Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Dawn thinks about her blood. (First paragraph is Dawn's POV)

It's odd, some people are afraid of blood.  They squeal in disgust when they see it, theirs or anyone else's.  It disturbs them.  I don't understand why.  Blood is in all of them.  Pumping through their bodies.  It's what keeps them alive.  I've always liked my blood.  I would cut myself to see it come forth.  I could feel its power.  My blood use to be powerful, it could open portals.  That's what I was made for.  My blood made me someone.  Now I'm nothing.

Dawn took the knife that was laying next to her and without a second thought sliced into her wrist.  She watched as the blood poured out of her.  It wasn't the first time she had cut herself, but it would be the last.  Her blood was nothing, which made her nothing. 

She wasn't found until the next morning.  Her blood was all around her. 

A/N: I love Dawn. I think she's a great character. This just came into my head as I was going to sleep and Dawn was the person who came along with it.