What if I Had Never Met You

Author: Pumpkin Belly

            Today I had a thought...

            What if I had never met you?

                        Carrie Bradshaw

I have seen her before.  She's always wondering around here.  Sometimes it seems that she's lost but other times she knows exactly where she is going.  It's almost as if she has 2 different personalities.  Right now she's just standing there.  This time she looks lost. 

She's standing in front of the house next door, just looking at it.  She's done that before.  She looks as if she's about to cry.  I should go see if she needs help.  She looks like she needs help.  Oh wait she's walking about to the house.  She has never done that before. 

She's turned around now, no longer going closer to the house.  It was almost as if she remembered something and then quickly forgot. 

I've thought about going over there and talking to her, sometimes she looks so familiar.  I've asked my husband about her before.  He told me I shouldn't be watching her so much.  I know I shouldn't but she looks so familiar. 

She's left now.  Walking away from the house, going back to her house probably.  I wonder if she stares out her window looking at the people outside.  What does she do for a living?  Sometimes I think she doesn't do anything, always scraping for money some way or another.  That may be exciting, or maybe not.

Nothing exciting ever happens to me.  I've lived in good old Sunnydale my whole life.  So has my husband.  We were high school sweethearts.   Maybe tomorrow if she comes back I'll go out and talk to her.  We look about the same age.  She seemed so lost today.  I couldn't help but wonder if we had met before and it was so long ago I couldn't remember. 

"Willow, come on. It's time for dinner." My husband yelled to me from downstairs. 

"I'm coming Xander" I called back.

Maybe tomorrow I'll finally find out her name.

Buffy walked away from the house.  She couldn't go in there, and that girl that looked so familiar was staring at her again.  'Maybe tomorrow I'll go talk to her.  I wish I knew her name.  She seems so familiar.  Ugh I feel like I should know her name.'

Buffy looked down at her watch. Realizing what time it was she started to run home.  She had to met Giles for patrol. 

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