The Three Worlds

Three worlds... separated by time and space. Three worlds, each of which has their own troubles. Three worlds, sometimes they connect. Three worlds... each must join to save the last.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars. However, all Earthling (Terran) characters belong to me, and as well as all Past characters. They are all based on, or are characters in a fiction-to-be, and two of my (And my sisters. We share an account on fictionpress) fictionpress stories, Enemies by Heritage, and The Light of Stars. Though you do not have to read them, I would recommend it. This first chapter and prologue is confusing, it will become clearer, I hope. If you have any questions, just ask. I know that this firt chapter seems very fictiony, and not fanfiction, but it will become clearer, I hope. If you would like information on the pasts of Destiny, Sillen, and Tiana... and maybe other characters that might appear later, just review, and ask. I'll be glad to answer, because I'm the only one who knows them well enough... though I hope they will become clearer in due time. (Oooh... long disclaimer) Don't give up on the story yet... It's slightly AU, I think...

In a galaxy far, far away...

There were three galaxies far, far away... and now, they were about to collide...

This is the tale of two Earth girls thrust into the world of Star Wars, where a destiny far greater then the Force awaits them.

The last world is unknown to all other worlds... but now, it begins to fall. And with it's fall will come the collapse of the other worlds, though there is no seeming connection between them. But can they, even with the help of the Jedi save the last world from collapse?

By world, we do not mean planet. The worlds are classed as follows: the Present, the Future, and the Past. But that would just be the Terran way of calling them, though we believe that ours is the only world... we call ours Earth, or Terra, at times.

In the world of the Future, called the Core worlds, as it were, for they are at the heart of all; the heart of the wave. They knew nothing of our existence, for we are on a different plane of existence than them. We all exist in the same area, and the Force is what connects us. The Force is what joins the Three Worlds.

But the last world is the most terrifying of all. It is the world of the Past, where magic flows freely, and a shadow begins to form. It is the Past, and there, the Force has little power against the might of the shadow that grows.

Indeed, one could say that they were not alive, for the Force is all life.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. It will be best to tell this tale from the beginning, and to the end; to see it as I saw it.

My name is Tiana. I am from Terra, and it is I that will tell the tale, though not from my perspective, as it is not my story to tell. This is the story of the Third World, and how the other worlds had to join to defeat the evil that crept out of the Third World, though there was little they could do.

And so it begins; the tale of the Three Worlds, and the battle to keep all worlds together.

Chapter One

Terra: 2003, October 15th, the year of our Lord:

Tiana Anderson, as she was so called, flung herself onto her bed, screaming profoundly. "Why?" was the question that could be made of her rambling. " Why, why, why?"

Just a week before, her father had been killed in a plane crash. Her mother had not the money to support her family single-handedly. And now...

"And now I'm stuck with stuffy Aunt Ruth!" Tiana swore. She was a teenager, fifteen years of age, and did not deserve to be locked up in a stuffy old house, with a stuffy old aunt who's favorite dish to cook was some Ukrainian dish regarding garlic. And more garlic.

She stared at the raindrops falling down the windows. Falling, always falling, falling to land in a shimmering puddle in the end.

Drip... drop... the endless sound drove her insane...

Tiana screamed. " Will it never end?!"

She hid her head under her pillow, but even that did not drown out the endless drip, drop. Splish, splash that greeted her.

The little shower began to grow... and more and more torrents came down... shimmering like rainbows in the sky after a rainfall.

A light grew up from the puddle of raindrops. But Tiana did not notice, she was too busy tuning out the world.

One lone teardrop made it's way down her cheek, and glistened in the darkness before exploding into a shimmering shape in her room.

And then the light went out, but the memory still remained. Tiana stared at the dimmed glow in the center of her room; transfixed to the spot.

When the light vanished, a sound of water running came to her ears, and she turned to shut her window.

She got water on her hands.

It was then that she realized that she had been crying, and she wiped the tears from her cheeks. Her hands seemed to glisten, and she held them in front of her face.

It was dark, and with the inky blackness, it was obvious that her hands were shining.

As the shimmer worked it's way up her arm, she stared, not seeing what was happening. Before her mind comprehended what was going on, she was encircled in a white glow, that shimmered around her like a cloak, hiding her face to any who could see her, and masking her true form.

As she begin to scream, the light blinked out, and she fell to her knees. "What on Earth...?!"

She was in the same inky darkness as before, only something was different, but she couldn't place it.

And then she did. The sound of the water had changed, from a steady flow, to a now pulsing drip.

A wave of nausea swept over her, and she collapsed.


It fell profusely, not giving a moments rest.

Destiny Webb shivered. What was she doing out in the rain anyhow? It was cold... wet... dark. Especially considering that it was only 11:32 p.m.. Normally, it was lighter at this time of night, but a shadow was over the area.

Even the streetlights are down, she thought. A blackout?

Not even starlight was there to light up the cheerless air of the night. The shadows were powerful; a darkness covered the area in an uneasy midnight.

Destiny stretched out her hand, and raindrops covered it in a chill dampness. She pulled her hand back as it started to shimmer.

