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"Tell me, Rika, tell me!" The impatient ten year-old started to jump on her bed as the maid, Rika, turned down the sheets. "Please, Rika, you promised me a story!"

Rika smiled, shaking her head as she fluffed up pillows. Her blond hair was up in a bun, but a few strands still hung down in her brown eyes. She looked up and smiled at the young girl. She had been employed there for the last year and even though she was only twelve years older than her charge, she was beginning to think of her as a mixture between a daughter and a sister. "Videl, for Dende's sake, settle down and I will."

The jumping instantly stopped. "You will?"

Rika just shook her head and laughed, going to the girl's closet and pulling out a nightgown. "Of course. When have I ever not? You just need to get ready first."

Videl eyed her and then raised her arms obediently, grinning. Her long hair was loose and her eyes wide. "Hurry up then, I want my story!"

Rika just laughed again. "Videl..." She trailed off as she pulled the garment over her head and smiled. "All right. Have you brushed your teeth?" An enthusiastic nod was her answer. "And did you say your prayers to Dende?"

This was met with silence as the girl froze and then dashed to the balcony, throwing open the doors. Rika raced after her as she kneeled down by the railing, facing towards the North Star and clasped her hands, bowing her head.

Rika silently stepped back, giving the girl some privacy. Not that she didn't know the prayer by now-for Videl always said the very same one every night. But she still felt the girl should have some privacy, since the rest of her life was in the spotlight.

Dear Dende,

Please say hello to my mother if you're ever in Other World and tell her I love her very much and I miss her very much. And thank you for giving my father the power to defeat Cell, since I know he couldn't have done it alone. And please make sure he doesn't do anything real stupid. And please watch over Rika for me, since she's my best friend. And thank whoever was also at the Cell Games, since I know that they helped my father considerably. And please, if possible, maybe see if you can get my father to come home in time for my birthday...I'd really like to see him alone with out one of those ladies he always has on his arm. And thank you for doing a good job of protecting the earth. Amen.

Videl stood up slowly, her eyes tearing as she clutched the only keepsake of her mother she had-Medona Satan's golden locket. She sniffed a few times, wiped her eyes with her sleeve (Rika refrained from reprimanding her) and kissed her palm, throwing it into the air and whispering 'I love you, Mommy'. Then she turned around and walked back inside, closing the doors and climbed into bed, where Rika was waiting to tuck her in.

"There's a legend, Videl, about a dragon that grants wishes," Rika said as she leaned down and kissed Videl's forehead. Videl lied in anticipation and caused her maid to smile softly. "This dragon is named Shenlong and he only appears when seven mystical balls, called Dragon Balls, are collected and set together. Then you say the magic phrase- 'Shenlong, appear and grant us our wishes' and Shenlong appears. The sky darkens, it thunders where you stand and then in a blinding yellow white he appears. He asks you for wish and you tell him it and then he grants it. It's said that he can grant you any wish your heart could desire."

"Anything?" Videl interrupted, snuggling in her bed. Rika smiled. She knew where the young girl's heart and her wish lie. Videl had said countless times that she wished more than anything that her mother would come back to life. Rika had never met Medona Satan-Medona had died when Videl was five- but Videl had told her everything she remembered and showed her Medona's picture that she had her locket.

"Anything," Rika said, smiling. She settled back into the chair that was stationed next to Videl's bed and put her feet up on the ottoman. "The dragon is magnificent; with bright green scales and red eyes and his voice is like thunder. After you see him once, you shall never forget the way he looks..." Rika trailed off, sighing as her eyes found the North Star in the sky and settled onto it.

"You've seen the dragon?" Videl piped up, arms clutching the small dragon plush, a gift from her mother that was getting quite tattered.

Rika absent-mindedly stroked her hair. "No..." Her voice came almost from distance. "But I've heard tales..."

Videl shrugged off Rika's hand, sitting up in bed. "Rika! Come on tell me!"

Rika finally turned to her young charge. "No, I never saw the dragon. But there was once a boy...he was looking for the dragon balls. I didn't even meet him, but he came to my village and helped free our mayor." Rika stopped, smiling at the memory. "I was four then, but the story has been told many times since then. He is thought of as a legend, though we all know he isn't. After I learned that he was searching for the dragon balls, one in particular, I started to read up on the legend. It was my childhood fantasy, to find the dragon balls. I never had a wish-I didn't really need anything. I just wanted to find them. But after awhile I gave up-from what I learned, each time the dragon was called, the balls were scattered in seven directions and remained inactive for a year. It would be impossible to find them without help, seeing how they could be anywhere. And therefore it remained a legend to me."

"I want to find the dragon balls." Vide stated firmly. "I'm going to find them and wish my mother back and then Papa and Mama and I can be a family once again and Papa's other women can all go away."

Rika sighed, as she adjusted the covers over Videl. "That's a nice dream, honey, but I don't think it will happen. You're to young to find the dragon balls at the moment and even if your mother were to come back, I don't think your father would...that is to say I don't think things can go back to as they were."

"But they have to! I hate this right now, Rika. Everybody's so happy because Daddy defeated that Cell monster, but he couldn't have! Everyone saw him get swatted away like nothing. And then the two fighters, that man and boy...I bet they defeated him. No one actually saw it happen, anyways."

Rika got up to pull the balcony curtains shut. "That very well may be, Videl, but you'd have to find the fighters-" and then she saw Videl's expression. "And you're too young. Promise me that you'll wait to find the fighters and the dragon balls until you're older...let's say sixteen?"

"Sixteen? No way! I want to do it now!" Videl pouted as Rika flicked on the night light.

Rika smiled and chuckled softly. "All right. When you can go to sleep with out a night light and do everything by yourself-as in getting ready for bed, getting up for school, going to school...when you can prove that you're old enough I will allow you not only to search out the fighters but also the dragon balls."

Videl eyed her maid and keeper. "When I can prove myself old enough? How exactly do I know?"

"You'll know, Videl," Rika said quietly as she turned off the light. "You'll know," She whispered.

"Then I promise," Videl said solemnly. "I promise to wait until I'm old enough. Good night, Rika."

"Good night, Videl." And Rika tiptoed out, softly shutting the door behind her.

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