It is so not right. It's not even 'bad' or 'wrong'. It's way past that. Because this *so* shouldn't be happining. If Buffy were to find out, not to mention Willow... gods, is she tallented... no. Bad. Wrong. This has to stop. Now. Before it can't. She has to stop it.


"Please what?" She gives a half smirk, showing what she thinks you're going to say. God, how you wish she could be right.

"Stop. We can't..."

"Why the hell not?" You can't believe she just asked that.

"Willow. You're daiting Willow." She gets up, glaring at you like it's your fault.

"Fine. Forget it." She goes to you door, unlocking it before turning to look at you one more time.

"Kenndey..." Youu feel ashamed now, under her stare, like you did something wrong. "I'm sorry"

"I just thought we could have a little fun." And she leves you to wonder what the hell just happened.