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Warnings: Again, insanity, hopefully no violence… maybe depression too…

Epilogue/Tie in to the sequel

            Chosen, again.

            He smiled, only faintly, as the energy hummed. So pretty, so very, very, pretty…

            Lugia nudged him, earning a smile.


            The flecks of red danced in his eyes, forever.


            Yes, Lugia-san?

            I love you. You're perfect. My Chosen…

            Lance smiled, new wings of dragon steel spread out behind him in a bright arc. I know. There was no malice, no boast in that voice.

            It was just… truth.

            Warped truth, maybe, but the bells rang clear. If they were broken bits of metal, Lugia could not tell. Frankly, he did not care.

            He had a psychic and a dragon, already trained by a legendary, as his own.

            Besides, Lugia was one of a kind. He would take good care of his new Chosen. He knew the time had come, ever since his Chosen had picked his amulet, not Mew's, in the shop so long ago. If only.

            If only it had been Johto's cycle already. That way, mew would not have had corrupted his Chosen!
            Still, no use dwelling over lost chances. They would move forward.

            It was a pity, his hair was still that ugly shade of pink, Lugia thought, but… I can change it later, if I have to destroy Mew's spell.

            Lugia smiled.

            My perfect Chosen…

            I'll take very good care of you; don't worry…
            No one will ever hurt you again.

            Lance closed his eyes, and he looked like the perfect little doll, innocent… almost, but not quite.

            Maybe he had learned something from the mew. They were so kawaii, but underneath… killing…

            They had broken him.

            No sleep, so much responsibility, and then the forcing of power… power replaced everything else, wiped out everything else…

            Power was life.

            And his Chosen was so proud, so powerful, and so ready to attack. The mews had taken advantage of that, and shattered him, for their pleasure.

            He would only be theirs.

            Oh yes, they broke him well, he lived on power and the magic hummed and it was the only thing keeping him alive, because no human could survive. Maybe he wasn't human anymore, he was Chosen, but they had broken him to live on magic.

            Magic and power and energy and blood…

            Rest and food and pleasure all erased in a haze of pink glory. But then the pink bled to crimson, gold, sunsets…

 Let the rain fall now.

            Well, he would let his Chosen stay whatever he wanted.

            After all, he wasn't going to be a puppet master.

            No… that was stupid.

            You didn't get respect that way, only anger, and if the anger tipped the right way, you'd get madness.

            That was never good.

            Unfortunately, the damage seemed to be irreversible in the current time. Maybe in the future there would be a way to fix it, but that would have to wait until the next Call.

            Five years…

            That was plenty of time for his Chosen to recover from Mew's abuse.


End Story

Completed 4/13/04, started 4/10/04

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If you really want to know what the mews were doing to Lance, and if the hints weren't enough, it was a combination of sleep deprivation (3 months without any sleep…) and pressure, and starvation. So, Lance adapted to live off magic and to only love it. That, and death… ne?


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