Ok, I know most are saying, OMG SHE'S STARTING ANOTHER ONE!?!? FINISH ONE FIRST!!! Well, to be honest, I'm considering quitting all of them but "All's fair" due to lack of ideas. Anyhoo, they say to write what you know. Unfortunately for me I only know anime, high school, marching band, and other various things. So my little brain started ticking and I thought, "Hey…I can write a B/V high school fic MY STYLE!"

So here we go. Bulma and Vegeta have been dating for about 2 years now. Problem? No one knows. It's all a big secret. More crap to follow. Oh and this takes place on Earth and NO SAIYANS, NAMEKS, ETC! This is obviously A/U and I'm sorry to disappoint you but since my school killed off "Cliques" or whatever, they have none. Got it? Good! Oh, and this takes place in Ohio, USA since it's the only place I've been to for a really long time…*SOB*!

Let's go!


The morning sun was shining brightly in the sky as the heir to Capsule Corp slept in, ignoring the screeching buzzer telling her to wake up. It started out as a need for a few more seconds of a nice, warm bed but turned into slumber after a minute or so. So now her mother, tired of the annoying contraption, sleepily climbed the steps up to her daughters room. The blonde threw open the doors, her slitted eyes narrowing even more that usual as she took in the scene before her.

There lay Bulma, blue hair a tangle and scattered all over her pillow, eyes tightly shut, mouth slightly ajar and a little trickle of saliva slowly running onto her freshly washed bed sheets. Her little princess.

Well, by this time she had made her way to the side of the bed and smiled down upon her daughter. She really shouldn't disturb her…BUT AN EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT!!! So without further thought or delay, she roughly shook the sleeping beauty from her slumber, and she'd be lying if she said she didn't enjoy the look on Bulma's face when she did.

"Mom," she muttered as she slammed her hand on the alarm clock to deactivate it, "what was that for?"

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie, it's just that it's now 6:30 and you have school in less than an hour!"

"CRAP!" With a speed only a girl in trauma can produce, Bulma was speeding around her room trying to get everything in order before jumping into the shower. Her mother, Bunny, went downstairs to make a quick breakfast and go to bed again, muttering happily, "My little girl is a senior!"

Bulma rushed out of the shower and quickly towel dried her hair. Thankfully, she was blessed with hair that didn't frizz or curl when it air dried (Like my hair! My sister hates that about me!). She quickly put on a rim of black eye shadow, eyeliner, and a clear lip gloss after brushing her teeth. Finally, she hopped around the room, throwing on a pair of blue jeans, black boots, and a black Misfits sweater over her red spaghetti strap shirt. She grabbed a hair tie and quickly pulled her hair in a pony tail with her long bangs hanging down her face to beyond her chin.

Running like hell with her book bag and purse in her clutches, she quickly downed her orange juice and bagel and ran out to her car (pick your own damn model, I personally don't care). Speeding off in a trail of dust to her local high school to start her first day of her senior year.


When Bulma came in, it was 7:15, she had 10 minutes before school started. Just enough time to find her buds. She was looking at her mailed in schedule to find her homeroom when someone grabbed her arm and yanked her into an empty classroom. Before she could register what was happening, she felt someone's lips on her own then just as quickly releasing her. "Vegeta! Oh my God what if somebody saw you or something," she barely breathed as she peeked out the door to see if anyone noticed.

"Calm down woman, this classroom is still vacant for the year, and do you think anyone was really paying any attention to you?"

This was true. Unlike other high schools, this one was really uncaring. There were no cliques or such, you just wore what you wanted, acted like you wanted and you only really communicated with your friends regularly, everyone else only when necessary. It was more like a job than a drama club.

Seeing they were undetected she turned back to him, finally taking in his presence. He was at least two inches taller than her and wearing baggy black pants, a black Dimmu Borgir T shirt and his hair…was…cut. "VEGETA WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!?"

He cringed at her shrieking but then smirked, "Cut it dumbass." Indeed the flame was gone and he stood in all his glory with an almost buzz cut (Like what he had in GT). "Don't like it?"

She smiled as she ran her fingers through his hair, "Different, but not bad." With that their lips locked, as she pulled away they both looked into each others eyes. "When can we tell them Vegeta?"

"Tell them what?" he joked.


He let out an audible sigh. They had debated this for such a long time, he would want to tell then she wouldn't then the next week they'd be vice versa. It had been going on for two long years now. "Woman, you know we can't. It'd be suicide."

This was true. Bulma was heir to Capsule Corp and Vegeta to his fathers company Saiyan Enterprise. There families were bitter rivals and had a major fit over them being friends let alone lovers. Bulma was actually kicked out of her house for a week when she announced they were friends, Vegeta got off easy with a slight beating and speech on "family loyalty." If they announced they were together, well, it wouldn't be good.

Plus, their families didn't even know they were still friends.

"I don't care anymore Vegeta! I just want to tell my friends!"

"You know what will happen. One of the idiots will open their mouths to someone and soon the whole school will know. Eventually some jackass will tell our parents and we'll be up shit creek. Things would complicate if we told."

"I know," she mumbled defeated. "Well, I better get to home room. I'll see you later." A final kiss and the duo separated to begin the first day of their final year.


Well what you think ya'll?