It was time to go.

The party was in full-swing, the make-shift dance floor was packed, the wine and food were overflowing, the room was filled with people she loved, and Hermione wanted nothing more than to leave. She pasted a smile on her face to hide her impatience as she sat next to her mother who was having a nice chat with Professor McGonogall and Professor Snape. She didn't think it would be acceptable for the Woman of the Hour to look like she wanted to be anywhere but at her own wedding reception. But if she heard one more speech on how love conquers all, one more toast to the future, and one more well-wish for plenty of children, she was going to take out her wand from the secret pocket in her gown and hex them all to oblivion.

It's not that she hated the gathering or resented the people in it, on the contrary, she had been having a good time until the blasted groom started groping her from under the table, sneaking his hand beneath her wedding gown to caress her thigh. Now all she wanted to do right now was to go home to be in the comfort of her newly-refurbished home with her new husband, doing things that newly-weds do, and get on with her happily ever after. And worse still, that conniving groom of hers had just left to discuss something with Arthur Weasley.

"Hermione! Come dance with me!" That was Ron, who had just recently discovered that Muggle beer was so much better than butterbeer, and had made it his personal goal to drink as much of it tonight. Hermione stood up from the table and allowed her friend to drag her to the dance floor that had taken over most of the right area of Chip's at Cheapside Cafe. There wasn't supposed to be a dance floor as there was no space for it, but after a few bottles of wine, her father, Chip, Mrs. Whipstaff and the Weasley Twins had begun moving tables aside to create an impromptu dance floor. Once the tables had been pushed aside, and Chip had started playing cheesy dance tunes, Mrs. Whipstaff grabbed Draco for a fast number that Hermione's poor husband had no choice but to follow out of respect for the older woman. After everyone's shock had worn off at the sight of Draco Malfoy dancing the macarena (albeit poorly) with an elderly Muggle woman in a lime green dress, everyone had joined them in the dancefloor – led by Arthur and Molly Weasley who wanted to learn how to do the macarena. Mrs. Whipstaff was more than happy to provide impromptu dance lessons.

"Hermione, I still can't believe you're a Malfoy now." Ron slurred a bit as he pulled her in his arms and started doing a kind of modern Wizarding Waltz to Abba's "Dancing Queen".

Hermione laughed. "Actually, Ron, it's Granger-Malfoy." She gave her friend an impulsive hug and said, "Thank you for being here tonight, Ron. I know it took a lot for you to finally accept Draco's presence in my life more so our engagement, so I just want you to know that I appreciate your being here, happy for me."

Ron blushed at Hermione's heartfelt words. "It's not you that I'm happy for really, because I still think you can do so much better. I'm happy for Malfoy because he got the best and brightest and most brilliant witch in th whole wide world. And he better not forget that – which reminds me, I came here tonight to warn him about what I'll do to him if he ever ever hurts you. See you later, Hermione." He let her go and walked away a bit unsteadily to look for Draco, leaving her chuckling and shaking her head in the middle of the dance floor.

"OK, my turn to dance with the bride now." A voice announced from her left. Chip took her in his arms and spun her around until she giggled. "Awesome party, eh, Hermione?"

"Oh yes! I can't thank you enough for letting us have the reception here." Hermione pecked the beloved man who had been such a good friend to Draco and her all these years.

He laughed. "Sheesh, Hermione, I was pretty stunned when you asked to hold your reception here. Not to mention pretty honoured. You and that man of yours could have held it somewhere fancier, you know.

"Well I know we could have, Chip. But this place has been Draco's second home for the past eight years, not to mention the place where we found each other again seven years ago. It holds so much more value to the two of us than any fancy hotel ballroom. Besides, we wanted to have a relaxed wedding reception, not some stiff formal event." Hermione explained.

"I'm glad about that, you know." Chip smiled at her. "I have a question though."


"That bloke who officiated your wedding vows. Dumbledore, is it? Is he for real?" Chip asked. All throughout the wedding ceremony held at the Granger's garden and the reception at Chip's that followed, Chip had been stunned at some of the wedding guests. There was one bloke, called Hagrid, who was taller and wider than a shack, that elderly woman who looked like some 16th century schoolmarm, and the dwarf with grizzly white hair whom Draco had introduced as Professor Flitwick. But none of them compared to the tall, skinny man with the pointiest nose, and the longest white beard and hair that Chip had ever seen before.

Hermione laughed out loud. "Yes, Chip. Professor Dumbledore is for real. He's also probably the most respected men in some circles."

Chip looked at her in askance. "He looks like a geriatric hippie, Hermione. I think Mrs. Whipstaff fancies him."

