Ranma-chan rubbed a bump on her head as she walked toward the Tendo Dojo. Uncute tomboy. She didn't have to hit me because I didn't eat her food As Ranma-chan entered through the gate his mother waited at the door of the house holding a kettle of hot water.

"Ranma, some relatives are coming to visit us tomorrow" Nodoka smiled as she poured hot water on her son turned daughter.

"Really? I didn't know we had other family" a now male Ranma replied then asked. "When will they be here?"

"Tomorrow morning, now let us have dinner" Both of them walked into to Tendo home as the usual day goes by. In other words, pure chaos wrecking havoc to those who live in Nerima.

The next morning...



Ranma flew across town thanks to Akane-airlines and Mallet-sama. I hope my relatives didn't see that Ranma looked down to see he was losing altitude and heading toward five people that looked like they were about to fight in breakneck speed.

"WATCH OUT!" Ranma became relieved to see the people move out of the way then he remembered his other problem.



There on the pavement was a nice Ranma shaped hole. Ranma pried himself off the ground only to hear familiar and yet angry voices.


Ranma looked toward the five people he saw earlier and his blood turned cold. Standing there was Mint, Lime, Herb, Kima, and a still child Saffron.

"You're dead!" all of them shouted as they lunged at Ranma only to be stopped by the sound of a katana sliding out of its scabbard.

"It's not polite to attack family" Nodoka said calmly

Herb, Saffron, and Ranma shouted loudly, pointing to each other.

"You mean THEY'RE my RELATIVES!?!"
"Yes" Nodoka glared at all of them as they followed back to the Tendo home with all them holding a dazed expressions

Authors notes

What the heck was wrong with me!?