"Die you fuck!" I shriek loudly across the echoing red-dressed hallway, my side dripping viscous blood onto the white laced black marble. Yet my shrill yell has no effect on this malevolent visage, shrouded in ebony hair darker than the marble itself, and just as cold. His sharp eyes pierce at me like a falcon on a cloudy day just finding its prey. I glare back at him as the itching feeling of liquid dripping down my right leg irritates me.

"Come now Faye, did you really expect to beat me, much less escape unscathed? I am being easy on you because I might want you for certain….services later." He holds the sniper rifle from the stair landing, pooled in crimson carpeting. The morning sun is streaming in through the side, making the air look streaked and fuzzy…or perhaps it is my eyes that are deceiving me.

"Take a good look now Daemon, I'm the last person you'll ever see." I finger the long stiletto in my slender, blood stained fingers. I just need to hold him off, that's all…My life depends on it, not to mention Vicious' also. I feel my lungs drop when I think of his name; I left him there, against who knows how many people with uzis and other guns…and I can't forget Spike. what a selfish bitch I am. If I find out that Vicious was killed I'll…no. I cannot think that way; he has to be alive. Vicious has always prevailed; he has always won; he wouldn't die on me when I need him most.

He better not, he promised me!

"Faye. You are truly foolish bitch aren't you? Vicious is dead. Spike is dead; there is no way either of them would be alive after I hired all those men to shoot down the survivor! If I were you, I'd cut short my losses and join me. You'd be well taken care of, of cour—" I cut him off, how dare he even suggest such a thing. I try to run toward him, but the bullet in my side prevents me from moving quickly. I am so tired of people thinking of Vicious as nothing more than a serial killer, I wish Vicious would just come in and prove him right.

"I would NEVER join you, you sadistic little fuck! And Vicious is alive, you could never ever beat him ever!" With that my hand clutches my only means of self defense, the stiletto, with a white-knuckled grip. Vicious, you couldn't have died, not when we have come this far. I wont let Daemon ruin this; I won't let anyone ruin what we have fought so desperately to hold onto…our little shred of happiness.

Not even Spike will stand in our way of my cliché romantic novel ending.

"Ah denial, how sweet my little violet haired Vixen," He walks down the steps with a tall, straight posture that makes me take a subconscious step backwards. "Yes that is it, fear me, I wont deny it, I love it when they fear me." His coaxing voice fills the air with a potent arsenic taste. I snarl at the thought of fearing him as I stand as tall as I can with my bullet injury leaking blackish blood onto the marble…

Great…black blood…2 shots to the liver.

"Fear this." I bet he forgot I even had the stiletto when he threw it at me. Yet, I bet he is regretting that he forgot now as the blade leaves my dark-crimson fingers and rips through the air like a silver bullet. My pink lips turn into a victorious smirk as his coal eyes widen and sink down to the blade that is sticking from his chest like an expertly stabbed acupuncture needle. Yet my celebration does not last long, this is his second time being stabbed with the same knife, and I bet it won't stop him this time either. He leaves the knife in his chest and lifts the sniper rifle up that he plucked from the sniper in the room Vicious was earlier in.

"You just have to have things the hard way. Hard-headed women are so difficult." He lifts the rifle up to his shoulder, click the necessary safety and aim. You know, now that I really think about it, why do they call it a safety? Because once you click the safety, you pretty much are assured you are no longer safe. Man, why am I thinking of this crap now?! Why doesn't anything ever work out a way I fucking want it to? I mean, they say life passes before your eyes before you die, but damn, mine is just plain depressing. Right as I am about to kiss my worthless ass goodbye, I see a glimpse of silver flicker like a candle in the wind behind Daemon.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiing thit

a katana clangs against the rifle like a silvery whip and Daemon turns behind him quickly only to see death starring him back in the face. Daemon then takes his rifle and points it at the entity with a power rivaling Siva, only to realize that the rifle had been diced in three pieces, falling to the marble making a cacophony of noise as the barrel clanged down the black marble steps.

If death had a noise, and a face, and had a man pissing his pants, it would be this instance.

"Hey, you're late." I frown. Vicious regards me with a small grin. And yes, I notice the blossoming blood stains all over his body, but I sighed in relief anyway. Vicious looked absolutely livid. His silver eyes gleamed like twin icicles on the roof of a stone castle during a blizzard. Yup, many people would at this moment, throw their arms around their man that they are so proud of because they look like a God standing up there. Well, since my life, like I said, is so depressing, I can hardly move because of my sickening amount of blood loss, and Vicious well, he doesn't look anything near a god.

