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Another Path

Prologue: Happy Life

A girl with red marks on her cheek walked down the small trail towards the rural lands which belonged to Iron Town.

"It's been so long." She said to herself as she approached the only house which stood in the field.

Then someone came out and greeted her.

"San!" It was a young man who was not much older than the girl, but still she respected this person.

"It's been a while, Ashitaka." San said cheerfully while they ran towards each other. Soon, they ended in each other's embrace as they remained there.

"I thought you have forgotten about me." Ashitaka said as they released each other from the embrace.

"Ashitaka, you know that I will never forget about you." San said as if a little hurt, but soon afterwards, a smile covered it all.

"I won't either." Ashitaka said as they walked down the dirt trail.

It had been months since the forest spirit and the forest deities died. However, everything seemed to have returned to normal as the Iron Town went through the reconstruction under the leadership of Lady Eboshi and with the help of Ashitaka.

However not everything was what used to be.

San had just found out about this emotion, known as love as she started to see Ashitaka, but it wasn't so bad to her, since he was like no other creature of this world.

San had come often out to see Ashitaka, which was the opposite of the promise they had made when they first parted each other after the death of the forest spirit, since Ashitaka's house was located very close to the forest.

Still, it didn't seem to cause anyone of them trouble.

"Ashitaka, why don't we go into the forest together today?" San asked as she remembered that she had something planned out for Ashitaka.

Ashitaka wanted to go hearing the princess's request, but he also had plans that he wanted her to see.

However, he just wanted her to be happy, so it would probably have to be some other time.

"Let's go then." Ashitaka said as he walked towards the small stable to his hut and led Yakkul out of it.

For the next few minutes, they rode down the trail San had walked down earlier as they did so, laughter appeared while they conversed with each other.

Moments later, they came stop beside a large pond, while San's brothers was watching from afar.

"Our sister seems to be happy with that human boy." The older wolf said as he sat there watching the two.

"Of course brother, they love each other." The younger one added in as he stood up trying to walk away.

"I just wish that she will be happy." The older wolf said as he stood up as well and walked away.

While at the pond, Ashitaka and San enjoyed their time as Yakurlu laid on the side of the lake watching them.

"Hey come on that's not fair." Ashitaka said as San splashed water onto him while both of them were laughing.

Then as fast as he could, Ashitaka dived under the water surface and grabbed San's foot, pulling her underwater.

Seconds later, they resurfaced again, both laughing as they helped each other onto the shore.

"So you had enough, my princess?" Ashitaka asked as they both sat down on the green grass, while a smile still remained on his face from the laughing.

San nodded with gentle smile on her face while their elk friend approached them.

"Thank you, Yakkul." Ashitaka thanked the elk as he retrieved the blankets he had stored with him from the back on the animal, while the animal laid down again, but this time next to them.

Upon retrieving it, he put one blanket around San while San helped him with his.

"We should start a fire." Ashitaka said as he walked to Yakkul and obtained the material he would need and returned to where San was sitting.

Minutes later, Ashitaka started a fire with the help of San gathering the fire woods.

"It's so warm." San commented as she finally sat down next to Ashitaka, who had been sitting there for the last few minutes or so.

Then for a moment there was silence between the two.

"San, are you happy being with me?" Ashitaka's question finally broke the silence.

Looking at him, San smiled then answered.

"Of course I am." She gently as she leaned on Ashitaka's shoulder for support.

Hearing her response, Ashitaka smiled as he turned to look at the girl before him.

"Those eyes are so wild." Ashitaka thought as he watched the wolf princess's face while his eyes looked at those red marks on her face.

"Those blue eyes, they're so calm and peaceful." San said to herself mentally as she turned to look at Ashitaka's face, who was also looking at her.

Seconds later, their eyes met and for a few moment, the two pairs of eyes locked onto each other as the distance became closer.

But then, a flying creature or some sort cried, breaking them out of the trance, which cause both of them to blush as they turned their faces away.

"Ashitaka?" San asked with a quiet voice.

"Yes?" Ashitaka replied as they remained in their previous position.

"Will you stay with me forever?" San asked, while a flush formed on her face, while her earrings moved creating a cling sound in the air.

"I will." Ashitaka answered her as a twig broke in the fire.

For both of them, it was the first they had been like this together, since San was always too headstrong as she continued to be the Mononoke Hime everyone expected her to be.

It was also a time of happiness for them.

Later that evening, they both parted and returned to their own homes and as they parted both of them were reluctant to let go, since it might be like ages when they get to see each other again, while in reality, it's only weeks or perhaps days.

"I will see next time, Ashitaka." San said shyly for the first time as they parted, while Ashitaka in return embraced her.

"I will see you then." With that, Ashitaka rode off with Yakkul, while remained there watching her love go away and finally disappeared from her sight.

Moments later, both of them returned to their resident, San to her den and Ashitaka to his hut.

Soon, they both fell asleep and in their sleep whispered each other's name.

"San." That name echoed in the hut.

While in the cave the name "Ashitaka" echoed as the night went on.

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