I must admit that I know I ought to be glad for both of my charges. Certainly for Buffy, after her ordeal with Angel converting to Angelus and having to send him to hell. The likelihood of her having been able to find someone she cares about romantically, especially this soon, was extremely unlikely.

But I am unable to feel anything towards their new relationship but detest and jealousy.

The burning pain that follows through my vanes, replacing my blood every time I see them together. It's almost as unbearable as watching the dreamy, heartfelt longing look in Willow's eyes whenever she is watching Faith crumble when Buffy slips her hand in the younger Slayer's

How either of them could be this ignorant to the love directed to them from Willow or I is beyond me. Perhaps it is intentional.

Not that it matters.

I must accept the fact that I will never be more then a trusted mentor to Buffy, or risk loosing her all together.

And that is something I will not do.