Nope. He is an angel fell from heaven and embodiment of the season Winter itself. And am I complaining, hell no! Any woman can say that their man is a God, or a Loser, or a Slack, or a horny Idiot, but only I can say that my man can wield an outdated weapon while speaking Italian and scaring the piss out of a guy named Daemon.

"How did you survive? Did Spike help you? Did you make amends and join forces?" Daemon takes a step back, and I look at Vicious as his visage comes into full light. He isn't showing any type of anger, and that is how you know he is angry. His lips are in a slight up-curl and his eyes are thin and luminous.

"Amends? Sorry. I'm not forgiving type. Unfortunate." Vicious, clearly the more heavily wounded of the two, takes a step foreword, and Daemon takes a step back, grabbing the stiletto from his chest and throwing the knife with a deadly force at Vicious. Yet, I can tell Vicious was prepared for this as he deflects the stiletto with his katana with a flick of the wrist. I watch the knife cartwheel through the air and implant itself in the desk near the shattered window, in front of the imposter Julia's corpse.

Vicious, like winter, takes a step foreword, his blood dripping onto the marble. It feels as if he is pushing a relieving gust of cool air my way; I somehow feel more alive. He is here, I reassure myself, and it doesn't matter how slim my survival rate is; he is here and I don't care if I die now; I get to see him one last time. His sliver crescent eyes orbit across mine and I feel as if I could just run and touch him, be held by him. It's not if I feel alone, or I feel more complete around him, its as if we finally made it to the finish line together and all I want us to do is coast. Vicious has this wonderful ability to take me out of reality and into a place where I can be content and happy no matter what the circumstance.

And that alone is enough for me, but he can surprise me like now and just steal me up like some damsel in distress like some trashy romantic novel. Isn't it ironic, that my life is ending up like some horrible tragic, yet cliché romantic novel? I don't know, if my life has to be a romance novel to stay with Vicious; So be it!

"Stay back Vicious, for your own fucking good, you are practically dying right in front of me. You can't kill me, and you sure as hell can't save this wench no matter what you try. You failed. You are a failure!" Daemon's dark eyes sharpen as he retreats to a hasty stance that looks roughly offensive, his only weapon are his fists and feet. Vicious pauses; but then takes another step foreword, a grim frown plays on his countenance.

Daemon's dark eyes reveal a weakness, he isn't ready and Vicious knows it. Daemon isn't ready to fight to the death, he is cowardly, chasing after me, or hatching evil plans to kill Spike and Vicious with one swift blow so he could his life with no worries about if one ever wanted to exact revenge. I clutch my side as another wave of pain rushes past me like many razor blades.

"You're no longer cool and con—fident. You are afraid. Of me, Of dying, before you could taste the power that you des—ired for so long. How pathetic." Vicious coolly bit at Daemon's collapsing defenses, with his failing icy voice. I feel like I am watching some movie, it doesn't seem real, my pain doesn't seem real. I don't want to believe what is happening is reality, until I see a person, barely visible in the shadow.

The scant light flickers off his robotic arm, and I see his slowly aging face, shrouded in his thinning black hair. He looks at me from behind Vicious, and his gray eyes are filled with regret and empathy. And then a wave of pain envelops me and I clutch my side harshly, mentally wishing the blood to rush back into my body instead of onto the black marble floor.

"And you? You are not winning either. This wasn't the ending you wanted. You wanted to face Spike for the last battle, and walk away with a few scars and your whore. But I took that from you! Nothing in this life, this Syndicate, this planet is free; you take my future I take yours! You took my Syndicate, my plans, my money; I took your friends, your past and your whore." Daemon was stepping backwards still, closer to me, and I knew that what he said was true.

He took so many things from Vicious, from me too. He gave us Spike only to rip him away from me, and when Vicious and I were together, he slowly tore us apart…but we came back together. And as long as I can help it, we will stay this way. I look Vicious right in his shining silver eyes and smirked. I methodically bring my legs into a kneel, and stand, tall, behind Daemon our foe, ignoring the pain in my side, ignoring all reason and Jet's hand motions screaming 'No!'.

