CHAPTER FOUR (Extremely strong R!)


Gil groaned as he felt her slide down, creating a steady rhythm that both their hearts followed. He pulled at his restraints; his hands burning with desire to touch his 'Holy Grail'.

Catherine continued to move against him, bending down at the waist to once again claim hold of his lips - lips she so longed to taste, to feel against her own. She let her hands trail down his shoulders and rest on his biceps, giving them a slight squeeze as the southward activity continued its slow rate.

Gil then let out a strangled breath as he felt her increase her tempo, feeling her tighten against him. His name rushed forward on her ecstacied breath, and he felt her collapse against his chest, their lips still battling for victory.

Catherine moved against, slowing down as her pinnacle began to descend, her heart rate following suite. She still felt him, hard and upright, buried deep within. She began to gently rock back and forth, wanting devilishly to hear him moan and beg.

Gil complied with her silent demands, and panted loudly - he too wanting to achieve his release. "Please..." He sighed in frustration as she began to slow and he eyed her suspicious smile. "You're really enjoying watching me suffer." He thrust up into her with a grunt.

Catherine chuckled, though it was masked by an uttering of bliss, as the force of his thrust propelled her upwards, causing her heart to jump at the feel of his animalistic side. "Oh, it gets me off to see you all tied up, Mr. Grissom." She whispered in his ear. She kissed him delicately on the forehead and propped herself up by pressing her palms to his chest, letting her fingers roam the surrounding environment. "Well, I'm done." She shrugged non-chalantly, wanting to feel his anger-driven lust - something about his carnal desires seemed to turn her on.

"Cath..." He almost pleaded, feeling her begin to withdraw. "You can't just leave me here, like this..." He pulled against the restraints, lust and adrenaline clouding his mind. When he felt her slowly lift off his erection, he gave one final pull against the silk ties; blind lust fuelling his strength.

Catherine heard a ripping noise and the next thing she knew, she was under the comfort of his body, her neck being ravished and her whole body experiencing a heightened buzz. She coaxed him on, loving the feel of him wildly pumping in to her.

"Cath...Cath I'm so close." He whispered into her skin and gasped, feeling her legs wrap around his waist - granting him deeper access. His release taunted him, and he sped his thrusts in order to catch up. He shut his eyes forcibly and buried his head in her strawberry-blond curls as he slowly quickly ascended to his peak.

The journey to his summit spawned a climactic reaction deep within Catherine's core and the heat transferred from his body to hers guided her to a shared resolution. She let her hands glide up and down his sweat-soaked back, and she brought up one, cupping the back of his head. Their chests heaved together, and they both stayed connected - mind and body.

Gil didn't want to break contact, so he remained on top of her, hugging her body close to his. When breath finally permitted, he moved his mouth to her ear. "Cath, God, I'm so sorry." He stroked her hair and nuzzled her neck, painting her with light pecks. "I lost control...I -" He interrupted himself, reaching for her mouth, desperately wanting to convey his feelings through a slow, sensual kiss. He propped himself up, bracing himself with his arms, and took in her being: the sparkle in her eyes, her face glowing, her lips kissably bruised. He sighed contently and just gazed into her blues - though they differed in shades from his own, he knew that they held the same intention: love.

Catherine smiled and pulled him down for another kiss. "Well, I guess we know how the ties broke." She giggled, letting her fingers trace over the ripped material, some still attached to his wrists.

"The controller became the controlled." He stated, cocking his head to the side. His eyes refused to leave her form and he opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by his cell-phone. He pressed his lips together, and pulled out from her, both at once missing the contact. He sat on the side of the bed, and flipped open his phone. "Grissom." His voice was mellow, and he knew the receiver could hear his smile.

Catherine knelt on the bed behind him, and began to run her hands up and down his back, finally resting them on his shoulders. She granted her lips a treat, pressing them to the side of his neck and sucking gently.

