Disclaimer: All credit for the idea goes to "The Demon Ororon" by Hakase Mizuki, with which this story is fused. The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, and any creative liberties taken in this story are just due to the authoress.
AU. "There will come a time when a being of unassuming proportions will bring doom to heaven and hell…" DMHP, RWHG. Fusion with "The Demon Ororon".

Angels and Demons
By: Shamera

Movement I, Part 1

"...is he awake?"

Draco Malfoy slowly opened his eyes and winced at the brightness that assaulted his vision. He quickly brought up a hand to his face, squeezing his eyelids together to dispel the light. He groaned as pain hit his senses, making him aware of the soreness in his muscles and the sharp pull in his abdominal area.

He gingerly opened his steel grey eyes again to meet a white ceiling, and pale blue walls on all sides. He blinked several times to clear his vision, and then tilted his head to where he was sure he had heard a voice.

There was a teenaged boy at the side of his bed, squeezing water from a towel at the desk. He had a head of ebony hair, falling unruly around his face. There was a pair of thin, wire-framed glasses that did nothing to hide the brilliant green eyes set on a smooth, calm face.

Beside him, wringing her hands anxiously was a teenaged girl with bushy brown hair whom was glaring at him out of the corner of her bright brown eyes. She startled to discover that he was indeed awake. She made a short, chortling noise that attracted the attention of the boy next to her.

Draco managed to sit up at the attention suddenly given to him, to at least look a little more dignified in the face of his rescuer.

The green-eyed boy smiled. "Hello." He moved the bowl of water and towel closer to the modest bed, settling on top of the drawer next to it. "My name's Harry. You're at my home right now, because I found you injured in the streets." He said, answering many of the questions that Draco had foremost on his mind.

"I can't believe you just picked him off the streets." The girl in the back of the room was complaining, completely ignoring the fact that Draco was there. "That you would take a man back to your house just because he happened to be injured… what if he's a mass murderer or rapist?"

Draco thinned his lips. "I'm no man." He spoke up, his voice slightly hoarse from lack of use for the last few hours. "I'm a demon."

There was a brief moment of silence before the girl turned to Harry, her expression hard. "He's delusional, too."

Harry didn't react at all to her statement, instead smiling at Draco lopsidedly. He seemed very used to the things that the girl would suddenly say. "Don't listen to Hermione. She doesn't believe in anything other than her books." He crouched down slightly to be at eye level with the blonde. "A demon, huh? That's interesting."

"Very much do." Draco replied flatly.

The girl (Hermione, Draco reminded himself) huffed.

Harry didn't seem deterred by the tone of his voice, instead choosing to continue talking. "I'm not that surprised, actually. I seem to be attracting ghosts and spirits all my life; why not a demon? I went to a fortune-teller once, and she told me that I might be a medium just like her." He shrugged, clearly not thinking too much of that. "Never went back, though."

Draco watched as the boy went back to cleaning the towel off, fingers working nimbly and dexterously in their jobs. There was certainly something about that boy that seemed off, and not like a normal human. "I have to thank you for saving me. You're my savior."

Harry looked abashed for only a moment before he shook his head. "I only did what anyone would have done."

"That's not true. There were plenty of people who walked past me and did nothing to help me." Draco looked closer, scrutinizing the green-eyed boy for a moment. "I don't think you're a medium. I think you're heaven-borne. Ghosts and specters are naturally attracted to you."

The blonde demon caught one of Harry's hands as they were working. "You're the one who saved me. I, the demon Draco Malfoy, will grant you one wish."




Part 2

"Goodbye, Harry."

Hermione's footsteps resounded loudly on the pavement outside as she walked down the stairs of the porch. She turned around to smile one last time at her friend, saying, "I'm sorry I can't stay longer. But I'll call you when I get back, alright?"

"Sure." Harry was holding on to the doorframe as he watched her leave.

Hermione paused in her steps only to turn back towards him once more, a concerned look on her face. "Take care, yeah? I'm not sure that I trust your guest with you."

Harry didn't respond to that, instead watching as she turned and walked the rest of the way, disappearing around the corner of the block.

"The two of you aren't related?"

Harry startled, turning around to find himself face to face with Draco, the demon whom he had rescued. How did he managed to sneak up behind me like that? Harry wondered to himself for a moment, but then pushed that thought to the back of his mind.

"No." he responded. "She's my best friend. Her family's moving away soon." Just like everyone else in his life, Harry didn't add.

"What about family?"

Harry moved out of Draco's way, closing the door behind him, not wanting to look at his empty porch anymore. For some reason, he felt like he could trust Draco, despite having only known him for a few days, and not knowing anything about him at all. "My parents disappeared when I was one," he said. "My aunt and uncle say that they were killed, but I don't think so. I lived with my godfather until he died last year."

