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Andromeda's hologram appeared in front of him, "Calm down, Trance is on her way."

"Andromeda, when you look at me what do you see?" Rhade asked.

"I see YOU." Holo-Rommie said looking at him with a concerned expression. "I think you should rest, you took a nasty bump on…."

"NO!! Andromeda, you do not understand, who do you see when look at me?" He asked trying to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him.

"I see you Beka." She said and pointed to the mirror on the opposite wall. Rhade stared at the golden haired woman staring back at him in the mirror.

"Beka, are you feeling alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost." Holo-Rommie asked looking over the scans appearing on the monitor on the panel next to Rhade's bed.

Just then the medical deck doors opened and a very puzzled Trance walked in. "Beka, are you feeling well?" She asked putting a hand on Rhade's shoulder.

"Trance, tell me you know what's going on here?" He asked her, hoping to get an answer from the golden alien. She always seemed to know everything.

"Well we found the Maru floating in space and rescued you. You've been in Medical for the past three days…." Trance started.

"No, that's not what I meant. Do you know what's happened to me?" He asked.

"You had a concussion and a few broken ribs, but in a few days you'll be as good as new." She said giving him a warm and reassuring smile.

"No Trance you don't understand…." I began but stopped as Trance and Holo-Rommie's eyes turned. He followed their gaze and landed on his body, 'well I guess that would be Beka now' he thought.

Beka's point of view

Bekas eyes fluttered open, and she instantly felt awake. She felt like new strength was flowing through her veins and tugging at her muscles. She opened hey eyes wide and looked at the ceiling, and instantly knew that she wasn't on the Maru. She blinked a few times and looked at what was in front of her and found Trance and holo-Rommie staring back at her. She realized that she was in the Medical ward, and tried to give them a small smile to let them know that she was feeling fine. The events from the Maru came rushing to her, and she remembered Rhade. She sat up and caught a glimpse of the bed next to her. He eyes widened. "What's happening here?" She demanded, and her mouth dropped at the voice that came out. She looked down at her hands and saw the large unfamiliar palms that were attached to her arms. Trying to hide the bewildered expression on her face, she rushed to the mirror to take a closer look. 'I must've taken a harder hit to the head than I thought.' She thought as she ran to the mirror.

She heard Trance walk behind her and as she approached the mirror. The image that was staring back at her shocked her. As familiar as the face was, it was not hers. "What going on here?" She demanded. She turned to who she thought must be Rhade, now in her body. "Rhade??" She questioned.

"Beka, Beka, yes it's me." He said getting out of bed. Still holding his ribs he walked over to where she was.

Trance and holo-Rommie looked at each other. "Would you mind telling us what's going on here?" Holo-Rommie asked.

"I was hoping you would tell us." Rhade said. "I think that we somehow switched bodies when the slipstream accident happened. The last thing I remember seeing was a blue light."

"That's the last thing I remember seeing too." Beka said. "It felt so warm and nurturing."

Holo-Rommie raised a virtual eyebrow at her. "So you're telling us that Beka is actually Rhade and Rhade is actually Beka, and this blue light had something to do with it?"

"Yes." Beka and Rhade said at the same time.

"Trance do you think this is some sort of hallucination brought on by the trauma?" Holo-Rommie asked Trance.

"I don't think so. I ran numerous brain scans and their activity patterns did not reveal anything abnormal." Trance answered.

"You might want to check the scans again, this time look for neurological changes, memory patterns." Holo-Rommie suggested.

"Ill do those right away and I should do a scan of the nervous system. I think Harper should analyze the Maru's logs and sensor readings at the time of the accident to see if anything 'unusual' happened." Trance said and with that holo-Rommie disappeared. Trance turned to Beka and Rhade, who at this time were done looking each other over and were staring at her expectantly, hoping for answers. "I need to perform that nervous system scan; it would confirm what you're saying." They nodded and trance took out the scanner and ran it once over Beka and Rhade. "Well you can return to your quarters, it will take a few hours to analyze. There is no point in waiting here."

"I guess Ill come back in a while." Beka said and Rhade nodded and both went out the door.

Rhade's Point of View.

He walked the familiar corridors to his quarters in this seemingly unfamiliar body. Even the simple motion of walking seemed awkward and clumsy. Such small strides, 'I could've been in my quarters already' he thought as he reached his door. 'How does Beka get around, her eye sight is so poor, at least compared to a Nietzschein.' He punched in the codes to open the door, and Rommie requested voice confirmation. "Telemachus Rhade" He said.

"Access denied" Andromada's voice said.

"Andromeda, you know it's me. Please open the door." Rhade demanded.

Holo-Rommie appeared in front of him, arms crossed. "I am sorry Rhade, but my AI does not have access to crew quarter systems, it is automated. I will talk to Harper about reversing the protocols." She announced and disappeared.

He decided to head to the Maru while the situation was being 'fixed.' He started walking towards the hanger. 'If this situation does not get fixed soon I might sprain an ankle, Beka's body probably can't take the pace in which I walk….'


His thoughts were pierced by his own voice, 'well Beka I guess' He thought. He halted and waited for her to catch up.

"Andromeda will not give me access to my own quarters. It seems like the same thing happened to you." She said, apparently satisfied she wasn't the only on that was roomless at the moment.

"Some failsafe device, she is talking to Harper about getting it fixed." He said.

"I see. Well I need a place to crash until he does, and knowing Harper he's going to take a while. He's in the Maru now, looking over the logs now." She said, clearly exhausted and a little angry.

"I was just headed to the Maru right now to talk to Harper." I offered.

"Do you think that if you tried the voice code for my room, it would work?" She asked

"It might." I thought about it for a second, it seemed like a perfectly possible solution. "My quarters are right over there, lets see of it works." I suggested, now eager to find out if it would work.

We walked over to the door, I entered the access code and Andromeda prompted for the voice code. I whispered to Beka what the code was.

"Telemachus Rhade." She said, and we waited a few seconds staring at the door and suddenly it opened. "YES. It works. Now my room." She said.

"Wait a minute, if I leave the room now the doors will lock again, and I would need you to open it, but then you would have to leave your room to open mine. I don't think this will work." I said, a little annoyed that I didn't think about this problem earlier.

"Hey no fair, you've gotten into your quarters, I still haven't gotten into mine." She whined, it just didn't look normal considering it was coming out of my mouth.

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