The Three Worlds: Chapter Three

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The first thing that Tiana was conscious of was that she couldn't move her hands. The second was that we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. For that matter, she wasn't even on Earth... it just didn't feel right.

If her hands would've been free, she would've reached up and rubbed her head. But, being as she hands were bound somehow, she had to contend with groaning pitifully.

Her mother would've been disappointed in her. She had been in many situations like this.

But Tiana knew nothing about her real mother and father.

So she contended herself with counting floor tiles while trying to figure out what in the Three Worlds had just happened.

"She's not a thing like her mother."

"You were the one who thought to trust the fate of the Three Worlds on this Tiana ."

"I did indeed think to trust her on that. And I feel that in the end, she will come to prove herself like her mother... or father."

"Ha. That's doubtful. Maybe she'll prove herself a traitor like her mother, but nothing else."

"Her mother was not a traitor."

"She was to us. She left us to darkness."

"She was not immortal. She was only human, Rayon."

"She had power beyond any of us, halfy."

"You are wrong. All the while, we were all wrong. Talnaver was never the chosen one. It was Destiny."

"And it took how many years to discover this slight fact?"

"You've been talking to me too long, you've picked up on my sarcatic streak."

"And you still think that Tiana will suffer the Sith, and not turn?"

"I never said that she wouldn't turn."

"You let the fate of the worlds sit on her shoulders, and you still let her be captured?!"

"There's nothing I can do but oversee what happens."

"You're one of the Three Wizards."

"So are you. And is there anything that you can do either?"

"No. There's naught to do but wait, and abide our time. The time until all worlds fall to shadow!"

"You doubt that the worlds can be saved again."

"No, I doubt that Tiana can save them. She is not her mother."

"But she is her mother's child. And her father's daughter. Do you doubt her father?"


"Then do not doubt Tiana."

"She will turn. There will be nothing that she can do."

"I never said that she'd do anything. I've only said that the coming of Tiana would bring about changes that would lead to the removal of Shadow once again."

"What can she do though?"

"No one said that she'd do anything."

"No one but yourself."

"I have faith that shadow can be defeated again."

Two beings of the past watched in the crystal clear water, and hoped that the powerful magic of light could bring about the changes that were so needed.

A flash of blue light...

Destiny jumped. She sat in front of Obi-Wan and Anakin in their apartments, trying to explain that which even she did not fully understand.

Sillen shook her head. "You are hopeless."

There was no more darkness or rain to mask her appearance. She was slightly glowing figure in the dimly lit apartment, and had the look of a ghost, almost. And yet she appeared alive.

Anakin jumped. "Who are you?"

Destiny rolled her eyes. "Sillen Aranè, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker." She pointed them out, the respective name to the respective person. "This is Sillen Aranè, a..." Destiny paused, not knowing what to term her. "A friend of mine," she said after a while. "A dead friend," she added under her breath.

Sillen glared slightly at her. " Ara ea vel carr taran," she said. (Sunelvan, the Old Elven, or High Elven tongue: There is no need to bring that up.)

"I do not speak that tongue anymore, and nor have I ever spoken it well," Destiny replied dully. "But I do not bring up the past when I do not need to. Seann tar velnn daar ea varas teell ia saran le." (They do not need to know that I killed you.)

" Feeran saara sa teell naanath." (Then keep it that way.)

By the faces on the two Jedi, it was obvious that they hadn't understood a word that the two had said. Destiny herself hardly understood the language; she spoke very little, the variation that she had been speaking was questionably parsed. Sillen had caught it instantly, and swiched to a simpler version, but Destiny still had trouble with the tongue.

"What language was that?" asked Obi-Wan. "I do not believe that I have heard it before."

"You willn't've," replied Sillen. "The tongue is that of another world, another galaxy, and is no longer in use in your time. It is the language that in the far past was called Sunelvan, and was the language of the high-elves. But now, in that world, the language is changed, and that on which I have just spoken is called the Old-elven, and is spoken only by the learned. Few now know it-- none at all within your worlds."

