Story: Blood Bonds

Crossover:  BtVS/SSG1

Spoilers:  Mid season three of Buffy – Faith is around and Angel has returned and its just before the 'Bad Girls' episode.

                Indeterminate time in Stargate SG1 but around third or fourth season thereabouts

Summary:  Joyce dies (naturally) and Buffy's dad returns to hear the reading of the will.  But just what has Joyce written down in her will and how will it affect Buffy's life.

Disclaimer:  I don't own any of the Buffy or Stargate characters ::sobs:: I just enjoy jerking them around .  So don't sue me – all I own is my cat (and she thinks she's my master)

New story!  Yeah, I know this makes five ongoing stories but I can handle it! Honest!


It was a normal day for Buffy Summers; get up, go to school, kill the undead, come home.  Of course, when she gets home she'll have to battle yet again.  Only this time it was with her mom.

Ever since learning her daughter was a slayer, Joyce had been determined to have her daughter graduate high school and go to collage.  Buffy wasn't so sure anymore.  Ever since becoming a slayer, Buffy had been fighting her destiny.  There was nothing more she wanted than to be a normal teenager.

But she was beginning to wonder what the point was.  Maybe Faith had the right idea; go with the flow and enjoy being the freedom that comes with being the slayer.

Her relationships with everyone had been strained lately.  Willow was resentful because of the time she was spending with Faith; Xander acted weird at the very mention of the dark slayer's name; and her relationship with Giles still hadn't recovered from finding out about Angel.

Then there was Angel.

Buffy knew they had no future together, but they seemed to be caught in this vicious cycle.  She knew one of them would have to leave for them to break it. 

Which brought her back to her mother.  Buffy sighed, waiting outside her own door.  The blond was tempted to climb the tree to her bedroom and avoid the nightly drama. 

She entered the house and called, "Mom!  I'm home!"

There was no answer. 

Buffy, puzzled, looked outside and saw her mom's jeep parked in the driveway.  She closed the door and looked in the kitchen only to find it empty.  Becoming nervous she called out again -- still no answer.

She walked up the stairs and her heart began to pound in her ears.  The slayer slowly opened her mom's door, more frightened then she had ever been in her life; including when she had gone to face the master. 

Her mom was lying on the bed, looking peaceful.  Anyone else would have assumed that she was merely sleeping.  But Buffy was the Slayer, and knew death when she saw it.

A single tear slid down her cheek.



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