Hermione laughed harder at the thought of Dumbledore and Mrs. Whipstaff together. "Poor Professor Dumbledore, he'll never know what hit him."


Her exuberant laughter rang right across the room to the two men standing side by side near the kitchen doors.

"I honestly don't think I've ever seen Hermione laugh quite that hard in her life. You must be good for her, Malfoy." Harry said before taking a sip of the ale in his hand.

Draco smirked. "I'm more than good for her, Potter. I'm the best for her."

"And here I was on the verge of thanking you for making Hermione happy before you so perfectly ruined the moment by reminding me what a conceited prat you are." Harry smirked back, shaking his head.

"I had to, Potter. Imagine this scenario: you go all mushy on me and thank me for making Hermione happy, then, being the man that I am, I would have to return the favour by saying something equally mushy about how Granger makes me just as happy, and then we'd be caught up in the moment and would probably have to do something horrible like give each other manly pats on the back." Draco gave an exagerated shudder at the thought. "Now do you really want to have that moment etched in your memory forever, Potter?"

Harry laughed and shook his head at Malfoy. Damn Malfoy was still as much as a prat as he was in Hogwarts, but now he was a funny prat instead of a cruel prat.

"Malfoy! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! I need to talk to you!" Ron walked clumsily to where Draco and Harry were standing.

"Weasley, you are aware that it's quite rude to come on to a man who had just married one of your childhood friends?" Draco drawled at the obviously tipsy red-head.

"Shut up, Malfoy!" Ron bellowed. "Quit your snide remarks! I have to warn you!"

"If you've come to warn me about that famous Granger Wallop, it's too late, she gave me a dose of when we were 13, remember?" Draco drawled.

"Of course I remember, you git. One of the best memories of my life... But it's not like that! I have to warn you about what I'll do to you if you do anything to Hermione." Ron said, advancing on Draco in what could have been a threatening way except for the fact that Ron's feet looked dangerously close to being tangled up around each other.

"Ah. Take a number, Weasley. I've received the same warning from, let's see, all four of your brothers, your sister, Potter, your mother, your father, Hagrid, McGonogall, Chip, and last but not the least, my lovely bride." Draco smirked. "Take a wild guess at which one of those warnings was the only one I took seriously."

"Oh." Ron mumbled, running out of steam and losing his train of thought.

"Potter, when Weasley here sobers up, can you tell him for me that dire threats are more... well.. threatening if they're delivered by a person who can stand upright?" Draco chuckled. "I think he needs a cup of coffee though. Granger will never forgive me if I let one of her bestfriends fall flat on his face at our wedding reception. Why don't you stay here and keep him upright while I go see to that pot of coffee?"

As Draco headed inside the kitchen to get Weasley some coffee, Ginny, looking stunningly elegant in her blue Maid of Honour gown, walked over to Harry. "Where's he off to?"

"Getting coffee for you brother." Harry said, a little surprised at Draco's gesture.

"Surprised that Malfoy is capable of doing something so... nice?" Ginny grinned at his expression.

"Yeah, to be honest. Yeah." Harry nodded.

"One of these days, I hope you and Ron will learn to see past his snarkiness to the man that Hermione married today." Ginny said quietly. "He can really be quite charming, you know."

"Are you telling me, Ginny, that you're harbouring feelings for Malfoy?" Harry tried to keep his voice sarcastic, but there was enough panic in it to make the question serious.

Ginny smiled. "No, Harry. You're the only man I've been harbouring feelings for, you daft git."

Before Harry could confirm just what she meant by that, Draco came back with a cup of coffee for Ron. At the same time, Arthur joined them, carrying a rather large portfolio.

"There you are, Draco. Here are the files we were talking about earlier. I must apologise for the delay, there was a mix up at the Ministry. Thankfully, they managed to get things organised and send this by owl before the reception ended." Arthur smiled at Draco, who had handed the cup of coffee to Ginny so she could help her brother drink it.

"Thank you, Arthur." Draco said solemnly as he took the portfolio from the Minister of Magic. "Thank you for all your help in expiditing matters."

"No, thank you, Draco. On behalf of the Ministry, and as one of Hermione's surrogate fathers." Arthur shook his hand.

"What's this all about?" Harry asked.

"Nothing that concerns you, Potter." Draco responded. "My wedding present to Hermione."

"Really, Draco? What is it?" Ginny interjected.

"I'll let Hermione tell you once she knows. I don't want to be accused of being a conceited prick again." He smirked. "Now I must go find my wife and show her her gift. Thanks again for your help, Arthur."

Draco walked away to claim his wife from the dancefloor where she was twirling around with George, Fred, Bill and Charlie.

"What was that about, Dad?" Ginny turned to her father.

