Blue Seed

Rewritten by Alecia Denegar

The New Girl

It dates back to about 15 years ago. A little baby sat in front of a huge green monster known as an aragami. It was as huge as a skyscraper. It looked much like a plant with a blue looking seed at the canter of the head. There must have been about eight aragami there. The little baby boy had green hair with a little green dot at the center of his head. Behind him was a man lying dead. But next to the man lie a little baby girl. She looked much like the boy. The aregomi spoke. "You shall protect Kushinada. Using these 7 mitama's. Protect her." They then put the mitama's on the baby. They soon left leaving the little baby girl and the dead man. The little girl began to cry for she was alone. Then another aregomi came, but this one seemed female. "How dare he leave such a girl to her death!" yelled the aragami. "You little one will kill Kusanagi and the Kushinada to save this world. You understand." The little baby stopped crying "I am sorry, but you will only be given 5 mitama's." she gave them to the girl. "Become stronger, seek out your brother and kill him, Katie, and Momiji. I know I'll die but it'll kill all these evil aragami in the world."
15 years later in the city of Tokyo.
"Ring!" went off an alarm clock.
"Oh no! I m going to be late!" yelled a girl. She jumped out of bed and into the bathroom. She had long brown hair and was late for school again. Her name is Momiji Fugimia. She got dressed and ran out the door for school. "I'm going to be late" she thought in her head. She ran down a path to school. It was a beautiful day. It was spring and the beautiful Cherry Blossom's were in full bloom.
"What's the big hurry?" asked a boy jumping down from the trees. He wore a red coat, blue baggy jeans and a black shirt. He had green hair and blue seeds all over his body.
"Kusanagi I m trying to get to school," said Momiji. She ran down the road to a big building mad of brick. She ran inside and into her classroom on the 3rd floor.
"Few, I made it in time," said Momiji sitting down by the window. The teacher walked in and stood in front of the class.
"Hello students," he said kindly. "We have a new student today." Everyone started whispering. "Quit, she's a transfer student from California and will be staying for the rest of the school year till further notice." He looked around the room to see if any one was paying attention. Half of them were. "Now give a warm welcome to Cat." Almost everyone was trying to laugh under there breath. The girl entered the room. She had green hair in a ponytail. It was cute short so it spiked out. She wore a green uniform like everyone else. And seemed to be really nice. "You can sit next to Momiji, she's over there in the back by the window." She walked over to her seat next to the girl.
"Hi, my name is Momiji," said Momiji happily.
"Please to meet you Momiji," said Cat. Kusanagi was outside the window in a tall tree watching.
"Who's she?" he mumbled. Class started and everyone went to work. When the bell rang for lunch everyone want to go grab there lunches. Momiji was about to go get hers, but the teacher stopped her.
"Momiji, how about you show Cat around the School," he asked.
"Well sure," she answered. She walked over to Cat. "Hey would you like me to show you the school?"
"Why not," said Cat.
"I don't trust her," thought Kusanagi. "She seems to be giving off some sort of power." Momiji showed Cat the school and they became friends.
"Hey, would you like to stop by my house?" asked Cat.
"Um...well..." said Momiji, unsure.
"Please," said Cat with puppy dog eyes.
"Well I guess so," said Momiji. "Kusanagi will understand that I want to go over to a friends house," thought Momiji. After school Cat waited for Momiji at the exit of the building. Momiji came out; Kusanagi was waiting for her by his usual tree. He jumped down to walk her home. He looked over to wear she was. She was going the wrong direction and with that girl.
"What is she doing?" said Kusanagi following them in the trees.
"So you have moved here and are staying!" said Momiji with joy.
"Yeah," said Cat "My mom's business was moved out here so we're staying for at least 5 years."
"Cool," said Momiji "So what is it like in America?"
"Well it is kind of like Japan," said Cat "There are cities and then suburbs. But I like it here better. It's so beautiful. I've been wishing to come here almost all my life." They walked out of the park and into the city.
"What's going on!" thought Kusanagi. "It's only going to be harder to follow them, with no trees." They went to a dangerous side of town and Kusanagi was getting worried.
"So you live here," said Momiji.
"Yeah," said Cat "My mom isn't rich so it's hard to pay the bills even in America."
"Oh," said Momiji.

Hey every one what did you think of the fic so far. I m not much of a writer who bases it on one character. But this one I will. If I do with my other one tell me. But anyway I thought it would be cool to type one about Blue Seed. It's coming slowly, but I hope it'll speed up. Keep reading and it'll be fun. (That sounded wrong) Oh, and don't for get to read my other fic Worlds (the name was random so go with it). It my sound gay but it's really good. ^_^x