Teaser: (just to not sound weird, I've mixed up the spelling of the parents names. Now watch me fuck up the entire DBZ story line. Ahh...I love A/U... Oh, this is really part two, and this is where the plot really starts.)

A small girl was born to the Saiyan Cabbage family. The two had escaped from Vegetasai when the threat of Frieza occurred, being that they were the head scientists. However, now the two had recently received message that they may return since Frieza had been destroyed by the Saiyan army. However, the father had just finished packing as his mate of 3 years sat down in their living room.

A woman with long, jagged black hair and eyes blue as the midnight sky rocked her newborn child. "Oh, Celerie, she's so beautiful!"

A large, burly man with regular Saiyan coloring walked into the main room and picked up his daughter by the back of her neck, lifting her like a kitten before his face. Due to the Saiyans advanced genetics, he could do so without snapping her spine, but that didn't mean by any factor that it was comfortable. So, much to her credit, the baby let out a horrendous scream that could wake the neighbors and then some. "Damn brat. Where did this coloring come from?" He glared at his mate across the room while she stood up quickly, snatching her newborn from his hands.

"In case you haven't noticed, my father had this coloring. Not to mention I have blue eyes jackass." She rocked the baby and moved across the room, far from his prying eyes. "Besides, it makes her unique."

"Carotta (Kay. Row. T. Ah)...ah fuck it. You're going soft over a damn kid." He huffed and left the house, going outside to train.

She stuck out her tongue and turned to her baby, "Don't listen to him. I know you are going to be one of the strongest Saiyans ever. Aren't you Buruma?"



"Vegeta, you are here for your yearly assessment. According to our records not only have you helped restore order in multiple mutinous situations you have also recruited many of the evil souls down here to assist you. This has NEVER happened here before and, to celebrate so, we have decided to reward you. You came here because of one mark against you and we believe you have paid your dues. We are releasing you now. However, you cannot be unleashed into heaven so we will have to either send you to a new life or you may select one dying soul to replace, so long as they are smaller than one year and match your coloring. Choose wisely.

Vegeta looked up to the hooded figure and then onto a holographic form of planets. "In my last previous life, where was I?"

The man looked down, "You lived on the planet Vegetasai. There are three infants dying right now, their souls are not strong enough to survive. You may chose of any."

Vegeta smirked, "Give me the one of the highest ranking."

"Farewell Vegeta, may this life be more to you than the last."

With that, Vegeta replaced the soul of the dying Saiyan prince. His memory erased.

"Don't you suppose it is strange that his name has been the same for the last six lives?"

"Ah, you don't understand. They are all chances. His soul will not be at rest until he finds and may keep his true love."

"You mean he has lost his love six times?"

"Yes. Lets hope this time goes better. Because each soul only has until the seventh chance."

"Well seven isn't so bad."

"Yes, but for four of his lives, his soul mate was on a different planet."

"So it's all soul mates? Soul mates are real!" The hooded figure walked away while his apprentice continued to think.


This is the intro to the sequel...now you decide if you want this to come around.