He never meant to hurt her. He couldn't have. All that 'Big Bad' stuff is bullshit and he know it. It's just for show. He could never have brought himself to hurt her. Ever. He may not have a soul, but it doesn't matter. It still hurts like a bitch. But, it's just, goddamn Slayers. And fuck it, he was asleep! It's not like he can control his dreams. Her name. He said it once. One buggering time. Ain't like her called her name while they were fucking. But she still is acting like he told her he loved Buffy. Crap, he's over that. She *knows* it. So why the hell is she crying her eyes out, sobbing like he said he's leaving her? Damn it, he loves her! Shouldn't that mean something? Give him a home free card or something?

"Luv..." She turns and snarls. A look he hasn't seen in ages. Ever since he told her that he loved her. That Buffy was history.

"Don't. I don't wanna hear any more crap." That just pisses him off.

"Crap? It was a fucking *dream*! And it isn't as if you don't say the poof's name when you're asleep." That one shook her, he can tell. He brown eyes go wide, and she shakes her head.

"No. I don't-"

"Like hell you don't." He cuts her off, and her eyes go hard. Narrow. Okay, he lied. She only did it once, months ago, but it still had hurt like a bitch. But he didn't go all 'wronged lover' on her.

She's at the crypt's door, and is ready to leave. Back to her motel room or wherever. Her eyes soft again, but determined, her lips upturned to a sneer.

"Luv, please."

He can smell the tears that she'd hiding behind the curtain of hair and tough stance. Pushing open the door, she steps put into the daylight where he can't follow her.


Once outside she turns to face you one last time.

"I though you loved me."