She was terrified.

Sally ran down the alleyways as fast as she could, throwing off her high heels so that she could run faster.

Sally was a big supporter of the anti-mutant rallies, and she had been in one of the meetings when those freaks attacked the place.

They were killing everybody, and she just barely escaped when she heard two of the freaks chasing after her.

She stumbled on a rock and fell to her knees. Panting, she stayed like that until she could hear someone laughing. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that the one who looked like a giant cat was right on her heels. She swiftly got back to her feet and ran as fast as she could.

She leapt down a few stairs and she found herself staring at a brick wall. Holding her breath she dove behind a pile of trashcans. The cat animal walked right up to the pile, sniffing the air. Finally he turned around and he walked away.

Sally gave a sigh of relief, slowly creeping out of her hiding spot.

That's when the second monster appeared from behind in a cloud of purple sulfur. Turning around, she barely was able to let out a scream before he ripped her throat out.

Back at their hideout, the Brotherhood watched the news broadcast as it talked about the massacre at the anti-mutant meeting. Magneto smiled faintly, his ice chip eyes sparkling in the light of the TV.

"The police say that they are not sure who or what caused this slaughter, only that whoever caused this left no one alive at the scene of the attack."

"Do you think Sabretooth and Baxtalo* caught that bitch who slipped through the cracks, Magneto?" Toad asked, tilting his head to one side. As if in answer, Baxtalo and Sabretooth appeared in a large cloud of purple behind the sofa.

"Did you kill her?" Magneto asked without looking away from the TV. Baxtalo perched on the couch beside Quicksilver, calmly licking the blood that was still on his two claws.

Baxtalo was a young man of twenty, with a long and lithe body covered in cobalt blue fur. His feet were large like a bird's with two large claws on his two front toes and a claw on his toe on the back of both of his feet. He had two fingers and a thumb on each hand, each with a curved claw as good as a knife.

His whole look was that of a demon with a long tail that ended in a spade that could be used to easily crush someone's throat. His ears were pointed like an elf, and his eyes glowed a solid golden yellow with no sign of pupils. When he smiled, he revealed long fangs that could tear into flesh.

Even with all of these cruel features about him, Baxtalo's face could look handsome with his European nose and high cheekbones. However, he had a scar on the right side of his face that looked like three thin streaks reaching up to his eye slightly.

His costume was one that he designed himself after joining the Brotherhood. A pair of leather pants the same shade of blue as his fur with crimson red on the sides. The leather was the kind used in the X-men's own costumes, bullet and fire resistant. On his back he had two shoulder scabbards with the straps in a criss-cross over his bare chest with a rapier in each one set up for easy access.

Before he was taken in by Magneto, his name was Kurt Wagner, but now he was Baxtalo of the Brotherhood.

"Baxtalo took her out." Sabretooth laughed, placing a hand on his friend's thin shoulder. "We made her think she had escaped before he teleported in and ripped her throat out!"

"It was easy to do." Baxtalo shrugged. "She reminded me of those women in those old horror movies who run and scream every five seconds!"

"The X-men have sworn to find the culprits of the massacre, and plan to bring them in to the proper authorities." The reported continued. Baxtalo hissed softly, narrowing his eyes as the TV showed a picture of their enemy.

"What do they care?" he asked angrily. "Those people would rather see us in cages with collars and chains on!" His voice took on a slightly whining manner, and Scarlet Witch gently patted his arm.

"That's because the X-men think that if they are good to the monkeys, that they will leave us alone." She explained. Baxtalo snorted, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Well I think that it's stupid!" he spat, his tail thrashing side to side. "They should leave us alone!"

"Baxtalo, calm yourself." Magneto said. "You'll upset yourself if you keep up about this." Baxtalo's tail relaxed and he sighed, bowing his head slightly.

"Yes, master." He said. Sabretooth smiled and looked around before he turned back to his friend Baxtalo.

"Why don't we go practice some moves, Baxtalo? That should get your mind off of this stuff." Smiling, Baxtalo leapt off of the couch and teleported onto Sabretooth's shoulder, his tail wagging like a dog's.

"All right!" he agreed with a smile.

In Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children, Xavier was talking with his X-men about who could possibly have attacked the people at the meeting.

Logan snorted, looking up at the ceiling as the blue smoke from his cigar circled up around his head.

"I wonder who could have possibly done it." He said sarcastically. "I mean, which group do we know hate humans who hate others? Hmm, this is a real brain twister."

"Stop with the sarcasm, Wolverine." Scott snapped. Logan narrowed his eyes slightly at him, removing his cigar from his mouth and putting it out on his open palm.

"My name is Logan, Cyclops." He growled. "We're not on a mission right now, asshole." Bobby and Ororo quickly separated the two by making both an ice wall and blowing a strong wind between the two.

"Scott, Logan, sit down." Xavier said, his voice remaining at the same tone the whole time. "We all know who did this; the Brotherhood. The question is; how are we going to stop them from doing this again? Cerebro cannot find their headquarters so we obviously can't just go in and destroy them now can we?"

"Do what do you propose we do?" Piotr asked.

"All we can really do is wait for them." Xavier said. "I will keep in contact with Cerebro and when it picks up any of the members, that's when you'll go in. If we're able to capture one of them, we may be able to stop the Brotherhood for good. They act like a family like us, so it shouldn't be too hard."

Baxtalo smiled, his tail wagging as he crouched in the corner of the ceiling, hidden in shadow as he watched Sabretooth looking for him below in their own training room. He narrowed his eyes when Sabretooth sniffed the air and he swiftly teleported down and grabbed his ankles with his tail, almost tripping him when the giant cat performed a back flip and got away, swiping at his face.

"You really need to stop teleporting so much." Sabretooth laughed as the two fought back and forth. "The smell of brimstone clings to your fur and makes it easy for anyone to smell you out!"

"Look whose talking!" Baxtalo laughed. "You smell like death and anyone can smell you out! Even in a junkyard!" He gave a yelp as Sabretooth grabbed him by the tail and dragged him down, ending the fight as he placed his claws against his throat.

"You trying to say I smell?" he asked. Baxtalo laughed, careful of the claws.

"Ja!" he said. Shrugging, Sabretooth helped him to his feet.

"Just checking."

*Author's note: Baxtalo is Romani for lucky.