(A/N: Here comes one you may not have heard of. I've grown quite tired of YohxAnna, or "Yohna", as I've heard it called, so I wanted a change of pace. But, lazy slacker me, I didn't go back to Chibi Beginnings. (sarcastically) Boo hoo.

This one's for Poor Hao, who got his name changed to 'Zeke' by those idiot dubbers at 4(torturing)Kids! But otherwise, it's a very serious fic. The couples this time, though I've emphasized that Yohna will be out of convenience only, will be as follows: HaoxTamao (wow, rhymes) and TamaoxLyo (OC, pronounced 'Leo'). Well, Lyo's not entirely an OC, but he's based on the speculated character 'Locke', Tamao's ex-childhood sweetheart, from the dub. Kinda' ironic using a dub character when I'm trying to mock the dubbers, but I'd use any excuse to make a romance not centered around Yoh and Anna. ('centered' being the key word; the two may pop up, may not, dunno right now) And, I couldn't very well have a lubby-dubby story with Hao in it. After all, Hao does go on to be a human-hating bad guy, so I can't very well have a happy ending. (Happy ending entailing something like: Tamao terrorized by bad guy, Hao finds bad guy, Hao kills bad guy, Hao and Tamao live happily ever after, DrakeTheDuelist throws up, etc.)

Enough talk, time for Fanfiction! And I don't own Shaman King or Yugioh. Hmm, sorry, reflex. Not used to writing a non-crossover Shaman King. So no Yugioh.)

Why So Shy, Tamao? by DrakeTheDuelist

Chapter 1: Premontion

(3 years ago, Asakura Complex)-----

At this point, four apprentices are currently training under Yohmei Asakura. They are: Yoh Asakura, Anna Kyoyama, Hao Asakura, and Lyo. Yoh, as a shaman (general integration and communication with various spirits) is training on how to summon leaf spirits, or shikigamis. Hao, a pyrokinetic (creates and manipulates fire with his mind) practices by building up large flames. Anna, as an Itako (channeler / spirit summoner) trains under Yohmei's wife, Kino Asakura, learning the proper methods to summon spirits. And Lyo, a rookie clairvoyant (can see into the future) meditates constantly, trying to read the future through the stars, as well as watching over the obnoxious duo of his guardian ghosts, Ponchi and Konchi.

But their routines and simple lives are all about to change, with the addition of a new apprentice...

(late at night)-----

Lyo stands outside, wearing a black gi, or martial arts uniform, with white armbands and a white belt. He stares up at the starry sky, not obscured by urban pollution.

Lyo: (chanting towards the sky) "O Great Spirits of the Sky, I call on your wisdom. For you have seen all that has happened, as well as what is still to come. Show me your secrets, and send a sign to me, lending me your infinite wisdom. Paint across the tapestry of the sky, and show me the secrets that the future holds..." He continues to stare deeply into the night sky as a sleight breeze whips through his short, brown hair.

Voice: (from behind Lyo, mischevous in tone) 'Hehehe. He's in a trance again."

Antoher Voice: (from behind Lyo, mischevous in tone) "Hehehe. Let's surprise him..."

Voice: "...and a one..."

Another voice: "...and a two..."

Both Voices: "Three!"

Ponchi and Konchi spring up out of a bush behind Lyo, tackling Lyo in the back.

Lyo: He snaps out of his stare as Ponchi and Konchi nearly tackle him to the ground. "...show me-OOF! Is that...?" He stares back at Ponchi and Konchi, who lay rolled up on the ground, overflowing with laughter at their own mischief. "I can't believe you two! I was TRYING to communicate with the spirits of the sky AGAIN, but you two successfully got in the way AGAIN!"

Ponchi and Konchi: They continue to laugh, rolled up on their backs, totally unable to speak.

Lyo: He glares at Ponchi and Konchi, placing his hands on his hips. "Do I have to go and tell Yohmei-san that you pulled this stunt? Or are you going to let me do this uninterrupted?"

Ponchi: (calming down) "Well, hehehe, stop making such, hehehe, a tempting target, ehehehe!" He bursts into laughter.

Konchi: (calming down) "I mean, hehehe, when you're saying all that, hehehe, corny stuff, well, hehehe, it's just too tempting! Ahehehehe!" He bursts into laughter.

Lyo: "Well, let's see how funny you think this is! I'm gonna' count to 'san', and if you don't cut out your laughing by then, I'm gonna' wake up Kyoyama-san, and she's gonna' be massively cranky at this hour, got it?! Ichi... ne... SA-"

Ponchi and Konchi: Stopping their laughing, they turn towards Lyo, holding each other in their arms. "NO! NOT KYOYMA-SAN!"

Lyo: "Then leave me alone!" He turns away from the two. (muttering) "And I thought it was going to be a good idea to start training with a guardian ghost...or TWO!" He holds his forehead with his right hand.

Ponchi and Konchi: They both simultaneously let out a sigh of relief.

A shooting star races through the sky, but Lyo still holds his forehead with his hand, not paying attention to the sky.

Ponchi and Konchi: They point up to the sky. "OOO! Master Lyo! Look! A shooting star!"

Lyo: He glares back at Ponchi and Konchi. "Like I'd fall for that old one again! Good night to you BOTH, and when I try this again tomorrow night, I'm hoping for a more successful run than this time. Do I make myself clear?!"

Ponchi and Konchi: They bow down at Lyo's feet, shivering in fear of what their master was going to have done with them.

Konchi: "Uh, of course, Lyo!"

Ponchi: "Yeah, we'll never do it again!"

Konchi: "J-j-just don't tell Kyoyama-san about this!"

Lyo: He turns his back on the two short, begging ghosts. "Hmph. What bakas you two can be sometimes..." He heads back into the large building nearby.

(A/N: Well, a one-shot would take way too long for what I'm planning. So I wanted to stop here and take a break. Hope you like all the Japanese stuff I put in to taunt the dubbers with!

Oh, and I've heard many Tamao-HoroHoro story ideas, and I want to know where that comes from! It makes no sense to me, seeing as HoroHoro and Pirika are from the mountains, and Tamao has lived and trained in the Asakura complex for a while now. Besides, HoroHoro's a major loudmouth, but Tamao's really shy in sharp contrast.

Who likes Lyo so far? Not much to his character for now, but as a sneak peek, he follows his gut a lot It's gonna' be his defining characteristic, and what Hao taunts him about on many occasions. This contrasts to how Hao acts, himself being very practical in everything he does. I'm assuming that this is before Hao decided that it would be a good idea to kill off all of humanity. Yeah, I took a lot of literary license here because as cool as Hao seems, I STILL know very little about him as a villain. Oh well, I try. See ya' next time!)