"Daemon, you cow—ard, you thief, you conniving murder—er… I do suggest you—run. You yellow bastard!" I spit each word like venom, though I did gasp for breath for some in between. He turns a fraction and regards me comically at first, taking pleasure in my pain as I notice I am still clutching my side as I stand tall, but then his eyes catch mine, and his dark gaze turns as serious as stone. Vicious' eyes reveal a pain that I wish I could have missed, because seeing him sad because of my fuck-ups, I cannot deal with.

Not now.

"Foolish woman, you are the coward, you ran from your love when he was battling Spike and the Syndicate men, and you call me a coward? You have disgraced all your pathetic friends, including the dead one Shin. Now tell me who the coward is?" My emerald eyes pool with unshed tears, yet I still stand tall, my disheveled violet hair shifts and the only reason why I don't let those tears fall is because my mascara might smear, and I couldn't allow Jet to make fun of me now. I blink back the tears with skill only a woman who has seen too much could, and I take an all too familiar stance, shifting my left foot foreword and bringing my arms from my side into small fists by my side.

Spike taught me how to survive; Vicious taught me how to live.

"Faye don't, stand down." Vicious' normal, sharp, sword like voice is gone, replaced by a voice that I could only describe as falling snow. Yet I look at him, the determination in my visage is evident, I will not let myself be the damsel in distress now! I grit my teeth and Daemon turns fully to look at me, stuck between an angel of death, and me.

"Did you not hear me the first time?! The coward is you!" I snarl as I push off my right foot, then my left and with a long, swooping kick I make crippling contact with his left side sending him throttling to the right like a punching bag. My leg throbs in pain as I finish the kick, and swing my body in a tight twirl around to kick him with a high left. His head slings to the side as my kick connects to his temple, and my own blood gurgles, complains and gushes to the marble like a paint to a canvas. Daemon lies on the floor a few yards away from me, recuperating slowly; I barely even noticed that my back was to Vicious until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

And it felt real. It felt warm and it felt safe even though the weight of his hand on my shoulder indicated he was leaning on me slightly. I turn my now teary eyes to him, his eyes dive into mine like they never have before, and I did the only thing a girl knew what to do…I cried.

I turned and cried into his shoulder because I knew at that moment that everything we worked to hard to achieve has been ripped away by some selfish money hungry syndicate idiot. It was so unfair, for three years Shin, Vicious and I were doomed to fail, doomed to be nothing more than acquaintances or enemies…but we pulled through it. We showed fate that we were stronger than that. Shin, Vicious and Faye were not ordinary names to be cast out into space like cosmic dust circling a satellite. Yet we failed in the end, fate beat us out, we lost and I don't want to believe it's over.

My heart clenches to the fact that our future was never taken from us, because we never had it to begin with. I can start no family with Vicious, Vicious can never teach our children how to defend themselves, I cannot look into Shin's eyes and laugh like we were lifelong friends. I can do none of those things! And I can't be angry, I can't be frustrated, I can't be any of those things because anger and frustration are too shallow to be the feeling that is pulling me down like a ship in a whirlpool…I feel complete desolation.

"Cry not Faye, please. It is not over quite yet." Vicious whispers in my ear, I half expected that he didn't want to see me cry, but that is not what he said "Do not cry over what is inevitable, I am still by your side, can you not smile?" I couldn't believe that he said those words. Those words bounce me back so far…

/If I go crazy then would you still call me superman
If I'm alive then well would you be there holding my hand
I'll take you by my side with my super human mind

"Hold—my hand Faye." I did as I was told, I grasp onto his left hand like it is the only thing rooting me to this world. And it probably is. Vicious' alabaster face and silver hair, streaked with blood, duplicated in his silver eyes is the only sight that I can see now as we both walk foreword together, the grip on his katana is statuesque steady. Daemon looks up to us as if he wanted nothing more to claw the faces from our sculls. But we will give him no such pleasure. Oh that is not to say we won't die; it is to say that the last thing we will give fate, is what it wants: a death by the hand that it sent to destroy us with.

"YOU WILL PAY!" Daemon shot up at me like a panther, but with a sharp arching motion black eyes shining, ebony matted hair slung back, and a few sounds of something metal striking something hard and wet, his body came down, supported on his arms barely, blood swayed from the base of his neck, but the main artery was missed.

"ack..kk…ak…ka a..."Daemon spurted like a mantra to rid the world of us. I looked to Vicious, and he was grinning, like the grin I could imagine the devil having on his face if he realized that all the angels were sinners in white robes.

