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Chapter 1-Captured

Kagome let the ocean breeze sway through her hair as she closed her eyes and inhaled the salty fragrant of the sea. She had wavy black hair that flowed a little past her shoulders that she wore down, and brown eyes that lit up like fireflies whenever she was happy.

Her white and blue sailor dress blew in the wind. Ever since her mom died, she sailed the seas with her father, who was the captain. She lived on the sea, it was her home, and she loved it. She was 16, and her father said that she could choose what she wanted to do with her life. She could give it all up: the dangers and risks of losing her life maybe by falling overboard or even...being captured by pirates. She fantasized about these things all day...how exciting it would be, how dangerous and adventurous! The fact was, she was terrified...she feared about it every single day, but for some strange reason she didn't even understand, she chose to stay. She loved her father too much. He would be torn if she left him like that. Her and her father had a good relationship. He was always there with her supporting everything she did, and always believed in her. They were basically all they had in their family, so if one was gone, so was the other. She loved him, he loved her. They loved each other.

She was snapped out of her trance when she saw something in the distance. It looked like a small dot, but looked like it was coming their way, fast. She squinted her eyes only to then see a black flag with a skull on it. Her eyes suddenly snapped open in realization. She rushed from her perch to tell the others. "Father! There is another ship coming this way!" she yelled frantically. "I really really really, hope that my eyes are wrong and they aren't pirates!!" she thought. Her mind was racing and her heart was pounding. "Prepare the cannons!" her father yelled. Everyone did as they were told as quickly as possible. Kagome even thought that they looked like a cartoon how fast they were going. "Kagome! Go in to the burrow and hide yourself! Now!" her father ordered. "No! I won't just leave everyone here!" she said. "Kagome don't worry, we will be ok, I promise." Her father said looking at her in the eye. That was the last thing she heard her father say. She nodded because of how nervous she was or else she would have continued to argue.

Everything was happening so fast it was unbelievable. She caught one last glance at the other ship and saw them preparing to fire. "Watch out everyone!!" she thought because she was too frightened to speak. Just then she heard a boom, and she wasn't sure who it came from, but when the ship jerked and she fell on her knees she was assuming they got hit. It was the loudest noise she had ever heard in her life, and she had to cover her ears in fear of going deaf. She heard a few screams and she winced. "please don't be father." She thought. Then she quickly steadied herself and slowly got back up only to be knocked right back down again. This time not only did the boat jerk, but she heard a huge splash of water and even felt it on her feet. Quickly she got up again and ran back out on deck, just to take a peak at what was going on. What she saw made her gasp in horror and her hand flew to her mouth. Along the half destroyed deck, she saw the bloody bodies of her crewmembers and friends. Desperately she looked around for her father's body...alive. "pleaseopleaseoplease let him be alive!" she whispered to herself as she glanced around frantically for her father. What she found though wasn't satisfying. In fact, it was everything but satisfying. There laid her father's dead body...floating in the water, along with many others. "They must have gotten knocked off of the ship and drowned!" she thought sadly. Sadness quickly switched to fear as she heard a rough voice nearing giving orders...and she was the only one alive left. When she looked to see where the voice was coming from, she saw a young man with long white hair and dog-ears on top of his head. She tilted her head to the side confused at his appearance. He also had a worn out white long sleeved shirt with cuffs, and dark green pants on with brown boots, and he carried a sword with him. "He must be the captain..." she thought grimly. She wanted to scream, and move, but she was speechless and frozen on her place...like in a dream. All of this didn't seem real. She wanted to wake up now! Her eyes drifted from her father's bloody corpse to the other ship inches away from hers. Her eyes widened as the pirates were coming ON TO the ship! "This CAN'T be real!" she thought. She then remembered what her father told her only moments ago. "Go in to the burrow and hide yourself! Now!" She nodded to herself and ran as fast as she could and almost tripped towards the burrow which was a room on the bottom floor of the ship.

When she came to the door, she struggled to open it as she heard voices coming closer. It wouldn't open! She was panicking. She mentally told herself to calm down and she took a deep breath. When her hands stopped shaking, she opened the latch as calmly as she could, and she entered the small room. It had wooden boxes probably used to store food at one time, she thought. There was junk hanging on the walls that she didn't really bother to notice, all she wanted right now was a hiding spot. Her eyes drifted around the room frantically searching for somewhere, when they stopped at a door. "Hmm...I never saw this here before..."she said. She opened it and it was what looked like an old, small closet. She batted the cobwebs away and closed the door just in time as she heard the entrance open. "I don't see anything in here boss!" one said. "well that's why we have to look idiot! Inuyasha said that he smelt a human on board so there has to be someone left!" the other replied. "he must be a demon!" she thought. "Whatever you say...but I'm telling you that Inuyasha has to be wrong because there is no one here!" he said. "What the hell did you just say?" a voice said from the doorway. "so you think I'm wrong do you?" who she was assuming was Inuyasha said. "o..of course not boss! B-but no one is here so..." the pirate trembled. Inuyasha looked around the room and kagome held her breath when his eyes landed on the door she was in. What really made her scared was when he started walking towards it with a smirk on his face that didn't look too friendly. He looked into a hole in the door and her heart was pounding out of her chest and she was surprised they didn't hear it. Suddenly, Inuyasha turned away and went back to the doorway. "Move on." He said as he took one last glance to her door. The pirates nodded to their boss and left the room and turned the corner, but only to be stopped by Inuyasha and he signed for them to lean against the wall. He slowly kept his head on the edge of the doorway and watched.

Kagome let out a long sigh of relief. She was so happy they were happy and wondered why they hadn't seen her. "oh well" she thought. She slowly stepped out of the closet and brushed off the cobwebs. Now all she had to do was find an escape boat without the pirates seeing her. She quietly walked out of the room and turned the corner and came nose to nose with Inuyasha. She gasped and he had an evil smirk on his face. "Well well well, look what we got here." Inuyasha said as the other two pirates chuckled behind him.