Draco's piercing grey eyes stayed on his unaffected form, giving away no emotion. "So who was the angel? Mommy or daddy?"

Harry blinked, turning to face Draco again. "I'm sure they were both nice people, if that's what you mean."

Draco was undeterred. "Not 'nice', Harry. I can feel the blood of a seraph running inside you." He leaned in close to the other boy, slightly disturbed by how Harry made no move to back away, indeed not flinching or bothered at all. "You're going to have to watch yourself. Take care, according to what that girl said to you.

"You're not a medium. You reek of heaven, and that's why ghosts and anguished spirits seek you out so desperately. You'll have to be careful- demons and monsters love the taste of angel flesh." Draco took a step back to scrutinize the other boy. "I'm surprised you haven't been eaten yet… how old are you?"

"Sixteen. I'll be seventeen in a few months." Now it was Harry's turn to lean towards Draco. "Hey, Draco?"


Harry peered at him. "Do you always talk with that slurred accent?"




Part 3

"Where are you going? It's not very safe to go out alone in this day and age."

Draco was watching as Harry changed into slightly warmer clothes, watching as the boy's hair was tussled even more by the neckline of the sweater that he was putting on. The demon was leaning against the wall near the doorframe of the room, arms folded and his stance deceptively relaxed.

"I have to get food for dinner." Harry's voice was slightly muffled through the sweater that he was pulling over his head, giving Draco a glimpse of the small of his back. The clothing was too big, nearly hanging off his shoulders and not doing much in area of warmth.

But then, Draco mused quietly, all of Harry's clothing looked too big and frayed. The boy had no fashion sense whatsoever, and didn't look to care what other people thought of him at all.

"My godfather gave me several talismans when I lived with him." Harry said. "I take one with me whenever I go out."


"Yeah, there's one on the wall behind you." Harry pointed out, before scrounging through his drawer to find his wallet.

Draco cocked his head to the side, and saw a red piece of paper stuck to the wall behind him. He shifted, picking at the paper, taking it off the wall to examine the oriental writing that it was covered with.

"Does it?"

"Yes. A priest once told me that it was Eastern magic… that bad things wouldn't be able to touch it or come in if a house was protected by it." Harry finally stopped rummaging as he found his wallet stuffed in the very far corner.

Draco shrugged, and summoned a ball of flame as the red paper tried to burn his hand. It disintegrated the talisman immediately, leaving not even the ashes of it behind.

"Do you want to come shopping with me?" Harry asked, turning towards Draco. He had stuffed his wallet into a pocket of his oversized pants, and walked past the other boy out the door, waiting for him outside. "It's nice weather outside."

Draco shifted again, dispelling the fire before Harry could see.

"Sure, why not? The weather does seem to be nice… what are you going to cook?"

The two walked away from the house, basking in the bright sunshine outside. "I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions?"

Draco quirked the edges of his lips, the slight smile directed towards Harry. "I doubt that you can make what I'm used to eating."

Harry smiled back. "I can try."

"Help me! Please help!"

The two were stopped as a middle-aged woman ran towards them, sobbing as she stumbled over her own feet. She wore all black, as if where were ready to attend a funeral, and had on heavy make-up that was ruined by her tears.

Stunned, Harry caught the woman as she collapsed into his arms, crying loudly in fear. "What's wrong, miss?"

The woman only cried louder. "My daughter…!! She's here…!!"

Draco made a distracted noise, and Harry looked up on the street to see a terrible sight walking towards them. A young girl in a bloodied school uniform was limping heavily, blood and tears covering her tender face as she cried silently. She was an ethereal sight, slightly translucent in the afternoon sunlight.

The middle-aged woman whimpered as she clung to Harry, and as the dark-haired boy transferred her to Draco.

_It hurts…_

The young girl tried to wipe the tears from her eyes, instead smearing the blood even heavier over her face. Her hair was matted against her skull, showing pieces of skin that hung only by a thread on her face.

_It hurts me… make it stop!_

"What hurts?" Harry whispered to her, his green eyes drawn with sadness at the sight before him, and his hands reaching towards her in an attempt to comfort the small girl.

She looked surprised that he could hear her, but then shaking her head, turning and pointing to a distant area on the sidewalk where several bouquets of flowers and small gifts had been left as an offering.

_I was killed over there. A car had run into the sidewalk by accident. Mother tried to protect me, but couldn't._

She gazed with bloodless and transparent eyes at him, tears still running its way down her cheeks, her eyes soon squeezed shut as she cried out in pain.