"Oops. Did I miss?" Vicious took another powerful swing and this time not only was his artery slashed wide open, but his head rolled to the side like a coconut from a short tree. I turn from the carnage that Vicious painted, only to reencounter the pain that I felt earlier…the bullet wounds in my liver. I crashed down to the floor, my black blood flows from me like a stream, and I don't know how I could have ignored it for so long. Vicious kneels down beside me too, I notice all the bullet wounds in his flesh, I know that his previous wounds from Vincent are not fully healed either. It was then I collapsed all together and my straining legs were crumpled beside me like discarded wings.

"I'm sorry. Perhaps things would have been for the best…if I didn't go to that bar looking for you in Callisto… we have been alive, instead of dying in some syndicate complex…" I looked into his eyes, they register surprise and a flood of hurt and pain, turning them cerulean silver. I was hurting too. it took a lot to say that, the truth. I don't know how this turned so wrong. Then I felt a strong arm come around me, which surprises me because I thought all of Vicious' strength was gone. I look into his eyes again, they look as if he is staring into a fog and trying to focus on a single tree.

"Are you saying, you would rather be with Spike? Shin?" It was my turn to be shocked, Did he think I meant it that way? Of course not. If Spike ended up being the victor in the battle a few minutes ago, I would have killed Spike myself. If Shin ended up being here beside me instead of Vicious, I would have given up by now.

Only Vicious gives me the power to live and to keep living. I put my hand to the side of his face and kiss him on his lips, not hungrily, passionately nor sadly. I kissed him with the forbidden love that I want to live forever on this planet, to be written down in every book, blown into every cloud, thrown into every stream, whispered into every ear, that forbidden love can occur, that it can thrive, if only for a short while. And as the metallic and sweet kiss lasted, the only thing I could think of is how this all started, with one simple bounty head…I know that fate had us dancing in its twisted hand.

"Never. I can only love you, idiot." I whisper as I break off the kiss, but I feel like he got the message regardless. "I love you, I don't know why, or how, but I do. And if I could go back in time, to the point where I was in that bar, I wouldn't have followed you, If I had known you would die here because of me." My voice is barely above a hoarse whisper, but I know he heard me when he took me into his arms, fading every moment with the strength he had been hoarding, so that my head was on his shoulder, and his was on my shoulder.

"If you had not followed me, I would be dead in that apartment on Callisto, remember the man that came in? He would have shot me in my sleep. I'd much rather die like this, with you in my arms, and my katana filled with its desire of blood, than in a cold apartment alone. You saved me, don't fucking regret it." Vicious whispers in my ear, and I don't understand why he is speaking to me so nicely, so kindly. I thought at first he was just doing to console me, but then I realized that…his body, drenched in blood, has changed. I have changed him. His wintry body, the body that smells like snow, is loosing that scent, perhaps it's my immense blood loss, but I think we are changing. It's our spring. I clutch onto him tighter, and I hear his katana clatter to the floor behind me like a overlooked toy.

"I love you Faye Valentine, It makes no sense to me why, but I do. I hope that we can meet again. That fate will be kinder to us in the next time around, because I know that I am not fit for a heaven, and that you would make a very spiteful angel." I whack him slightly for that, and I could feel his smirk. I pull back, looking into his eyes, and I start laughing lightly at first, then I just couldn't stop. I just kept laughing, and apparently, the laugher is contagious, because he starts to chuckle a little too. And we both end up laughing, as much as our collapsing lungs permit us, because we both laugh in the face of whatever after-life has to throw at us, reincarnation, heaven, hell…who cares, we survived this far, and endured this much pain, whatever after life throws at us will be like pissing into the ocean to us.

"Perhaps, this is what love is supposed to be, illogical and stupid." I mutter slightly, because love makes no sense, and it always arrives and leaves right when you don't want it to, its fickle, not like winter or summer that you can count on to be hot or cold, but like spring that can be either or, an ending or a beginning, and I guess it is our ending. That is when I heard footsteps come up from behind me, and I felt Vicious' head move up and his shaking hand grasp his fallen katana in a pointless attempt to protect me.

"I'm sick of watching you two. I called the paramedics; they are coming just give them a moment. I don't know what kind of story to tell them, considering that Spike and about twenty men are dead outside, not to mention the decapitated freak over there, but hang on you can make it." Jet announces, and I retract out of my little reality to face him, my pained emerald eyes bore into his fuzzy gray blue ones. I know I wont survive this, my eyesight is fading, and I know Vicious' is too because he is looking to the left of where Jet is actually standing, thinking he is there.

