Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: That memory has faded, just like all the others.

Most of her memories were gone.  After Buffy died and she was no longer needed she slowly started to fade away.  Her memories have been leaving her slowly. 

She first noticed it when she sitting at the table alone drinking hot chocolate.  She remembered when she use to drink hot chocolate with her mother.  Then she couldn't remember.  She tried to think of what she had been thinking of, but as hard as she tried she couldn't. 

Then little things like her favorite color when she was little started to escape her.  She couldn't remember her best friend's name when she lived in L.A.  When she couldn't remember her firsts pet's name she sat down and cried.  That was the one and only time she had cried about losing her memory. 

It was happening more and more often now.  Soon she wouldn't be able to remember her life completely.  She had no other option but to tell someone. 

That morning when she passed Willow in the hallway she told she needed to talk.  They were having lunch together today.  She had to write down the time and place just to reassure herself she wouldn't forget.

When she got to lunch she quickly found Willow and sat down. 

"Hey… umm…" She started to say

"Dawn what's wrong" Willow asked, reaching over to put a comforting hand on Dawn's shoulder.

Dawn stared ahead into Willow's eyes, "I can't remember your name" Dawn sobbed out "God why are you doing this to me?" She called out to the sky.

"Oh sweetie," Willow started moving over to hold Dawn as she cried "I'm Willow"

Dawn searched her memory and had memories of Willow but if she hadn't been told her name she might have never remembered.

"Will I'm so sorry.  I've been slowly losing all my memories.  I'm sure that pretty soon I won't remember my own name" She continued to cry.

"When did this start happening?"

"I can't remember" Dawn said in almost a whisper.  It had just occurred to her that she could no longer remember when this first started. 

"Willow soon I won't be anything. I know this so don't try to tell me differently.  I have written everything that has been happening down." Dawn pulled out a journal from her backpack and handed it to Willow. 

"I'm forgetting everything, my friends, my parents, Buffy. I can barely remember any of them. Without my memories I'm nothing.  Pretty soon I won't be able to function.  I will be nothing." Dawn explained to Willow, tears still streaming down her face.

Within in the next few days Dawn's memory was almost gone.  By Friday she could barely remember her name.  The only thing she remembered clearly was Willow and Buffy.  

When Dawn woke up on Saturday she could only remember her name and a memory of Christmas long ago.  She was happy.  Then that memory faded, just like all the others. 

She had nothing left but her name, she knew that if she built new memories they would all be gone soon after.  There was nothing left for her to do.  She picked up the sleeping pills and alcohol she had hidden under her bed.   It would all be over soon. 

Dawn let out a sigh of relief.  She would never have to remember anything anymore she thought as she slipped into death.

A/N: Wow I've killed Dawn twice today and it's not because I don't like her. She's one of my favorite characters.  Oh well. *crying * my spring breaks almost over.  Review to make me feel better.