Crossing Paths

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"I hate planets" Beka complained as she lifted the Maru off from Hamrak. They were on a relief mission to help the people evacuate the southern continent due to a severe flooding and tremors.

"Why is that? Planets have fresh air, trees, blue sky, beaches, what's not to like?" Rhade asked sitting at the weapons console, checking on the surrounding areas.

"Planets are also smelly, wet, mosquito infested, and oh yeah did I mention WET?" She truly sounded disgusted at the thought.

"Most planets aren't as wet as Hamrak; we went during the monsoon season." Rhade stated as if that would immediately change Bekas ill feelings towards weather.

"I can't wait to go back to the Andromeda and have a warm shower and get underneath clean sheets." Beka stated as she entered slipstream.

"I think you visit Sahrics, I hear that that the dark clouds and thunder showers are a thing to be awed at there" He said teasingly, giving Beka a sly smile.

Beka just rolled her eyes, "One of these days Rhade, I'll be the one rescuing you from a swarm of insects."

"Yes I believe the expression, 'when hell freezes over', comes to mind" he said turning back to his console.

Suddenly the ship jolted, and the ride through slipstream became rougher. "What was that?" Rhade asked gripping his console tighter.

"I don't know. I've taken this rout a million times, could do it blind folded, with a hand tied behind my back, with Harpers loud music blar....."

"Beka." Rhade interrupted, "Did you take the right rout?"

"Of course I did, weren't you listening to what I just said? There just seems to be more turbu...."

Before Beka could finish, the ship jerked and turned upside down and kept spinning. A bright blue light flashed across the screen and filled the ship. Beka closed her eyes at the sheer brightness of it and the ship jerked once more. She lost control and let go of the console. Rhade was thrown off his chair and came crashing into the screen and landed on the cockpit controls, Bekas was holding on to just seconds before. The last thing he remembered was the blue and white of the slip stream filling his mind as he lost consciousness.


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