"Jet, you are a great guy, and thanks for calling them, but I think it's too late." I cough out a bit of blood, actually unbeknownst to me it had been dribbling down my chin for a while know, I'm glad Vicious didn't tell me it was there.

"Don't talk like it is over, there is still time goddamnit don't give up on me, because I won't give up on you. Move it!" He steps closer to me, his feet clack on the marble like the tick, tock of a clock. I feel Vicious visibly straighten, though on the ground in a heap of blood and marble, he looks like a wounded animal, a silvery wolf, not a rising threat.

I know Jet will never give up, he is the black dog after all, but we aren't letting go, we aren't moving on, we are simply living out our last minutes the way we need to live them, together, yet alone, collapsed in blood on a black marble floor. We didn't ask for this ending, but I am glad that the story lasted this far, that the little 10 month interval where we both thought the other was dead was not the ending.

"Cop, stop right…there. You know full well tha—t I won—t survi—ve."Vicious' breathing came in strained labored pants. "Ma—ke sure they che—ck Faye first. I failed to protect her, and that will live on my honor as a black smear." Vicious stated with a dismal expression on his face, blood has been running down his chin too, but I won't say anything, it shouldn't be said. His eyes seem to blink in and out of focus as if willing them to see. I suddenly grow angry. He shouldn't feel guilty damnit! I am a grown woman, Vicious, I can take care of myself. Don't feel guilty because you told me not to feel guilty you hypocrite! Then Jet's voice from behind me startles me.

"Don't feel guilty. This situation was not just your fault, it was Spike's, Shin's Mine and a little of Faye's too. We were careless, not because you neglected her or some bullshit like that. Don't feel like your honor is compromised because you damn well know that this was all a huge mistake that no one could foresee." Vicious looks at him with a skeptical stare.

"Don't feel to blame when circumstances get out of control, or become too controlled, I learned that the hard way." Jet's somber voice seems to leap across the room, drowning in the marble, I know he is talking about Alisa, I almost forgot about how she betrayed him, after Shin told him about how suspicious she was. I grin weakly, more blood spurts from my mouth and I cough. Vicious pulls me into his warm, red embrace and I realize how comfortable this feels, how the pain has dissipated and I can't feel anything anymore. My body feels numb, but I have never felt happier, I lay my head on his broad, muscular, bloody chest and listen to his faint, slow heart beats.

"Alright Jet, I won't feel guilty then, but I did believe that things would work out differently." Vicious' clean, silky voice reverberates in his chest like the falling snow, though since his voice is fainter, the snowing must be stopping. I look into his eyes, and see the silver looking down on me like stars, and his stunning silver hair flanking his alabaster face like a halo. I ignore the blood on his face and hair, it is not important. I know that his beautiful chiseled face of thawing winter was the last thing I want to see. I close my emerald eyes slowly, the lids collapsing like a curtain after the final act of a play. The deep voice of Jet behind me only comes out as a distant thunder.

"Don't close your eyes….Faye wake up please stay with me!" Yet I really don't understand what he is saying. All I can think of is how wonderful this feels, I can't move my arms, my legs, my head, but that doesn't matter because I feel weightless, suspended in an everlasting sea with Vicious. I can still smell him, and I hear his heartbeats, I know he is there.

"I love you Vicious Inverno." I whisper out. I don't think he heard me, but I tried to say it as loud as possible.

"Ti amo anche, Faye Vallentine."I hear his voice one last time, and I hear his heart beat one last faint time. Yet his clear silver, voice is still reverberating in my chest like the last snowflake falling from the eternally silver sky. Eternal…Eternal is such a bad word to describe life, because everything has an end, unfortunately. This is Vicious' and my end, some might think it came too soon, some might think the story should have never happened at all. All I know is that I am in the arms of the one person whom I love more than any story or ending, and that is all that matters.

That is my Eternity.

-You are here alone again
In your sweet insanity
All too calm you hide yourself from reality
Do you call it solitude?
Do you call it liberty?
When all the world turns away
And leaves you lonely
The fields are filled with desires
All voices crying for freedom
But all in vain
They all fade away
There's only you to answer you


Imblinded mind
You are singing
A glorious halleluiah
The distant flutter
Of angels
They're all too far
Too far to reach


I am here alone again
In your sweet serenity
Hoping will never find me in any place
I will call it solitude
When all my songs fade in vain
Fly my voice
Far away
To eternity-

The World- by Yuki Kajiura
Kryptonite lyrics by three doors down.


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