Destiny glanced at her, confusion in her eyes.

"It is the tongue of the past, and that past must be saved," said Sillen. "Tell me, Jeedai," she said, purposefully using the Huttese term, "but what do you know of Shadow? And by Shadow I mean a dark magic, that is no longer of your time. Similar to the Dark Side of the Force, I believe."

"What are you talking about?" asked Obi-Wan. "What does this have to do with anything?"

"I mean that Shadow returns. And with it comes the Dark Side. We have come to a dark age, my friend, and there is very little that can be done to stop it."

She drifted. There was nothing to do but drift in the night shadows that cloaked her.

Why couldn't I stop the Shadow? Why did I have to die? Why...

Always the question in mind: why.

And there was no answer.

In the deepest darkness, and the furthest places, there was no answer to be found.

Years had passed... or was it but days. She couldn't tell, but for the warning screaming in her mind.

Oh, Armon, Destiny, Crystal, Jayron, why did it have to hit you so hard? Why did Sillen have to be so powerful? I know how it was that you felt, but I can do nothing for you now.

A shadow was always in her mind.

I will never forgive you for what you've done to those that I loved! she swore.

And in the darkness that she walked in, a single tear fell, glistening through the mists.

She fell to her knees, and wept. Even dead, I cannot escape what happened. Why can I not sleep, when I so badly need to escape my memories? Why did I have to die?

But she wasn't dead, not in truth. For with death would've came peace, and an escape. She still walked in the world, but was in Shadow.

Trust. Always a hard thing to earn, even harder to regain once it is lost.

Hatred. A sense that so many people now know, especially those of the ravaged world of the past.

Fear. Something that all now seemed to know in the past.

Shadow. The dark passages between worlds and time.

Friendship. Something that was as hard to earn as trust.

"You were once my friend," she had pleaded. So long ago it now seemed, though yet it seemed just yesterday. It was the day before Talnaver's death. "Will you not trust me?"

There was pain in her eyes. The pain of facing him again, after she had turned. There was pain in his eyes too, the pain of betrayal.

"I am not a traitor," she said, softly. "You may think what you will, but I am no traitor."

She had left that day, without his trust, without friendship, without fear. Something within her said that she did not care what happened. But in truth, she was pierced to the bone. To lose a friend, to lose their trust, to lose everything. To have to face one whom she had loved in hatred.

It was the day after that she had died, at the hand of Shadow, the cloned Sillen Aranè.

He still held a level of hate for her, as she had turned against them. But still, though he would've never trusted Talnaver again, he still felt something there. And there was all the reason too feel something for her. Her daughter was Tiana.

That was also the day that Sillen had died.

His name was Armon Clome, Lord of the Willow-end forest.

Trapped in the past. Years ago, this would've seemed the worst fate ever. But not now, as the past was a part of him.

Indeed, he missed the olden days. But that had changed. When his powers became obvious, he had to grow accustomed to the past, it was his job.

He was a Wizard, one of the Three Wizards of the Past. There were nine, actually, and nearly all of them now dwelt in the past, or were dead. No one but them knew who they were, for they fit in with the now called Mages of Ruuan.

Indeed, this fate was fitting to him. He had powers beyond mortal reckoning. Only one thing held him with anger, and that was Talnaver.

She had their powers, was one of them, and had betrayed them. It was well that she was dead, in his mind. If only Destiny had chose to stay in the past at the time of the rejoining. But she had been on Terra at that time, and was now there forever. At least, he had never seen or heard tell of the Sadrainian princess.

But he was still happy there, on Ruuan, married to the clone of the one called Elana.

His name was Luke Rayon.

He walked the forests, troubled. Something was there, something that he had not felt in many a long year.

It had been hard to get used to not traversing the worlds any longer. He had managed, though there was still something that drew him to the stars. One of the Old-world wizards, yes, but still, there was remains of the Future within him, that had never been wholly cleansed.