Grissom's eyes closed slightly, letting out a deep moan. All of a sudden, his eyes widened at his behaviour and he dropped the phone. Both agents stared at the open phone on the floor; Jim's questioning voice filling the air.

Catherine buried her head in the pillow to stifle her chuckles; Gil's cross look guiding the chuckles into a full-fledged guffaw.

"Brass, sorry about that." Gil muttered into the phone, shooting Catherine an amused look. "Yeah, just stretching my tired muscles." He lied, his hand reaching for hers. He laced their fingers together as he continued listening to information relayed by the police captain. He lay back on the bed, snapping his cell phone shut. "We have to head back to the lab, Brass has some evidence, as does Robbins." He sighed, kissing her fingertips. He couldn't fight off the butterflies in his tummy as his thoughts fluttered to moments ago. He tugged her gently by the arm, pulling half of her body on top of him; wrapping his arms around her slender frame, holding her heart close to his. After moments of comfortable silence, his dry voice woke the deaf, "we're going to be late, aren't we?"

A Cheshire smile confirmed it all.
Gil walked into his office, a yawn scrunching up his face.

"Nice of you to finally show up." Jim smiled knowingly.

The supervisor presented an innocent look, and hoped his interest would keep up the charade, as she breezed into the room.

"Sorry." She held up her hands in defence. "Woman stuff." She threw Gil a sultry smile and turned her attention to the Captain. "So, what do you have for us?" She sat down on the couch, squeezing her thighs together. Her core still tingled, and reacted even more heavenly when her heart took a seat beside her.

"Well, I conducted some interviews, and it turns out that neighbours in the next room over swear that they heard two male voices." Jim looked up from his notes. "Party hearty."

Catherine raised her eyebrow. "Hey, we shouldn't judge." She smiled. "So, do we know who the mystery man is?"

Jim shook his head. "Still looking, no witnesses. I even asked the receptionist, but she claims that only Sherry Harding and Sean McKenna entered that room." He spoke, heading out the door. "I'll keep you posted if there are any other leads."

Catherine stood facing the door which Jim had taken, and a small smile crept its way to her lips, upon feeling gentle hands grab at her waist. Soft lips branded her neck, sucking slowly as she let out a breathy moan. "When you take such liberties, you should really consider closing the door." Catherine grinned.

Gil mumbled into her neck, deriving pleasure from the mere taste of her skin. "Cath..." He panted, leaning his forehead against the back of her shoulder. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his hands clasping together right under her bellybutton. "I haven't been honest with you lately..."

Catherine cocked her head to the side, letting it rest against his. Her heart fell, fearing that his words would bruise her already battered heart. She couldn't stand another rejection - not one from Gil. "Let's go see Robbins, okay?" Her voice was small, knowing her attempted interruption would be in vain. She just wanted her fantasy to last as long as possible. "Okay?" She tried to move towards the door, but felt his hands tighten around her mid-section, drawing her closer into his embrace.

"Lately..." He laughed, repeating himself. He glanced up, his lips lightly brushing her ear. "Feels like I've been lying to you for a life time." His gaze grew apologetic. His hands dropped to the side, and his being achingly distanced itself from her's. He closed his office door, making sure to lock both within. "We're friends, right Cath?" He turned abruptly, surprising her with such a random question.

Catherine eyed the blue-eyed man curiously. Her heart made it's final preparations; a casket appearing in her emotional mind. "Yeah..."

"Best friends?"

She wanted to mock such ridiculous questioning, but the vulnerability his soul mirrored was touching and she merely nodded a confirmation. Silence caressed her ears, and when the deafness threatened her sanity, words flew without thought. "God! What do you want, Gil?! Do you want me to pretend it never happened? Do you want me to count it on my one night stands, my rejections, my 'in-the-moment' moments?! Do you want me to just forget about it? What do you want?!" Her ranting would have continued its course if not for the man with the docile nature.

"I want more." He charged her, his lips crying for hers as he enveloped her in his warm embrace. "I've always wanted more." He breathed into her, attacking her mouth with desperate love.

