UnSpoken Love By: OtakuSailorV

Note:: NOT a mary-sue

He had always hated humans. Always.

There was never once a time that he had liked them or felt any sort of compassion to their weak species. Never.

The feelings had always lived in him. This feeling of empathy, of deep, undying hatred that burned in his eyes, and even seemed to reach out and make the humans themselves aware of his hatred for them.

And it burned in his mind now, piercing out at them through his calm eyes, golden eyes.

He walked forward, down the street, casting his eyes ahead of him, not minding the stares he received from the bewildered humans. They didn't know what he was, they no longer believed that his kind existed. Well, except those few WISE humans, those select few humans that he felt honor for. These humans had known of his race, his kind, for eons. But, as those around them started to forget, to second guess his existence, they had started to close his kind away. Getting rid of the few weaker species of his kind that still existed, and only let those few that had the strength to survive live in this new world where humans ruled and had forgotten those dark days where they were the prey.

Now, the Council of Wise, as they were called among his kind, knew of every one of his species, and where they were. They kept tabs on them, and needed to know when they wanted to marry. The Council confiscated the weapons that had been the tools of the mighty youkai, and had forbidden the use of his powers, lest he cause a disaster, and make himself obsolete.

But he had been allowed to keep his swords. And his identity. . .and. . .his freedom. They never knew where he was, but did not worry. He had given his word not to use the swords. He laughed at that old pact now. What was there to use the swords for? Entertain a pack of lowly humans? He laughed inwardly at such a thought. Giving amusement to a human was the last thing on his agenda.

Then there was the rule that he may not marry a human, no matter the circumstances. It all came from the fact that the Council did not want half- breeds running around. He laughed inwardly again. To marry a human would be sickening, degrading, a human wasn't worthy of a youkai of his stature. And a hanyou child would be nothing but a burden and a disgrace to his bloodline. He needed a strong, full youkai son like himself, not some weak, crossbreed.

But those rules meant nothing to him. He never meant to marry a human, never had even considered the possibility. Clearing the thoughts from his mind, he trudged on.

His eyes didn't even slightly budge as a human male walked past him, staring.

The strange colored eyes.

The markings on his face, forehead, and forearms.

The sharp claws that protruded from his long fingers.

The pointed ears.

Everything about him was totally different from the man, and he stared as he passed, mouth slightly open. He wished in that moment that he was allowed the freedom to kill a human.

* * *

He was searching for something, always searching, he wasn't sure for what though. But, it always seemed one step ahead of him, and he followed this trail that pulled at his senses and moved him around the world until he had come to this city over-ridden with humans.

They all stared at him, and he had yet to see the face or feel the presence of another like himself. Adjusting the swords at his side only briefly, he glanced around the city.

Buildings towered above his head, strong structures that were supposed to represent the power of man. He smirked. One good kick to the foundations, and the building would collapse to the ground. The building was as weak as the man that built it. His kind could easily destroy this building, and many others like it, if they decided to. But they would have to face the Council of Wise, the strongest and cleverest humans, which had powers like their own. And with their diminishing number, that was not soon to come.

The sun was hidden from his view by the foggy haze that existed above the buildings like a dirty bubble. He grimaced as he saw a lone tree growing out of the hard, rock-like world that was built around it. He could tell it was a fake tree, no living one could live in the nasty air that stuck in his throat here, but, it still made him stop when he thought of even a fake tree being in this jungle of steel and concrete. HE wished he could snap it, take out the frustration he was feeling for not being able to find what he thought he was looking for, but it would be strange for someone to snap a tree without effort, so, he passed on his way.

* * *

He was on his way to the outskirts of town. He was nearly out of the heart of the city, when he felt it.

Something, he didn't know what, but something was coming closer.



His heart raced suddenly, something it had not done for 21 years. The last time it had raced this way, was the day that he had left his comfortable dwelling, and started on this quest for an unknown object that called to his soul. Now, it was racing again, beating wildly in his chest until he was sure it would explode before the thing got close enough for him to see.

He turned, his eyes looking among the cars of the humans. He saw their bored faces, some were staring at his wild eyes as he searched them, his mouth slightly open. But not one of them carried the thing he was searching for.

His heart gave another excited flutter as he felt the thing get closer once again. The cars started moving, racing, and looking like one formation.

Suddenly, this wild, happy emotion filled his lungs, and ripped through him until he was laughing. He hadn't laughed since. . .had it been that same day 21 years ago? Yes, it was the same day, the same time. He had laughed suddenly, and felt happier than he had ever been before. Then, shocked, he had gone in search of what had brought him the happiness. But had not found it, and had about given up, until now. . .

He was ecstatic now, he felt new energy rise in him, and he wanted to leap, to shout, to scream, do anything to get the wild emotion out of himself. But he would not let his dignified appearance be shattered. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes, and sighed. He let the emotion subside, though, it still sat in his stomach, tickling and giggling about some secret thing. He looked about. . .searching the metal monsters that the humans drove in. . .and. . .


His eyes moved to a bright, shining light that dazzled even his eyes. He blinked once, but could not get his eyes off the light. It came from a car, a humans car, but it was still. . .so. . .he wasn't exactly sure WHAT it was. . .but. . .he had to find out!!

Without moving away from the on-looking humans, he bent his knees, and sprang into the air. He hovered high above the ground for a minute before kicking his legs, and, as if he had bounced off a wall, took flight through the air.

The wild energy came in handy now for the frantic way he ran. But, the light seemed still miles ahead of him, and he moved his legs faster and faster as he ran on the sides of buildings, jumped on the hoods of cars, hopped from street lamp to street lamp, and did not pay any mind to the ogling humans below.

He had run for what seemed forever, but the light still stayed ahead.

He saw it turn around a corner, saw the car, studied only briefly the human inside, the license plate, the color of the beastly machine, before it was gone around the corner. His heart gave a warning, frustrated groan, and he sped his way to the corner.

He stopped, and came back to the sidewalk, as he turned the corner though.

The light, the car, the girl, they had all. . .vanished. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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