And yet, Ruuan was his home world. But a restlessness was within him, and he paced.


There was rain falling heavily over the lands.

And he did not know what it foretold. Did he trust that Tiana had the powers to stop Shadow. There was all the signs that it advanced now. Fear, darkness, pain.

Pain? Fear? Darkness?

All the things he had felt when Talnaver had met her death. Indeed, she had to, at one time, but why now?

She knew we thought of her as a traitor. Did she even care? When she faced Sillen that last time, did she even fight her death?

She was a traitor.

Do I think that now though? Do I still hold the past against one long-dead?

He knew that he still did.

Shadow came from the East. Was the Lady Crystal's realm still alive?

He paced, watching, feeling. Something was going to happen, but what?

And his name was Yaldur Calelva; half-elf.

A slithery, snake-like man. His eyes were shadowy, he wrung his hands nervously, lanky; greasy black hair flung over his shoulders messily. Through the rats nest on his head, pointed ears were clear to be seen. He was an elf. A Dark-elf.

He was paler than death itself, and his black hair darker than night. And there was a sigla marked on his wrist, from which, shadows seemed to spring.

A Dark-elf turned to Shadow.

In front of him stood a woman, cloaked in black, with eyes of purple, though there was a red glint to them. At her waist hung a lightsaber. A Sith. (A/N: Sorry, Warious, but I don't recall what your character looked like. Thanks for letting me use her, I couldn't come up with a Sith.)

"You are sure that she can stop the move of your people?" An edge to her voice; sharp, bitter hatred, the full power of the Dark Side flowing from her, and anger.

"Yes." His voice was hissy, like that of a snake, low, dark, full of malice. If he had not been such a snake-like man, there would been a very Sith-like feel to him. And yet, there was still that elven feel, that of one who was of the fair folk, for even the Dark Elven were fair of face, until they had lived so long in shadow.

He was one of shadow. Powerful from the shadow, and ruined for the Shadow that sustained them. Hardly living.

Tiana could see him from where she was bound, though it was hard to keep her eyes open through the throbbing in her head. A malice to him, and a dark familiarity. She feared him almost as much as the one in black ropes. A sense of power-- dark power-- was everywhere in the room.

"She is but a girl." Sarcasm. The Sith spoke with a laughing edge that showed indeed, that she felt that Tiana was capable of little better than that of a maid.

"You are a girl yourself."

The Sith reacted with such power in her anger that Tiana, from the back of the room, flinched away, though it wasn't exactly easy, for her wrists were locked tightly behind her. The Dark Elf held himself against the rush of the Force that she flung against him with surprising ease, however. "You will not say that again," she hissed through her teeth. "Now, why is it that you fear this child, and my master agrees enough that I must keep her here?"

Anger, hate, and even fear was in her eyes, all channeled into feeding her powers.

"She is the child of one who brought us down ages ago," he replied simply. "And your master was alive as a mere child then, and seen what her mother's power could do. When the worlds were locked though, she was on Terra. Somehow, ths child has made it here, and has all her parent's powers. She would be a great danger to us all."

Darth Warious scoffed. "And she couldn't even react with these 'powers' when I was near. I do not think that she could do anything to harm you, let alone all your people. But still, if she could be turned, she would make for a good asset. All right then, elf, the girl stays. You may go back to your people, or whatever. But I do not think that you have anything to fear from her."

She laughed. "She is but a child."

The Dark-Elf bowed slightly, and left the room, heading out into the rain-slicked streets of Corascant.

And Tiana was left to wonder what all this meant as another bout of Force-brought on unconsciousness hit her, and she was left to wander the world of dreams once more.