She pulled back, her tongue sweeping across her lower lip, still tasting him. "Gil..." She gave him a peck on the lips and gazed into his eyes. "You know how I feel..."

He gave her a genuine smile, echoing back the same love. "Let's go see what Robbins has for us." Intent to place a gentle kiss was forgotten as he felt her passion battle with his, and they unwillingly pushed themselves apart. "We're going to get in trouble, I can feel it." He gave her a crooked smile.

"Only if we do it well." She teased, heading out the door.
Al Robbins greeted both senior CSIs with a smile. "I'm here all night." He commented sarcastically. His eyes fell upon the supervisor's neck and the doctor raised his eyebrows in silent question.

Gil couldn't hide his blush, and scrubbed a hand over the branded patch of skin.

Catherine grinned cheekily, and walked over to the two bodies, beside her secret lover. "What do you have?"

"Well, I did some vaginal tests on Sherry Harding, and found seminal samples." Al offered, limping over to the other side.

"We already established sexual intercourse, considering we found them still ..." Gil hesitated, searching for the word.

"Connected." Catherine offered.

"Right, but I ran a DNA check on the semen recovered despite already inferring that the sample must be from Sean McKenna." Al held up a paper with two DNA charts on it.

"Two different sets of DNA?" Gil asked, handing the papers to Catherine.

"Girl gets around." Catherine muttered. "I guess this confirms the suspicion of the third party."

"Well, one set of DNA was found within her vaginal walls, but I also conducted an anal swab, and that's where I located the second set of seminal DNA.."Al shrugged.

Gil nodded. "Okay, so we know that she was with two men, at the same time ... now we just need to identify the 'three' of the 'some'." He held up the paper. "Thanks."

Catherine grinned, following Gil out the door. "I love it when we have a lead."

"Why? Because we are a step closer to catching the bad guy." He asked, glancing over his shoulder at her.

She quickened her pace to catch up to him. "No because you get this adorable cocky grin on your face. I love it." She blushed at her admission.

Gil chuckled and slung his arm around her shoulder, pressing a kiss to her temple. " you." He stated plainly, but not void of truth.
They stepped into the lab, having distangled themselves before reaching their destination. They both glanced at the spikey-haired technician bopping his head to some screeching he called music. "Greg?" Gil tried to get his attention. He grabbed his chair and swung him around, facing both him and Catherine.

"Oh, hey!" He turned down the stereo. "Got Robbins' semen." Greg pressed his lips together from laughing. "Well, not the good doctor's semen but the sample he..." He trailed off, flashing the two senior CSIs a sheepish grin.

Catherine giggled, more so at Gil's unamused look. "Do you have the results?"

"For a fair maiden such as yourself, I ask but a kiss in return for yonder paper." Greg exaggeratedly pursed his lips, leaning towards the strawberry-blond.

Gil grimaced at the lab tech's behaviour. "Greg."

Catherine grinned, flashing him a dazzling smile before turning her attention back to the lab rat. "Greg, maybe we should keep the flirting to a minimal - Gil might get a little jealous." She stated without thinking. The silenced after-math caused her to re-evaluate her thoughts, and she cringed at the information revealed.

Gil raised an eyebrow and glanced back at the lab rat, poised at the edge of his seat, lips still pursed uncouthly, though wide-eyed and examining both CSIs as if they were pieces of evidence.

"Now I know you guys are really close - real tight," he knitted his fingers together, "but I guess I should rely on Grissom to tell me just how tight Cat -"

"- Greg." Gil's stable voice interrupted the bold tech.

Greg awaited to be chewed out by the supervisor but was saved by the machine's signal. "Ooh, hot off the presses." He eagerly distanced himself from the irate CSI and rushed over to his work station. "Okay, so the DNA from the vaginal swab that Robbins gave me is indeed, Sean McKenna." He handed them a paper. "And drum roll please -"

Gil rolled his eyes and snatched the paper from Greg's hands. His eyes danced from the paper in hand, to meet those of his partner. "What was that about trusting men with ... three first names?"
John Jacob Tyler sat smugly in front of Jim and both senior CSIs. He glanced at his lawyer, giving her a small wink and then rested his gaze on the strawberry-blond in front of him. "So...what's this about?"

