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When Kagome's eyes fluttered open she felt as if she were floating. Her first thought was , "I can't believe Inuyasha made me jump like that!" She didn't think he would actually follow through with it. She squinted her eyes and saw something white and flowy. For a second she thought perhaps she was dead, but her assumption was quickly proven wrong when her eyes met two red ones.

"Great," she thought, "Now who is kidnapping me?"

Inuyasha couldn't believe what he'd just seen. The other crew member, of course, had fallen into the ocean, but Kagome had just been swept away by a woman on a feather. He definately hadn't expected it, and was just getting ready to act on his impulse to save her himself. He didn't know who the woman was, but he had a good idea of where she was taking Kagome based on the scent she carried.

"Shit," he muttered, "Now what should I do?"

"Who are you and where are you taking me?!" Kagome demanded.

The woman just stared at her with hard, cold eyes. She looked a bit frightening, but Kagome had no intention of showing her fear.

"My name is Kagura, and I was ordered to take you to my master." she answered cooly.

"Who is your master?" Kagome asked skeptically. And what would he want with someone like her?

"My master is Lord Sesshomaru," she responded. "And you would be wise to not argue and do as he tells you." she added.

Kagome just stared. Like hell she would! Whoever this Sesshomaru person was, he had better have a good reason for kidnapping her. She sighed and wondered what Inuyasha would do about her being taken. Not far in the distance, she could see a tall castle approaching.

Meanwhile, back on the ship, mostly everyone just stood in silence. Some found it sort of humorous that their captain's prisoner, whom was just about to be killed, got carried away just in the niche of time. Inuyasha, however, didn't.

"Inuyasha, erm,sir, what are you going to do about this?" Miroku asked him.

"What do you mean what is he going to do?! We have to go save her of course!" Sango interjected.

"Why should I do anything? Good riddance." Inuyasha grunted.

Deep down, though he would never admit it, he wanted to go find her. He just needed to think of an excuse to, first.

"She must have been kidnapped for a reason. Someone must know you have a softspot for her." Miroku said thoughtfully. Inuyasha twitched.

"What the hell? Who said I had a damned 'soft spot'? Watch your mouth, monk." he snapped.

"Whatever you say..." he said smiling, "But they must want something."

"Think, Inuyasha! What's something valuable they could want?" Sango pushed.

Inuyasha thought for a moment, then it hit him.

"The locket."

Kagome had never seen such a beautiful palace. Well, she had never actually been inside one before, but this was definately grand. It was tall and stone, and very sturdy looking. "This Sesshomaru guy must be pretty important," she thought. As she was lead through the long halls she noticed lots of portraits on the walls of powerful-looking demons. She wondered if they were all of his family. They sort of resembled Inuyasha.

Finally, they reached a large, brown door. Kagura knocked and called,

"M'lord? I have returned with the girl."

A demanding voice answered, "Enter."

Kagura led Kagome through the door and stopped.

"You may leave now, Kagura." he more ordered than said.

She nodded and walked out, leaving Kagome all alone with him. She felt a bit intimidated. her eyes traveled around the room. There was a large desk and a large selection of books. It appeared to be some sort of study or office. He looked at her with examining eyes.

"So you are the human wench traveling with Inuyasha." he simply stated.

Kagome stared back. She could tell she wasn't going to like him, but nodded.

"Do you two know eachother or something?" she asked.

Sesshomaru 'hmphed'. "You could say that. Although I don't like to say so. He is a disgrace...a worthless pirate. However...," he started, taking a step closer. Kagome involuntarily took a step back. "He has something I want, and you are my way of getting it." he said, staring at her intently.

"Me? Why me though?" she asked dumbly. Last time she checked she didn't think she was of any significance to Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru blinked. Didn't she know his brother had a soft spot for her? He had sent Kagura to watch them, then to take her when the time was right.

"You're my bait to lure Inuyasha here. Then I will take what I need and kill you and him both." he explained calmly.

This made the girl surprised, he could tell. She was interesting to watch.

"Listen, pal, I am not going to be your prisoner just so you can kill me! I don't know who you think you are, or what you could possibly want, bu-" he cut her off.

"The locket. It leads to the Shikon Jewel. Word has it that Inuyasha possesses it, which is why you are here."

Kagome stared. Who did this guy think he was? He infuriated her, using her just to get some stupid treasure. What was so great about this treasure anyway that he and Inuyasha both wanted?

Sesshomaru watched her closely, a series of expressions crossing her face. Why was she not afraid of him? He didn't like it.

"You will stay in a room I have provided for you, until Inuyasha comes. You are not permitted in the west wing, do you understand?" he instructed.

"And why not?" she asked with a little more sass than she intended.

He blinked. Was she not grateful she wasn't locked up? She had no right to question him.

"Did I say you could question my authority? If you are caught there, you are dead. Unless you would rather just stay in the dungeon." His private quarters were in the west wing, and no one was permitted there.

Kagome sighed in defeat. She might as well just go along with it for now. She had no other choice.

"Fine. But I am NOT your prisoner." she stated.

In a flash his hand was around her throat. Kagome didn't even see it move, and would have been amazed had she been able to breathe.

"You do not defy me. You are in my castle and will listen to what I say." he told her firmly, "Kagura."

When he said her name she quickly appeared by the door again and bowed.

"Take her to her room." he said and roughly released her. Kagome coughed and gasped for air. She rubbed her throat that had red marks from where his hand had been. She got up and followed Kagura down the hall once more. Not before sending him hard glare, though.

"I told you," Was all she said smugly.

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