The weekend had gone off without a hitch for both Sousuke and Kaname.

The young soldier was never faced with any situation that would require him to break his vow again.

The young lady spent a large part of Saturday replaying the events of the dance in her mind. The next day, she though up countless reasons why it had not meant anything.

When they both made there way to school on Monday, there were a number of surprises waiting.

The students had taken up a collection, and had visited an engraver.

They had a medal made for Sousuke, in honor of his valiant efforts. He deserved it. They also hoped that it would touch Sousuke's heart.

Maybe he would refrain from going back to his old ways.

The second surprise was even more significant. The Principal called an unscheduled gathering of the entire student body in the auditorium.

"It came to my attention early on, just what had been going on in the school over the past week." The Principal moved his gaze from seat to seat, seemingly intent on making eye contact with every student. "I must say that a number of teachers did not set a very good example for the students, but they have been spoken with."

A number of teachers tried to sneak out of the doors.

They were restrained by their fellows.

"Other teachers were rightfully concerned. They wanted me to put a stop to all of the pranks. They thought I should act to curtail all of the other signs of poor character."

Some students looked defiant.

Others hung their heads, feeling guilty.

"But, as long as no one was seriously injured, I was content to let things continue. It was not as if the young man in question had not earned some of the response he got...."

The Principal nodded towards Sousuke.

"...But, more importantly, I thought it might serve as a good lesson for him, and for the rest of you. I would be very surprised if you have not learned good and bad things about yourselves and your fellow students."

Some people had trouble making eye contact with their classmates.

A lot of people glared at the members of the Rugby Club.

"I hope that the lessons you have learned over that week will serve you well in the future. I will leave you to your own private thoughts over such matters. For now, I wish to move on to something of a celebratory nature. An award. Mr. Sagara, will you please stand."

Sousuke did as he was ordered.

"I know the two of us have had our differences. I know you and about everyone else in the school have had differences."

Somebody yelled out:


It was Kaname.

"But, I must say I am very impressed by the character it took to keep your word, especially given some of the situations you found yourself in. You should be very proud of yourself. I believe we all owe you a round of applause."

The entire class……… with the exception of the Rugby Squad, Shirai, and a couple of other malcontents……… gave Sousuke a standing ovation.

"Now, Mr. Sagara. I would like you to join me up on stage."

The principal took a towel off of a large golden trophy.

Sousuke headed up the stairs. Everyone went dead quiet. They had good reason to.

Some students sat uneasy in their seats.

"It is with great honor that I present to you this magnificent trophy of my own design. I hope you treasure it as you should, and use it as a reminder of the respect and good wishes you win from all of us when you are under your best behavior. Another round of applause, please."

The room remained quiet.

The Principal was perplexed.

"I am very grateful," Sousuke said. "But, I must regretfully decline the honor."

"But, why?" The Prinicipal took the pad of paper that Sousuke handed her and began flipping though the pages.

Sousuke had carried his weapons bag up on stage with him.

Kaname shook her fist at him.

He waved back. Then, he spoke.

"For the first award today, I shall mention the Rugby Club."

Sousuke pulled the pin on one of the dozen concussion grenades he had poured out at his feet.