"Well... let's just say that Draco had found the perfect gift for Hermione. Not to mention the perfect use for his inheritance as well as a great help to our world." Arthur answered cryptically.

Draco came back smiling excitedly with Hermione in tow, heading straight for the kitchen. "Ginny, do me a great favour and make sure no one enters the kitchen. Please?" Ginny looked at him with a huge knowing smile and nodded.

"Malfoy! It's pretty tacky of you to have your way with your wife at your wedding reception." Hermione giggled.

"Do try to get your mind out of the gutter, Granger. Besides, after I show you my wedding present, you'll probably be wanting to have your way with me." He said smugly at her, opening the door to the kitchen and then closing it firmly once they were in. He led her to the kitchen counter where he pulled out a stool for her to sit on. Hermione immediately placed her arm around his neck as soon as she was seated on the stool.

"I don't need to see what's inside that to want to have my way with you, Malfoy." She whispered seductively, lifting her face up to kiss him. He leaned down to kiss her back, resting his hands on her hips and pulling her towards him so she had no choice but to open her legs so he can stand in between them. Thank Merlin for the full skirt of her wedding dress.

As the kiss intensified, he began dragging her skirt up legs to run his hands beneath it, groaning at the feel of her silk stockings and satin garter belt. He placed his hands behind her knees to pull her closer to him and make her feel just how much he wanted her. She moaned at the feel of his hardness pressed against her.

"Dammit, Malfoy, if you don't stop now, I'm walking out of my own wedding reception so I can go home with you and have my way with you." She murmured when they ended the kiss to catch their breath.

"Why leave when you can do naughty things with your husband right here, right now?" He whispered before swirling his tongue in her right ear as he pulled her thighs higher up the side of his hips.

She let go of his neck to unfasten his trousers, caressing him once she had pulled him out of it. Draco groaned and reached for the apex of her thighs, intending to rip her knickers apart before she whispered, "There are snaps down there."

"Snaps?" He asked distractedly. It was hard to concentrate with her hands doing what they were doing to him.

"Yes, snaps. It's this Muggle lingerie thing... Go feel for yourself." She moaned as his fingers went to investigate. She smiled when he groaned as he discovered just what she meant. "Granger, you need to buy more stuff like this." He murmured appreciatively.

"I already have." She said, opening her legs wider to accommodate him. "I can't believe we're doing this. At our wedding reception! With everyone outside there!"

"Do you want to stop?" He asked, pausing his entry into her.

"No! If you stop, Malfoy, I'll never forgive you." She moaned at the feel of him so close but not close enough. "Now, Draco, please."

He captured her lips in a searing open mouthed kiss as he thrust gently but surely into her. Just before he completely lost his mind at the feel of being inside her again, he briefly remembered the portfolio he had dropped when she started having her way with him. "Dammit, Granger, your wedding present! I forgot--" She tightened her legs around his hips. "Hermione, ohmygod, Hermione!"


Hermione giggled uncontrollably as they straightened their clothing. "I can't believe we just did that!"

"I know, I will never be able to have a meal with you in this kitchen without asking Chip to leave us alone for a few minutes." He drawled, picking up the portfolio he had dropped on the floor. "Here's the reason why I brought you here, by the way." He handed her the packet.

"What's this?" She asked as she took it from him.

"Go see for yourself. I hope you like it." He said shyly.

Hermione smiled at him before opening the rather hefty leather envelope to take out the documents inside. As she scanned the papers, her smile grew wider and her face looked more and more excited. She read random phrases and terms out loud. "Granger – Malfoy Foundation...MC APPLE: Magical Creatures Association for Promoting Policies and Laws for Equality... SPAH: Stop Prejudice Against Half-Creatures...HOME: Home for Other Magical Entities... Remulus Lupin, Director...Malfoy, does this mean what I think it means? How did you...?" She looked up at him, her eyes wide and her smile wider.

Draco stopped himself from grabbing her just because her expression was too adorable for words. "Shall I explain?"

"Yes, please."

"Well, remember the vast amount of wealth I've left behind? Not mention the Malfoy Estate and other properties I'm supposed to inherit?"


"Well, you know I never wanted to have anything to do with any of that anymore. But when we started making plans about our future together, I realised two things. One, that it was immature of me to avoid all of that, and since I was getting married, it was time to grow up fully. And then two, I began thinking about out future children and the legacy that I want them to grow up with. So I began to think that maybe it was irresponsible of me to leave my inheritance behind and just let them go to waste without doing anything good with it. So I thought about it, and I wanted to ask you for your opinion, but just as I was about to, I remembered that whole S.P.E.W. Business you were trying to promote years ago, and then I realised what I wanted to do with the Malfoy and Black wealth. I wanted to use it for good, because for so long, that wealth has been used for evil agendas. So I set up the Granger – Malfoy Foundation to manage our funds so we can decide how to use the money aside from MCAPPLE, HOME and the SPAH campaign. I decided to surprise you with it. Are you angry? I know that I should have consulted with you about our wealth but I felt that you wouldn't mind this surprise. Am I completely off the mark?"