"Well, now that's interesting..." she said, staring at her hand. "What on Earth...?"

And then it stopped, as if taunting her. All of a sudden, the darkness seemed even more imposing, and evil. A bitter laughter seemed to taint the air with a chill shadow.

"Who's there?" asked Destiny. "In the name of the Three Worlds, I demand that you show yourself, by my heritage, and the name of my mother's throne."

A swirling shadow swept into the area, removing all trace of light, but yet still easily seen in the pitch darkness. It slowly seemed to morph into the shape of a woman; with sparkling blue-black hair, and piercing blue eyes. She seemed to be part of the shadow herself, though still standing there.

But Destiny knew better. She knew that the woman was not there, it was but an image, meant to deceive her. "Sillen Aranè." She kept her face strong; she knew this woman; knew her powers...

"So you do remember me, Destiny Webb," replied the shadowy woman. "That is well, far after the destruction of your world, I thought that you would try at best to forget it all."

"I did."

Sillen smiled darkly. "And yet you are still content to live on Earth. You knew it was I, or you would not've demanded that I show myself with those words, Destiny. Or more, your highness."

Destiny watched her darkly. "You killed Talnaver."

"And yet her descendants still live, is that not right?"

"I seen you die."

Sillen shrugged. "Didn't all of your lost world see me die? Didn't all?"

"You destroyed many worlds. My world, the old Imperial worlds, the Past world."

Sillen looked at her sharply. "And that is why I am here." She stopped, and a light came over her face. "I am not who I was any longer. And what you say is not true: the Past is not gone, merely moved."

"You died."

"Ahh, did you not say those words oh so long ago, the last time I died?" Sillen looked beyond Destiny. "The truth is, I am dead, and am sent here to warn you, Destiny Webb. I may be dead, but the shadow power still remains."

"Saeren created a block."

"No. He blocked the power from ever coming against the future, or Terra. But Shadow is as much a part of the Past as it is not of these worlds. Hear my words, as believe them, Destiny. You faced Shadow before, and now it returns, creeping through the careful blocks of the power of light. But there is a dark power at work in the Future, and shadow begins to creep through, using the darkness as it's cover. And the people of the future will be defenseless against it; their Force, the Jedi cannot wield against it. The Shadow people, my people are almost invisible to the Force. It is as it we were dead to them."

"What are you talking about?"

"I am talking about the return of the Shadow, Destiny," said Sillen urgently. "I mean that all the worlds are in terrible danger. You must go to the Future; you've faced shadow before, and defeated it. Destiny, please, listen to me," she pleaded.

"When have you ever spoken truth to me? When have you done anything to earn my trust?" asked Destiny.

"I have not," replied Sillen. "But being dead makes one think a little more. Look, you must go, or the worlds will face the same fate as last time, that Talnaver Arinon gave her life for. Do you want that to all be in vain, Destiny? You have the power to defeat Shadow while it is still young, and I give you that warning; that time in advance. You must go!"

Destiny looked at her sharply. "I have no reason to trust you!"

"And what then, when the worlds fall again? You must try and stop this before it's too late. The rain is the key, now is your only chance."

It was then that Destiny realized that there was no rain falling on them; Sillen was using some form of magical shield. That is probably also why I can see her, Destiny surmised.

"All right," she said slowly. "But if this was a trick to get me off planet, you will suffer."

"I'm dead, how can I suffer?" asked Sillen.

Destiny rolled her eyes. "I will find a way, and you will wish that you had never faced me again, Sillen Aranè. This had better be in truth."

"I swear that it is, Destiny. Do not take my word lightly. There are older, more powerful things out there than I."

"Do I not know it?" asked Destiny, in her mind reliving the past: the past that now she feared.

"You would. Go quickly, before you lose the chance!" urged Sillen.

"And how will I return to Earth?" asked Destiny.

"You have always found a way before. Remember, the worlds are made so that they cannot be trespassed in this manner. But through your powers, there will be a way. Go!"

As Sillen let the shield drop, Destiny seen something in her that had never been there before: mercy, peace, a light within her shone. And with that, Destiny knew that she spoke true.

"Farewell," said Destiny, as the raindrops began to cover her, shining a light over the area.

Sillen nodded as Destiny began to disappear. "And may the Force be with you," she said softly. "You're going to need it in this new world."

(Oh, author note of some importance: This story, while in the Star Wars time, takes place while Anakin in still a Padawan before the Attack of the Clones, and after Rogue Planet. But also before the Approaching Storm. Just a note that some might need, though the story doesn't have to do with them...)

The rain fell steadily, never ceasing, an odd thing for the planet Corascuant... it never rained.

Obi-Wan wondered if it had any significance; a sense of foreboding was over him. Something was about to happen. But what?

"What is it, master?" asked Anakin. "You should come in."

Then it hit them both, and Anakin understood. There was something coming. And something beyond the raindrops pounding over the city-covered planet.

And the Force was warning them.

What was coming?

They both watched the skies, waiting for the inevitable.

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