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Second Age: Destiny was born in the late second age, where the Imperials, and not the UnionShadow had power. As the war went on, Talnaver was able to defeat their main operator, and destroy the Empire, for the time. Destiny was still young then, and a princess at heart, and disliked Talnaver, a lot. But, sadly, Agent later Emperor Jayron Brown was not killed, and began to regain power. And that he did, fast (If you want, I'll email you part of what I've wrote regarding this, though it's more about Talnaver. It's not posted anywhere.) After he had regained his power, he started to go against Talnaver and Destiny, not anything else, as he still needed time to rebuild his Empire, and they were in his way, along with Yaldur, and Terry Anderson. Out of desperation, and in the hopes to survive, Talnaver and Destiny underwent Anti-aging, a process that was still very new at the time. They both lost their memories, and lived on Terra, away from the Imperial notice, and without any memories of their past life, apart from Talnaver having a few scars. They became best of friends, and life was normal until...

Third Age: ...The Third Age began, and their memories began to slowly come back. And with that came their pasts. As time went on, they began to know everything, though Destiny was faster to remember than Talnaver. But she still remained a friend to Talnaver, who was struggling to survive within a new world, Sadrainea. Brown soon learned about them, and Talnaver was stuck on the run for her life.

At the same time, the UnionShadow was growing more powerful, and revealed themselves on Ruuan. They had a spy in Sadrainea, and, as Destiny was hungering for the power that she had once had as princess, coerced her into taking her place on the throne, under their guidance, though she didn't know it. And Talnaver was the only one who seen this happen, and she sensed Shadow within Destiny.

She tried to show Destiny the errors of her ways, but only succeeded in being labeled in par with the Empire, which was suffering greatly from Shadow's push. Talnaver, out of desperation joined forces with her worst enemy, and tried to stop Shadow with the help of Brown. She managed to get captured, and her powers removed.

But, as Sillen grew in power, Destiny learned of the trickery that she had been living under, and went against them, and for a time, it seemed that Shadow was gone for good. But Sillen had another trick, and finished the Sundering (if you want, I'll explain that too, though it is irrelevant...) leaving them stuck within their powers. To survive, they were forced to rely on each other, though Destiny was still grudging about trusting Talnaver and Brown. There was still a level of Shadow's trickery within Destiny. Soon, Talnaver was labled a traitor once more, and the Shadow began to return....

The Fourth Age: A whole lot went on, that is not important at the moment, and Sillen was defeated, the final battle is explained a bit in Enemies by Heritage. But Talnaver was left powerless.

Destiny took back her throne as herself, by her own choosing, and Sadrainea was a safe place, for a while. Talnaver chose to return to Earth, to Terra, and hid there for a while. Destiny though, as the Imperials took power, renamed her traitor, and declared war on the Empire. And she used Shadowcast. (Explained in Enemies by Heritage, it is the Shadow power, made into a weapon).

This caused the return of the shadow.

Basically, what went on, is Sillen's clone (yeah... creative) created a clone of Destiny, and took her captive. At the same time, an Imperial agent from Terra was captured, and Talnaver was forced to return to the Empire, as she was one of the few who had faced Shadow, and survived. On her wrist was the tell-tale mark of Shadow to prove this. (Explained again, in Enemies by Heritage in a lot more detail)

After many adventures that I can't recollect for the sake of Warious, who is reading Enemies by Heritage, Talnaver was able to face her old friends again. But they still thought of her as a traitor, even Destiny. Destiny returned to Sadrainea, and faced the Shadow agents, and was able to defeat most of the returned agents, and declare war on them, and a peace with the Empire.

Talnaver faced Sillen once more, but, nearly powerless, was, um, unable to defeat her.

Destiny, later on, was able to kill Sillen, and the worlds were re-sundered, with the Wizards (i can explain them if you want) remaining on Ruuan, and Destiny returning to Terra with Talnaver's daughter. (well, you'll see...)

The worlds were separated, with the powers being called the Force on the Fuure worlds, which could not remember the past, as no one stayed that remembered. And the past remained the past, and Destiny turned to the present, to Terra, but the memories were strong with her. And that was how Sillen located her with the warning that Shadwon was once again returning. And thus this tale begins the Fifth Age.

Will that do?

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