"No! Oh, Draco, this is the best thing ever. I don't care about your money and your inheritance. I didn't even care that you were leaving it all behind. That's your business, and even as your wife, I have no right to tell you how to use it... But this! This is the best possible way to use your wealth." She said excitedly, hugging him.

"So you don't mind that since I've given it all away for this new project, we won't be living in the lap of luxury as most Malfoys and Blacks have in the past?"

"No, I don't care about living in luxury and all that. The two of us have enough to live and build a family on anyway." Hermione assured him. "Now tell me how you went about organising this."

Draco explained to her how he approached Arthur Weasley, Dumbledore, McGonogall, Snape and Remulus Lupin about his idea, and how they had brainstormed about it for weeks. He told her about contacting Gringotts to organise his inheritance and find out exactly how much he was receiving. Then he told her about the plans to renovate the Malfoy Manor to then H.O.M.E, and how he had sold off all the other properties to set up MC APPLE and to begin the SPAH campaign. By the end of his explanation, Hermione was practically jumping up and down the stool, alternatively hugging Draco and crying in happiness.

"This is the best wedding gift you could have given me, Malfoy." She cried. "And you're right, this is the best legacy you could have left for our children and the future generations of Granger-Malfoys. Oh, Draco, I'm so proud of you!"

Draco pulled her into his arms, relieved and more than happy to see just how supportive she was of his endeavours. They stayed in each other's arms for quite sometime, reveling in satisfaction and pride. They pulled apart when they heard the sound of the kitchen door being pushed open.

"OK, you two, I know you're newly-weds and all and that you're supposed to be all over each other, but you've been here long enough. Fred and George have begun taking bets on just what you're doing in here." Harry said as he burst into the room, keeping his eyes averted just in case Malfoy and Granger were indecently dressed. He didn't think he would recover from the sight of his bestfriend and Malfoy shagging, so he made sure not to look in their direction.

"You can look, Potter. And clean up that dirty mind of yours. What do you think we're up to here, anyway? I was just giving my beautiful wife her wedding present." Draco said in an affronted voice, but winking at Hermione at the same time. If Potter had burst into the door fifteen minutes earlier, Potter would have gotten an eyeful of what he was avoiding seeing now.

Hermione giggled silently, thinking exactly what was on Draco's mind. "Come and see what Draco did for us as wedding present."

Harry finally looked at them, breathing a sigh of relief that the couple were properly dressed. He looked at the documents Hermione handed to him and whistled. "Wow, Malfoy, I'm impressed. This so like Hermione's SPEW project."

"That's where I got the idea." Draco nodded, smiling proudly at his wife.

"Hermione, I think you're having a nasty influence on Malfoy here," Harry teased. "I must say, Malfoy, you've done so many things in the past eight years that would have had Lucius rolling around in his grave, but this takes the cake." Draco laughed. "I wouldn't have been able to put it better than that, Potter."


"So is it really time to go?" Hermione looked at her husband eagerly, then looking at the people who had gathered around the front door of the cafe to see the newly-weds off. They had been trying to leave for the past hour and a half. First, by dropping hints about leaving, claiming that they were tired. When that didn't work, Draco had dragged Hermione into a corner and started kissing her, hoping that people would get the point that they wanted to be alone. They thoroughly enjoyed that but it didn't work either. So finally, Draco approached his bestman, Professor Snape, and told him to clear the room by giving everyone his Snape Glare. The glare didn't work since most of the guest were pretty sloshed, but Snape tapped on his wineglass, calling everyone's attention and telling them that to head for the front door to see the newly-wed couple off. That worked but then everyone wanted to hug and kiss and congratulate the two as they made their way out of the cafe. Thank Merlin they had decided to keep the wedding guest list short, only inviting their closest and dearest. It took another thirty minutes for Draco and Hermione to finally reach the door.

"I think so, Granger. I think everyone's hugged and kissed us." Draco smiled at her. Then he cleared his throat and spoke to the people gathered to see them off. "Thank you all for sharing this very special day with us. Go and enjoy the rest of the party."

With that, he grabbed Hermione's hand and opened the door.

"This is it, Malfoy." She whispered when they were finally out of the cafe.

"What is it?" Draco looked at her.

"My happily ever after. A bit late and a bit unexpected but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way."