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"Aren't you a little young for a bounty hunter? Preteens should keep their noses out of others business." A haggard, half-drunk man with a mullet and wearing a colorful strange T-shirt with a peace sign on it; yells at me as I stand-off with him in the middle of the windy, yet warm alley.

The Venusian air blows the sweet fragrance of flowers that mysteriously grow in its depths. Obviously he has no idea who he is dealing with. I smile and take an offensive stance, the wind in the alley shifts and blows trash and debris.

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you old man, you should be in a nursing home instead of making a horrible attempt at counterfeiting cash cards." Ok, so that was lame, but in spite of what people think, ex syndicate, I am not that good at intimidating people, especially when it comes to trash talking, I suck.

"You scare me, really you do, bring it on you little pissant, what are you going to do?!" The thirty-nine year old heavy set man charges at me with a bent lead pipe, his long dirty mullet fanning out like a muddy tree branch behind him. He swings at me but I sidestep him and slam down my elbow into his spinal cord. He yells out in pain and turns to attack again, he raises the pipe over his head and tries to crash it into my skull.

"Bad move." I grab his right arm before he can finish his attack and with a swift motion with my left hand I chop him in the neck pressure-point, rendering him unconscious. My teal eyes flame up with the surge of the finale, I enjoy fighting, not killing, but bounty hunting is a great way of relieving the urge to fight without hurting someone or something important.

"Hey Jet I got him I'm coming to the Bebop." I click the communicator and sigh, dragging the unsightly man on the pavement and into the back seat of my sleek black syndicate-standard zip craft, making sure his feet and hands are bound.

My eyes look at a barrel-fire across from me, and I remember that day, the syndicate incident. if there was one day I could live over and change, that day would be up there. I close the doors of my zip craft and press on the accelerator and lift off towards Bebop, I'm glad we can finally get off Venus. I dislike flowers, they remind me of people grieving in front of coffins.

I expertly maneuver my thin, Lamborghini inspired, zip craft across the polluted Venus sky-scape. The man groans in the back seat as I land on Bebop, docked and waiting in the calm water. The hangar door opens and I catch on the connector and stop abruptly. I still haven't quite gotten the hang of this thing yet.

I wave to Jet in the hangar, dragging the bounty into the common-room and handcuffing his wrists to the piping, I turn back and walk to the hangar where I saw Jet. It looks like he needs help with the Hammerhead, which was damaged a couple days ago. I grin as I see the old cop hunched over his 'pride and joy' making sure everything on it works properly.

As I run my hand through my pushed back black hair, my teal eyes watch Jet as he meticulously welds parts back onto his Hammerhead which was damaged in the last bounty hunt. It has been 10 months since the incident at the Syndicate compound, and my life; all our lives, haven't been the same since. Faye seems to always be in the back of my mind, lingering there.

Like a spring rain.

"Hey Shin-o nice job, 4 million woolongs! Hey canya hand me that wrench over there?" I pull out of my stupor and smile at the slightly senile cop. I pass him the wrench and he turns back around to repair. My zip craft still carries the scars of that night; the scorch marks still mar the sleek black surface. I lean back against its hull, my life has changed since that day I ran into Faye in the Callisto apartment building.

"Hey Shin, I'm about done, lets have some dinner, go get Ed she is around here somewhere with Ein." Jet is an example of how people have changed, not to say that I knew him when Vicious was alive, not to mention when Spike was. The old cop, well ex cop, changed after Spikes death, I can tell.

"Sure. Ill go look for her, she is probably in the common room."

He told me when they found Spike's body in a sewage drain half a mile from the
syndicate compound, that the ISSP rejoiced profusely in finding one of the most elusive Syndicate fugitives in history, dead. Needless to say, Jet never talked to his old cop buddies ever again. When Faye saw that the ISSP celebrated Spike's death, she took her glock and shot holes in the screen of the TV.