Catherine rolled her eyes, disgusted with his overly-confident act. She knew these kind of men, self-proclaimed macho-men who did all of their thinking with their -

"This is about Sean McKenna and Sherry Harding." Brass interrupted Catherine's line of thought.

"Yeah? What about them?" He slouched in his chair, opening his legs up while staring at Catherine, defiantly.

Catherine felt Gil tense, and she placed her hand on his thigh, trying to calm his anger. "Were you at the Farewell Motel with Sherry and Sean?"

"Yeah. We had some," he paused, letting out a chuckle, "fun."

"And when you left the motel, both Sherry Harding and Sean McKenna were alive?" Jim asked, scribbling down some notes.

"Yeah." John answered curtly. "Can I go now?" The silent room stood still for him. "Look, I admitted to taking part in Sean's crazy little gift for Sherry - that's not a crime."

"Yeah, but your actions after the sex is what's in question." Gil added, his eyes never ceasing to observe.

"Oh, so the threesome was Sean's idea?" Catherine asked.

"And poor old John, always pushed to the backseat." Jim teased. "It must have upset you, having to lie back and watch your ex be steered by some kink of the street."

John grimaced. "He wanted to be tied up." He shook his head. "That guy had serious problems. Anyway, she was already riding him when I showed up. So I just took whatever -"

"- Mr. Tyler." His lawyer interrupted him from any more crude remarks.

"...was offered." John said, with a sly grin.

"And at any point were you under Ms. Harding?" Catherine asked.

"Yeah, I guess the guy got off so well that he ripped his restraints and that's when I left. It was getting way too weird." He let out a snort. "Wasn't even fulfilling, if you get my drift." He wiggled his eyebrows at Catherine.

" weren't angry that you were knocking at the back door?" Jim added coyly, not afraid to rile the suspect up.

"Yeah, I was pissed off, okay?! She was my girl and I don't even get front row tickets?" John slammed his hand on the table. "But that doesn't mean I killed her."

Gil's head cocked to the side at his statement.

"I think we're done." John's lawyer stood up and directed her client to the door.

Jim sighed, scrubbing a hand across his face. "Damn, I wanted to get that guy, real bad."

Catherine shook her head. "I think everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tyler has probably thought the same thing." She muttered.

Gil glanced back as the door opened, revealing friend and chief medical examiner, Al Robbins. He stood up to greet the man he had just seen an hour before. "And to what do I owe this visit?" Gil asked, a small smirk playing across his lips.

"Well, I was just about to put Mr. McKenna under the wash, before sending him off to be embalmed, but I noticed some substance on his skin." Al handed Gil a paper.

"Semen?" Gil looked up and then at Catherine.

Al nodded. "Yeah, mostly near his rectum, and I checked for penetration and there's no bruising."

"So, someone just ... jacked off?" Catherine spoke bluntly. She offered her lover a shy smile at his amused look.

"And..." Al handed Gil another paper. "Sherry's gunshot wound - .45 semi-automatic." He pointed at the picture clipped to the informative paper. "Look at the wound, it's large, very large. And the GSR around it, widely spread..." Al trailed off.

"Almost as if the gun had been at an extremely close proximity to the deceased." Catherine picked up on Al's trail.

Gil brought a finger up to his lips, deep in thought. "I think we need to see Mr. Tyler again."
Gil leaned against the wall, observing the suspect for the second time that day. They were fortunate enough to catch him as he was exiting the building. After much protest from his lawyer, reluctantly, he was marched back into the interrogation room. "Would you say that you are a proud man, Mr. Tyler?"

John looked at his lawyer, perplexed. "Yeah, I don't think anyone wants to be seen as a moron."

