessly as she laughed; and finally the third, a close up of the same couple, the arms of one Draco Malfoy tightly around his beloved Hermione, and kissing her gently on the forehead that made her blush and smile lopsidedly.

And one would see, if one would look closely at the last photo, an ever present love existing between the two, from the way their eyes glimmered brightly, to the way he kissed her ever so lovingly on the forehead. And if one would take out the photo and flip it over, one would read a small note from Draco, exactly the same as Hermione had written during his birthday:

With this picture, I hope you understand this fact: I am happy whenever I'm with you. And I promise, no matter what happens, I'll just be around, ready to wipe away any sadness you might feel.

Love you.


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