When Faye saw that they celebrated Vicious' death with equal fervor, she kicked the TV in with her boots and wasn't seen for five days. She changed drastically after Vicious died, she didn't sleep much, she never wore any make-up and she even stopped smoking and gambling. Though the smoking I'm not complaining about, it is as if she died. I miss the Faye that had emotion and hobbies and…the fire about her.

They never found Vicious' body, it most likely incinerated in the fire and explosion; the ISSP rejoiced even more than when Spike died. Jet didn't say a word, not a 'good riddance' or 'about time' not even a 'stupid bastard'; yet he wasn't saying anything against the ISSP either. I just don't think he really knew what to say. I don't know why he didn't, perhaps Vicious just wasn't worth it to Jet. Or perhaps it was just that Faye loved him so much. I sure didn't say anything, I don't even know my opinion of the guy.

I walk down the rotating corridor; it has taken me a while to adapt to the Bebop. I usually just stayed on the planet Mars; that is where I was stationed, back when I was in the Syndicate. I never really liked the Syndicate, but my run-in with Daemon that night made me realize how much of a twisted, corrupt, vile system the Syndicate is.

Daemon told me everything about Vicious' family, how they were murdered, who murdered them, and how Spike helped out. I know why Vicious killed Mao; he killed his father, pure and simple. And I think might have Mao deserved it, Mao was not the warm person everyone thought of him to be...I had seen him when his façade was off, when he was with the elders. It frightened me that someone I could trust so completely; was so secretive and manipulative. He used Annie, I know. He was like a father to her and he used her to spread his 'warm' façade to the other members since she was so loved by the others.

I have learned too late that it is the honest people who are the most easy to hate.

"Shin-Shin! Look I found a Chia pet online for Jet-person, Ed only has to add water for
the grass to grow!!" The wind is knocked out of me as the exuberant Ed tackles me and Ein looks at me with his tongue lolling out. I pick up Ed by the collar of her shirt and place her on the ground beside me. I feel my slanted teal eyes widen as she shows me a picture of a small clay animal growing grass on its body.

"Ed, that is a chia-pet? It is an animal... not a bonsai like Jet's old ones." Ed nods. Apparently, Vicious chopped up all of Jet's trees when Jet tried to turn in Vicious for a bounty. When I heard that all I could do was laugh, Jet didn't think it was funny though, he didn't cook me dinner.

Ed cartwheels around the room energetically and then leaps up and proceeds to put Tomato on her head and run about the common room, just like the animal on the screen, supposedly it is a horse. I can see why Faye wanted me to stay on Bebop with Jet he needs help with Ed. I remember a conversation I had with Jet one night


'Shin, want a cigarette?' Jet offers me as he puts one in his mouth and lighting it as the smoke tendrils float upward. I just stare out the Bebop window into space, looking at Mars from space.

'Sorry, no thanks.' He looks at me and shrugs as he exhales, both of us looking out the Bebop window down at Mars. I don't see how Faye could have returned to Mars, Even if she isn't in Tharsis; Mars brings back so many unpleasant feelings. Seeing Mars only makes me angry.

'Why did you stay here with me, even after Faye left, why bother to stay with a burned out cop and a hyperactive child?' I turn and his gray blue eyes look into mine and I almost flinch as I am reminded of Vicious' eyes. I formulate and answer as I grin.

'Faye told me to, truthfully. She felt like if I was around that it would be like old times with you and Spike. That you would just think of me as Spike and so would Ed.' Jet looks at me sternly.

'Shin, you are not Spike, and I will never think of you as Spike because you have something that Spike didn't have. You have the innocence and strength to realize what is reality, and what is not. You helped me see that, I guess...so did...Vicious...but you are a much different person than he was.' He paused trying to collect his words

'You are alive, Spike was just a shell, a empty version of a half erased man who didn't know that there was more than one way to wake up from his dream. There is a reason why my Indian chief friend gave him his name swimming bird, he swam instead of flying, he dreamt instead of living. He was one hell of a guy either way though...I miss the son of a bitch. He may have been a shell but I'm proud to call him a friend.'