Gil nodded. "So, when you were humiliated, you couldn't pass up the opportunity to return the favour, could you?"

"What...I have no idea what you're talking about." He stood up abruptly. "This is harassment!"

"Sit down!" Jim commanded the bold youth.

John sat down hard, glaring at Jim. "I didn't kill Sherry!" He repeated his earlier statement.

Gil paused, tossing a file down in front of him. "You said you left when Mr. McKenna broke the restraints?" Upon receiving a confirming nod from John's direction, the supervisor pressed on. "I think Sean McKenna broke the restraints and flipped Sherry over, with you still in her."

John's lawyer laughed. "On what basis? Your twisted mind?"

"See this gunshot wound? It was fired at a very close proximity to the victim. That's why there's these burn marks on her back, with a large amount of gunshot residue." Gil explained. "I think I know how the bullet ended up in Sean McKenna's body."

John shifted nervously in his chair. "Yeah? How." His confidence tried to make an appearance, but his fear was too strong of a contender.

"We know you have a registered gun, Mr. Tyler." Jim leaned on the table. "Would you care to tell me what caliber it is?"

John glanced at his lawyer. "It was stolen."

Jim feigned pity. "Oh, that's a shame." He shook his head. "And you didn't report it?" The older man held up his hand, interrupting the suspect's words. "Save it."

"You were embarrassed at the second-hand treatment you were getting, and my guess is that Sean McKenna probably didn't make your situation any more pleasant." Gil stated.

"Did you get tired of her calling out his name?" Jim provoked.

"That bitch!" John stood up, burning with fury. "She didn't even let me touch her when we were going out!" He bit his lip ferociously. "She was ... saving herself!" He punched the wall. "And she hops into bed with that sex maniac, and then has the gall to invite me over to 'play'?!"

"So you took all that you got ... and then finished the deal." Catherine shook her head.

"I just need to know....did you ever see her face?" Jim asked boldly, an evil smirk not unseen.

"Hey! Watch it!" John's lawyer protested, to which the captain merely put up his hands in defence - a sign of lenience.

"Okay, so while she's riding you, backwards," Catherine grimaced, "and Sean is going at it," you reach to the side, and press a gun to her back. The bullet travels through her, and lodges itself in McKenna." Catherine shook her head. "Two victims, one bullet."

"And as a final act of humiliation, you tied Sean McKenna's hands behind his back and proceeded to masturbate over his back." Gil sat down beside Catherine. "You cleaned up pretty well, but I think you forgot about your friend: gravity."

"Upon conducting an anal swab, we found traces of your semen." Catherine informed the suspect, who had grown curiously quiet.

"So I guess threesomes don't get you off...." Jim nodded towards the guard. "But murder certainly seemed to do the trick."
Gil settled down on his couch, sprawling out on his back, his head on Catherine's lap. His eyes slowly drifted closed, content with the close quarters and the comfortable silence that encompassed the lovers.

"Funny how the weirdest things can get people off." Catherine commented absentmindedly, her fingers dancing through his peppered curls.

"I'm just glad I found the one thing that does it for me." He mumbled, sleepily.

"Oh?" She let her hand trail down to his chest, rubbing lazy circles on his shirt's fabric. "And what would that be?"


Catherine rolled her eyes. "You're probably just saying that to get me into bed."

Gil glanced up, his eyes sparkling mischievously. "Yeah." He admitted, though she knew the Cheshire cat was not far behind.

"C'mon, let's head home." She pushed herself off his office's couch, prompting him to straighten up as well.

On their way out, Gil grabbed her hand, bringing it up to his lips, he placed a feather kiss on her knuckles. "Hey, this time, can I lead?" His lip fell into a pout, trying to incite the strawberry-blond to give-in.

Catherine snorted. "Yeah, we'll see." She said, grabbing his hand and leading him to the parking lot.
Greg watched through the break room window, as the two senior CSIs exchanged kisses and each drove off, one Denali following the other. "Man, Grissom is sooo whipped!"