A single blue rose. The kind that never existed until now. Eve's whipped, and she knows it. Yesterday, the girl commented on how cool it would be if there were blue roses, so Eve asked Fred about it when she got to work the next morning. And now there is one. The only blue rose for the only person who had ever actually cared about Eve.

Never before had Eve ever been willing to risk everything (or anything if she were to be honest to herself) on one person. If anyone found out, Wolfram&Heart'd demote her to HARMONEY'S assistant. Not to mention that she'd have the wrath of a very pissed of Slayer after her.

And maybe, she thinks it's not worth it. Maybe she isn't worth the risk. Maybe she should make a break for it before...

But then she walks into the room, her eyes shining, a perky almost-too-cute bounce-skipping thing in the way she walks, and Eve doesn't have a doubt in her mind why the young woman in her apartment was named Dawn.

And when she kisses her, Eve knows that it's all worth it. Even if she has been broken by a child.