Pain exploded in your side, and you blinked that tears away. It wouldn't help you. So you keeps fighting.

Faith armed with a pipe, you reaches for it. Pull it out. The thing that gives you the advantage.

"That's mine." It is, and you know it. But that's alright. You're gonna give it back to her. The words leave your lips, taunting, before you can stop them.

"You're about to get it back." And she hits you, again, the pain distracting you for the moment, and you have to wait a moment for the spots to go away. But then you're back to your best. And she grabs you, tightening her grip, and you wince as she holds you barely over the terrace...

"Man, I'm going to miss this."

...but you pull free. She's not going to win this one. She's never going to win again. And the knife is plunged into her, smooth, fluent. It takes you a moment for you to realize that your hand is on the hilt. You did it. You did it to her. And she voices your thoughts. Says just what you're thinking.

"You did it." And she throws you away from her, forcing you back, just out of arm's reach. "You killed me."

She starts to go up over the edge, and you know what she's going to do. Know, but you can't do anything. Can't do anything because all of a sudden you know. You know everything. You feel all the pain she's known all her life. You're not sure how, but you remember things. Things that you never experienced, or even ever dreamed of.

And you know she's going to end it. But not the way you'd planed.

"Still won't help your boy, though. Shoulda been there, B, quite a ride"

And she jumps, the moment she does, you rush over to the side, watching the truck drive away. And you cry. For you, and Angel. For Faith, and the girl she once was. For all of you. Because you're all damned to a life and death that you never wanted.