Kurt was no longer a prisoner in the mansion. It didn't please Logan or Scott too well, but he was given his own room and he was allowed to roam the grounds without anyone acting as his guard or keeper.

Kurt loved it at the mansion. It had other students there, and he didn't feel lonely or angry at anything like he did at Magneto's base. Over there they were constantly planning on killing something or someone, here they were talking about peace and becoming educated about things. Xavier was helping him get over his past experiences, and teaching him to forgive his tribe for what they had done to him in the past so that he could live in the present.

No one told this to Sabretooth however.

Kurt was outside, looking up at the stars in the clear sky when he heard someone coming. Turning his head, he smiled and his tail flopped happily when he saw his old friend Sabretooth creeping over to him, making urgent signals at him.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked, tilting his head to one side.

"I'm getting you out of here!" Sabretooth said. "Come on!" Laughing, Kurt shook his head.

"I don't want to go back there." He said. "I like it here instead. Xavier has been good to me, and he's not the idiot Magneto says he is!" Sabretooth looked at his friend in confusion.

"Baxtalo?" he asked.

"My name was Kurt before it was Baxtalo." Kurt said. "Maybe you can come and stay with me here! He would take you in!" Sabretooth shook his head.

"I'm not welcome here, Baxtalo." He said. "Just come home with me all right?"

"I feel at home here, Sabretooth." Kurt said. "Don't you understand that?" Sabretooth was silent, looking at his old killing buddy. His entire look had changed, and he had a feeling that he wouldn't leave, and it would be useless to grab him and drag him back too.

Sighing, Sabretooth shook his head as he stood up.

"Good luck with your new home...Kurt." He said. "I'm happy for you." Kurt smiled, standing up and taking Sabretooth's hand.

"I'm glad you're happy for me." He said. "I've never been happier." Smiling, Sabretooth nodded, patting Kurt's hand before he turned around and blended into the shadows once more.

"Kurt?" Looking over his shoulder, Kurt saw Xavier at the backdoor. "It's getting late." Nodding, Kurt ran up and followed him inside, the door shutting gently behind them with a soft click.