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This takes place during season seven after "The Killer in me." Faith is back already.

"H-has anyone ever t-told you that y-you're pretty when I'm ddrrrrunk?" the red –headed girl stumbled over her words proudly as she never would have been so bold with out having had so much to drink. Faith turned her head away from the red head so as to hide her blushing. She let out a little laugh. "What you think I'm joking? I'm serious, man- er, uh... girl." Faith couldn't help but let out another little giggle. "Red, you're a piece 'o work, you know that? There just ain't no one out there like you." Willow wasn't paying attention. Her eyes had wandered off into the distance and her stomach was definitely churning. "I'll be right back." She said. Faith, instinctively followed, just to make sure her new found friend was ok.

Willow and Kennedy had gotten into an argument earlier that day. And Faith needed time away from Buffy, her vampire lover, and the fifteen pimply teens she'd been staying with. Willow, Giles were the only people she could stand to be around for more than five minutes. Well, there was Anya- she's not too bad, but she does run her mouth way too much sometimes. At least she's not afraid to tell anyone what she thinks about them.

Faith sighed as she followed Willow into the men's room of the Bronze. "Red, I know you went gay and all, but isn't this taking things a little to the extreme? –Or is there something I don't know about you?" Willow paused and turned around. "Do I know you? Can't a girl use the restroom in peace? I'm sorry, I'm seeing someone right now. She's beautiful and blonde and she'd turn you into a monkey if she knew what you did to me." Faith looked at Willow in confusion and before she could say anything at all, Willow collapsed onto the bathroom floor.