_Please… it hurts so much…_

Harry gave Draco a helpless look for a moment, only to see the demon staring at him, face expressionless as he held the hysterical mother back.

Turning back towards the specter before him, Harry did has his instincts told him to, stepping forward and reaching out for the young girl, holding her close to him even as her pain started to affect him, and he could feel the thick coagulation of blood on her body.

"Shh." He closed his eyes, not only hearing, but feeling the little girl as she cried on his shoulder. "It hurts. I know."


"I know."

There was a swirl of wind as the girl suddenly stopped crying and drew back, amazement in her eyes as she slowly disappeared from sight, her tears drying on her ghost face. She smiled at him through the blood and the peeling skin as she faded, and Harry thought that it was one of the most beautiful sights he had seen yet.

"Oh my god…" the woman whimpered as she hid from behind Draco, her eyes wide as she stared at the wisps of dust that was the only reminder of the ghost of a daughter whom had been there a second ago.

The purification of a suffering soul… Draco set his lips in a grim line as he watched Harry stare up into the sky where the wind had carried the dust. The work of an archangel.

"She's gone." Harry commented, bright eyes still staring into the sky. "Do you think it was the talisman?"

Draco turned his attention on trying to detach the woman from his arm.

"No." he said. "I think it was you."




Part 4

The crowds grew thicker as they approached the store, people walking around as they chatted and mothers holding on to their children tightly as they tried to buy the necessary items without being influenced to buy toys or sweets for the kids.

Harry became more withdrawn as more and more people brushed by him, not having commented on the strange incident just a few minutes ago. He watched as small children vied for their parents' attentions, hugging favorite foods close to them, or pointing to a store that they wanted to go in.

The voices around them droned on as Harry tried to ignore them all, not wanting to see the happy families and friends all around him.

"You seem down."

The green-eyed boy looked to the side to see Draco staring at him again, as if trying to figure out what he was thinking about. Harry got the distinct impression that the blonde was trying to understand him by staring, but he just couldn't help but feel like an analyzed specimen whenever Draco looked at him like that.

"I don't like crowded places." Harry answered simply.

"Why not?"

When there are a lot of people around… that's where I feel the most alone.

Harry didn't answer.

Seeing that Harry wasn't going to say anything else on the subject, Draco turned his attention towards the crowd of people that they were surrounded in.

"Have you given any thought on what your wish will be?"

Harry hesitated. "I can wish for anything?"

"Anything." The blonde demon gave a look of distaste as someone brushed past him, talking on a cell-phone and so engrossed in the conversation that he didn't realize the people whom he had elbowed to get past. Draco gave the man an evil look, and turned to Harry again, feeling more relaxed when he gazed at the other boy.

"You can have anything you want. Wealth. Fame. Power. I could kill someone for you if that's what you want. I've heard it's a popular request." Draco scoffed, trying to imagine Harry wanting to kill anyone. The other boy was heaven-borne… probably wouldn't think of killing even if they were trying to kill him.

"I want you to stay with me."

That certainly got Draco's attention once again. The grey-eyed demon startled, going back to staring at Harry to see if he was serious.

"I don't want anything else." Harry reaffirmed, his expression not giving anything away. "Be my friend. Stay with me forever."

[ Everyone always left. Whether it was his family or his friends, Harry was always the one that got left behind. His parents disappearing. His godfather dying. Hermione moving away. Everyone always left. ]

Draco shrugged after a moment. "Sure."

Harry blinked. "Sure?"

The blonde smirked at Harry's dumbfounded expression. "Sure, I'll stay with you. Why are you so surprised? That was a legitimate wish."

"But… what about your family? Friends? Don't you have work, or a girlfriend to go back to?"

"My family is a bunch of assholes. I don't work, or have a girlfriend. I could do with having something on my hands to do… and besides; your definition of 'forever' isn't the same as my definition. So there's really no reason for me to say no."


Draco hushed him by leaning in close, inches away from the other boy. A pale hand rested itself on Harry's cheek. "I will grant your wish. I'm here now… and you'll never have to be alone again."

End Movement I.

Note: Very sudden scenes that cover time in abrupt jumps. I know. ^^;; But this story is a fusion with The Demon Ororon, and that's how that book is: abstract. I borrowed the manga from a friend and completely fell in love with the storyline, spending a week writing out outlines as to how I could put this story into chapters and how the characters would fit. And once I started writing this, it was easy for me to lose myself in the rhythm. This won't be my main story, but just a side project I work on from time to time when I can't think for my other stories. I won't ask for comments, since this story was written with the selfish intention of being the first to write something... anything... that involves The Demon Ororon. I just hoped everyone enjoyed it.