"Shin, man you have been staring out that window for ten minutes now, surely Ganymede is not that pretty to look at." I snap from my stupor to a steaming bowl of bell peppers and beef, without the beef. I sigh, some things I bet never change. I sit down on the vinyl yellow couch across from Jet who is eating silently, Ed is eating while playing a game on her Tomato, Ein is scratching his ears while munching on the same food we are eating. Vicious' dog, now Faye's, used to scratch her mauled ear also.

"Sorry Jet, my mind has been wandering today, it's unlike me. I'm usually very alert, but now...it is as if—"

"Your senses are dulled and you don t know why. It happened to me a long time ago too. Alisa is her name, she lives right here too, right here on Ganymede." I see Jet sigh, but surely he can't be thinking this about Faye and I.

"With all due respect; I don't see what that has to do with me." I state in a very syndicate manner, I tend to revert back into that when I feel defensive I guess. No matter how hard I try cannot deny the fact that the syndicate is a prominent part of my past and how I turned out. Yet, that doesn't seem to matter now, Faye is back on Mars, working, 'trying to collect the pieces of herself she lost,' or so she says. She is an exotic dancer and I hope Jet doesn't find out, she told me to tell him that she is a waitress.

"Faye. I can tell the way you looked at her, the way your eyes widened every time hers narrowed. It is not too late you know, you can't still go back to her..." I frown, but my eyes let seep through precious teal emotion. I wish Jet would just stay out of my business.

"Jet, drop it." I icily hissed at him with old syndicate perfection. He looked taken aback as I walked by him, out to the deck of Bebop leaving a whirlwind behind me. I stepped out to see the clean air of Ganymede, much better than Venus I am glad we docked here after turning in that bounty.

The water lapped at the sides of the Bebop hull rhythmically and I felt myself becoming at ease with this satellite. I stand at the precipice of the deck look out at the birds flying, the children laughing on the shore, the people trading, the sun shining in the cerulean sky, complemented by the turquoise sea.

The weather is picture prefect, but I'm not.

There are just too many loose ends that I have not tied. No matter how much a say that Faye left me because she does not love me, I can't let go of that shred of hope that she does, and it is slowing driving me insane. My teal eyes scan the water as I see a fish flop out of the sparkling quilt of blue and back into its depths. This is just too picture-perfect to me. I can't live in a place that always is in a better mood than I. I need to take a nap. Hanging my head low, I begin to wonder if Lin and I just stuck to the adoption agency instead of pick-pocketing in the streets that led us to Spike and Vicious, who led us to the Syndicate, that life would have been better.

I walk back into the rotating hall of bebop, the halls now dark and dingy compared to the outside. I can see why Faye left to go to Phoenix on Mars. Phoenix is a large city, about an hour zip craft flight from Tharsis. In phoenix, it is a lot better than Tharsis, there are no Syndicates and so the murder rate is pretty low.

I walk back into my room, unseen by Jet and Ed and plop uselessly onto my bed. The worn blanket envelopes my head slightly and I feel my slanted eyes tug together. Just as I was about to fall asleep, a strangely familiar beeping occurred. It is as if the beeping is out of a dream or movie I saw.

Bip Beeep bip beep beep bip

That is my old Syndicate communicator, no one alive knows that number, it was back when Spike and Vicious were alive, and my brother. I flip off my bed and searched through the cardboard box under my collapsing bed. Very curious and extremely irritated that I just didn't through the old piece of junk away in the first place, I press a button.

"Who are you and how did you get this number?!!" I yell sternly into the communicator, my eyes turning into small blades of green. If this is Daemon trying to recruit me to his new syndicate he has another thing coming. Yet, the voice that answered back was the one voice that I thought I would never hear again.

"Shin, you gave me this number." Short, to the point and cold, yet hints of humor under-laying the ice. I felt the room spin around me and my eyes widen, Vicious is alive. The damn icicle just wont die. I slowly wonder to myself, am I glad he's alive?



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